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NAEM Webinar - First Look at the new GRI G4 Guidelines
NAEM Expert Led Webinar

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First Look at the new GRI G4 Guidelines

First Look at the new GRI G4 Guidelines

Thursday, May 30, 2013
1:00 -2:00 p.m.
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Following the release of the highly anticipated Global Reporting Initiative's new G4 guidelines on May 22, this webinar archive will highlight all the substantial changes to the GRI guidelines and the implications for companies using or considering using GRI in their sustainability reporting programs.

This webinar archive will distill the GRI G4 training into a one-hour archive so you can attend from your desk!

This webinar archive will give attendees:

  • A thorough distillation of the full day GRI G4 training
  • A clear summary of the changes to the GRI guidelines
  • An opportunity to ask GRI G4 subject matter experts about the key take-aways from the GRI global conference in Amsterdam

Who should purchase this webinar archive:

  • Anyone working in the field of sustainability reporting
  • Anyone tasked with tracking changes to the GRI guidelines
  • Anyone wanting a briefing on the key take-aways from GRI conference in Amsterdam May 22nd

Purchase today and be the first to hear a detailed briefing on the release of G4!

About the Facilitators:
The session was led by ERM, one of only six GRI-certified training partners in the United States.

ERM's facilitators, James Margolis and Jennifer Eastes, were fresh from the GRI-certified training partners "train-the-trainer session" at the global GRI conference in Amsterdam.

Jimmy Margolis

James Margolis

Jimmy is one of ERM's senior environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) management consulting practitioners in North America. He has 27 years of professional experience, including with Deloitte, Arthur D. Little and ERM.

Jimmy has assisted numerous companies develop and implement sustainability strategies. He has assisted clients develop GRI sustainability reports, become listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, conduct product lifecycle assessments, develop more sustainable supply chains, develop and roll out corporate policies and standards, and define corporate metrics, goals and supporting internal management reporting processes. He has also recently conducted a number of benchmarking studies across industry sectors focused on corporate EHS&S management.

Jimmy leads ERM's GRI-certified training partnership and has led approximately 10 GRI courses over the last eight months.

Jennifer Eastes

Jennifer Eastes

Jennifer is located in ERM's Denver, Colorado office. She has seven years of experience managing sustainability strategy and reporting projects for numerous Fortune 500 companies from the oil and gas, retail, mining, utility, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors. She has assisted in the development of over 40 sustainability reports utilizing the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and other industry-specific tools. Ms. Eastes has done extensive work to assist companies with the development of their sustainability strategies, Dow Jones Sustainability Index submittals, Carbon Disclosure Project submittals and metrics protocol development.

Jimmy and Jennifer will be participating in the May GRI Global Conference in Amsterdam, receiving a full-day GRI-sponsored training partner briefing on G4, in addition to leading a master class on sustainability goal-setting at the conference.

Green Tie Blog Post

Highlights from the New GRI G4 Guidelines
By James Margolis, Partner, ERM Inc. - May 22, 2013

It’s official. The¬†Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 guidelines have been released! Here are the highlights, fresh from a full-day GRI certified training partner workshop I attended yesterday in Amsterdam. While I only had the guidelines in my hands for about an hour (we weren’t allowed to keep a copy until the official release just now), here are the key changes as highlighted in our GRI certified training partner workshop... Read more.

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