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NAEM Research - Published Reports
Published Reports

NAEM’s benchmarks offer insights you can’t find anywhere else because they are developed in partnership with an advisory committee of senior EHS and sustainability leaders. To begin benchmarking your program today, download a research report below, or contact us

EHS and Sustainability Staffing, Structure and Budgets Benchmark

October 2016

Building on the 2012 Staffing and Structure Benchmark, this report will provide a benchmark for the organizational structure, staffing levels, and responsibilities of the function that supports the company’s EHS and sustainability goals. The research will be conducted through a survey administered to NAEM members and target companies.

2016 Strategies for Successful EHS&S Software Selection

2016 Strategies for a Successful EHS&S Software Selection

July 2016

NAEM provides valuable resources for corporate EHS & Sustainability leaders and IT professionals who are responsible for selecting, implementing and maintaining software systems, and who are looking to better manage and report their data.

2016 Planning for a Sustainable Future: The Ideas that Will Shape EHS & Sustainability Management in the Year to Come

2016 Planning for a Sustainable Future: The Ideas that Will Shape EHS & Sustainability Management in the Year to Come

Feb. 2016

Following up to the 2014 Planning for a Sustainable Future report, the 2016 Planning for a Sustainable Future will benchmark progress on leading EHS and sustainability trends companies are putting into practice. Through a series of in-depth interviews and a survey, this report will look at the environmental initiatives and goals companies are working towards and achieving.

Career Profiles and Skills for Success

Career Profiles and Skills for Success

Dec. 2015

Using a mix of survey data and qualitative interviews, this report provides in-depth profiles of EHS professionals at each level of an organization. It also identifies the educational background, professional experience, personal attributes, success factors and succession paths for those with leadership potential of EHS and sustainability professionals. This report allows professionals and organizations to benchmark their competencies against similar professionals in the EHS and sustainability field.

2015 EHS & Sustainability Software Buyers Guide

2015 EHS & Sustainability Software Buyers Guide

March 2015

This report shows how companies manage their EHS and sustainability data. Building on past surveys, the research looks at what companies’ data management needs are, how much they are spending on software systems, and how they select their solutions. It also addresses implementation challenges. The survey was fielded among corporate EHS and sustainability leaders.

Hiring the Right Talent: Key Competencies for the EHS and Sustainability Profession

Key Competencies for the EHS and Sustainability Profession

Jan. 2015

A follow-up to the 2012 Staffing and Structure Benchmark, diving into the skills, attributes, and salaries of EHS and sustainability professionals. The research, conducted through a survey administered to NAEM members and target companies, identifies core responsibilities for professionals by job title, and the average salaries based on years of experience.

The Energy-Water Nexus:
The Business Case for a Systems Approach to Resource Management

May 2014

This report explains the entwined relationship between energy and water, describes the impacts that water scarcity could have on business continuity and identifies strategies that companies can use to prepare. Drawing from expert interviews and corporate case studies, this report makes the business case for why companies should take a systems approach to resource management.

Green Metrics that Matter:
Leading-edge Metrics and Programs

March 2014

See how your company’s EHS and sustainability goals, metrics and programs compare to your peers with NAEM’s 2014 Leading-Edge Metrics and Programs research. This research documents how companies set their goals, which targets they have for key resource management areas and the average payback periods required for each. It also provides a series of charts that allow you to benchmark your goals and programs.

Planning for a Sustainable Future:
The Ideas that Will Shape EHS & Sustainability Management in the Year to Come

Jan. 2014

NAEM has identified the trends that will shape EHS & Sustainability management in the year to come. Reflecting on input from in-depth interviews with more than 25 corporate EHS and sustainability leaders, the report is a behind-the-scenes look at the environmental practices companies are putting into action next year, and the issues they are preparing to address over the coming 12-16 months.

2013 Approaches to EHS & Sustainability Data Management Benchmark Report

March 2013

NAEM's latest research report "Approaches to EHS & Sustainability Data Management" provides a benchmark for how companies manage data internally, the effectiveness of their chosen systems and how much they are spending.

2012 EHS & Sustainability Staffing and Structure

Nov. 2012

NAEM's 2012 "EHS & Sustainability Staffing and Structure" survey will provide a comprehensive benchmark for EHS staffing, structure and budgets. It also will document the scope of EHS responsibilities, including the evolving role of the EHS manager in the execution of corporate sustainability initiatives.

The Green Metrics that Matter

The Green Metrics that Matter

March 2012

The demand for corporate transparency continues to grow, yet there is a need for greater alignment between the data used to evaluate a company’s sustainability performance, and the metrics companies track internally. Learn who the key research players are, what firms track internally and why, and recommendations for the external research process going forward.

Driving ESG Reporting Progress through Dialogue

June 2011

How do you prioritize the growing number of information requests from environmental, social and governance (ESG) researchers? Learn more about the business value of responding to research surveys and gain strategies for optimizing your efforts.

2011 EMIS Report

2011 Benchmarking Corporate EHS Management Information Systems

Nov. 2011

The results from NAEM’s 2011 EHS MIS survey reflect the evolution of the software industry and reveal how companies are using software to drive EHS value.

2010 EHS Benchmarking Report

2010 EHS Benchmarking Report

May 2010

Benchmark your EHS staffing, budgets, outsourcing and spending using these results from the 2010 EHS Benchmarking survey.

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NAEM Updates

Corporate EHS & Sustainability Leaders to Participate in Platte River Cleanup in Denver for 2016 NAEM Day of Service

October 11, 2016

When NAEM joins the Greenway Foundation for a cleanup along the South Fork of the Platte River in downtown Denver later this month, its efforts will be powered by environmental, safety and sustainability leaders from companies such as Toyota Motor North America Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., Lockheed Martin Corp., Bose Corp. and The WhiteWave Foods Co.

NAEM’s Annual Forum to Showcase Latest Strategies for Building Safety Culture, Reducing Environmental Risks and Natural Resource Management

October 7, 2016

Each year NAEM’s annual conference convenes more than 550 attendees for a three-day showcase of the latest strategies corporate environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) leaders are using to keep employees safe, minimize their company’s environmental footprint and deliver business value through sustainability programs.

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