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Executive Brief - April 12, 2018 - Are Your Asks Up to Task? Striking the Right Balance on Incident
NAEM Executive Brief April 12, 2018

"All men’s gains are the fruit of venturing." - Herodotus (c. 484 – c. 425 BC), Greek historian

Are Your Asks Up to Task? Striking the Right Balance on Incident Reporting Forms
Most safety practitioners want to capture as much data as possible during the incident reporting process. However, the needs the EHS professional must be balanced against the behavioral characteristics of the person reporting the incident. If you ask too many questions, the quality of the response tends to decrease. If you don't ask enough questions, there won't be enough information to properly manage the incident.
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The Green Tie

NSC Calls for Ban on Electronic Devices Behind the Wheel
The National Safety Council is pushing for a full ban on electronic devices for drivers and is reminding motorists to pay more attention during Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which occurs during April.
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EHS Today

In His Haste to Roll Back Rules, Scott Pruitt, E.P.A. Chief, Risks His Agenda
Legal experts and White House officials say that in Mr. Pruitt's haste to undo government rules, he has often been less than rigorous in following important procedures. The result is that the rollbacks, intended to fulfill one of the president's central campaign pledges, may ultimately be undercut or reversed.
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The New York Times

Nestlé Aims to Make 100% Recyclable or Reusable Packaging by 2025
The company believes that there is an urgent need to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment. To that end, the company will focus on three core areas: eliminating non-recyclable plastics, encouraging the use of plastics that allow better recycling rates and eliminating or changing the complex combinations of packaging materials.
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How to Collaborate When You Don't Have Consensus
Three “stretch” strategies can help teams move forward when members can't agree or don't trust one another.
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China's Xuzhou Begins Environmental Checks to Meet 2018 Clean Air Targets
The Chinese city of Xuzhou is carrying out environmental inspections targeting air pollution emissions at industrial plants, construction sites and in the transportation sector that are expected to last for as long as six months.

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NAEM Updates

Gina McCarthy to Share Inspiring Vision at NAEM’s Conference for Corporate EHS&S Leaders

April 5, 2018

Safeguarding the environment and protecting public health can go hand-in-hand with business growth, Gina McCarthy says, and on May 16 she will share this vision with corporate leaders at NAEM's 2018 Compliance Management conference in Austin.

To Make the Most of an EHS & Sustainability Software Investment, Don’t Skimp on the Implementation

March 7, 2018

Software is a powerful tool for accelerating EHS & Sustainability performance, but even the best tool can fail if it’s not implemented well, according to a new NAEM report that was published today. At the heart of the findings in NAEM’s “Ready, Set, Implement: How to Successfully Deploy an EHS & Sustainability Software System” is that success—or failure— often comes down to how well the company mapped the system to its core processes, trained its users and sold the value to the organization.

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