Facts & Questions About NAEM

Q: What is NAEM's mission?
A: NAEM empowers corporate leaders to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces and promote global sustainability.

NAEM was founded in 1991 by a group of professionals in the New England area to be a resource for those who are looking for advance environmental management, health and safety and sustainability within their companies. We remain a nonprofit association governed by a volunteer board of corporate EHS&S managers, directors and vice presidents.

Q: What does NAEM stand for?
A: NAEM was founded as the National Association for Environmental Management at a time when the profession was still young. Over the past 25 years, the scope of responsibilities for our members has broadened to include health and safety, and sustainability too.

Q: What is EHS?
A: EHS is an abbreviation for environment, health and safety, or environmental health and safety. This is the group of professionals within a company who are responsible for ensuring the company complies with environmental regulations, establishes goals to improve environmental performance, develops programs and training to keep employees safe at work and ensures that the company minimizes the impact of its operations on the environment. In recent years, these professionals have also been tasked with carrying out sustainability initiatives such as zero waste to landfill, greenhouse gas reductions and water stewardship.

Q: Can individual consultants join NAEM?
A: NAEM recognizes that consultants and service providers are valued partners to our members, so we offer an opportunity for that engagement via our Affiliates Council. This class of membership is only available at an enterprise-wide level, however. Individual consultants are not permitted to join on their own.

In order to become part of NAEM's Affiliates Council, which is our preferred vendor list, you must fill out an application, attend at least two of NAEM's conferences and receive recommendations from a few of our members or your clients. Please email for an application and more details.

Q: How can I pay my dues?
A: Log into your account profile to access your invoice, give us a call at (202) 986-6616 or email us at

Q: What's the difference between individual and corporate membership?
A: Individual members are those in-house EHS&S leaders who choose to join NAEM on their own to advance their professional goals. This class of membership does not involve participation in the Corporate Benchmarking program, nor a role in NAEM's governance structure. Corporate membership in NAEM, on the other hand, carries these benefits for every person in the company's EHS&S department. Learn more about the benefits of NAEM membership.

Q: Is my company a member of NAEM?
A: Check our corporate member page or email

Q: Do you have to be an NAEM member to attend an event?
A: No, but members do receive discounted pricing.

Q: Do you have to be an NAEM member to speak at an event?
A: No, we are always looking for new perspectives and insights to share with our community. Please share your story. Email to inquire about speaking opportunities.

Q: If I am an individual member, do my co-workers receive a member discount on programs?
A: No, the discounts just apply to the member. If you have multiple people who are interested in NAEM's offerings, you may want to consider a corporate membership, which covers everyone in your EHS&S department.

Q: Why can't I access Quick Polls from the website?
A: This is an exclusive benefit of corporate membership. If you'd like to join as a Corporate member, please contact

Q: Where can I access past conference presentations?
A: Presentations from our past conferences are available in our Conference Library, and by keyword search on our website. You must have attended the NAEM conference or be an NAEM member to download the presentation. Please email for help downloading a presentation.

Q: I'm having trouble registering for a conference, how can I get assistance?
A: Contact us at 202-986-6616 or email

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