The National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) is the largest professional association for corporate environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability decision-makers. We are dedicated to empowering our members to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability.
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NAEM Expert Led Webinar - Data vs. Information … How Harnessing Data Can Drive Your Continuous Impro
NAEM Expert Led Webinar

NAEM Web Seminar Archives are an easy and cost-effective way to share a learning experience with your colleagues. With one purchase you can gather your entire EHS team around a computer or projector screen to collectively participate and brainstorm ideas.

Data vs. Information … How Harnessing Data Can Drive Your Continuous Improvement

Data vs. Information … How Harnessing Data Can Drive Your Continuous Improvement

Thursday April 21, 2016
1:00 -2:00 p.m. (ET)
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Big data is all the buzz; companies are capturing heaps of data from a variety of sources. But when data is just numbers with no context or goals, it's just clutter. We need to understand how to use this data to better our businesses, our goals and our world.

Learn how to cope with data overload; this presentation will help you chart a clear pathway through the numbers, from deciding what you are trying to learn, through analyzing the data, and into reporting.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How to determine the information you want and the data you need to get it
  • How to analyze and process the numbers
  • How to surround data with context


  • Stuart van de Water, Solutions Advocate; SRA Information Technology

Speaker Biography

Stuart van de Water

Stuart van de Water

Stuart van de Water is a Solutions Advocate for globally recognized software consulting company SRA Information Technology. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the Software & EHS industries and a passion for software UX & UI. Stuart uses his experience and passion to drive new and existing product innovation processes and projects accountable to the fundamental premise of "what problem are we actually trying to solve."

Stuart is leading SRA’s strategic push into the cloud, designing and delivering platforms which enable organizations to realize dramatically lower total cost of ownership for traditionally capex-intensive enterprise EHS software. When he’s not at work innovating, Stuart can be found indulging his other passion, running the trails surrounding Adelaide, Australia.

Green Tie Blog Post

How Data Becomes Information…and Information Becomes Insight
April 11, 2016, By Stuart van de Water

"If the data you need still exists; if you found the data you need; if you understand the data you found; if you trust the data you understand; if you can use the data you trust; someone did a good job of data management." - Rex Sanders, United States Geological Survey, Santa Cruz

I love this quote because I think it really gets to the heart of the notion that there’s so much more to data management than simply storing numbers in a spreadsheet. In fact, given the context above, data management doesn’t seem like such a great term for it at all, does it? Maybe we should call it an "Insight Framework" - that would definitely put people in the right mindset - since data is just the tip of the iceberg… Read more...

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January 5, 2017

Today NAEM announced its 2017 conference calendar, focused on the latest management challenges and emerging practices for environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability leaders. "Because the EHS&S field continues to evolve along with the spectrum of risks it manages, NAEM's 2017 calendar was developed to be timely and relevant to the needs of those leading these programs within companies," said Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt.

Corporate EHS & Sustainability Leaders to Participate in Platte River Cleanup in Denver for 2016 NAEM Day of Service

October 11, 2016

When NAEM joins the Greenway Foundation for a cleanup along the South Fork of the Platte River in downtown Denver later this month, its efforts will be powered by environmental, safety and sustainability leaders from companies such as Toyota Motor North America Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., Lockheed Martin Corp., Bose Corp. and The WhiteWave Foods Co.

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