EHSTECH21: Client Case-Study Session Sponsor

Develop & Lead a 45-Minute Case-Study Session
(Limited availability)

Sponsorship Overview

45-Minute Client Case-Study Sponsorship
The Client Case-Study Session offers you the opportunity to develop a 45-minute session that integrates your client(s) and showcases how a client(s) improved his/her respective EHS Programs or solved a business challenge utilizing your software system or technology solution.

Case-Study Sessions require the in-house EHS&S client(s) to present as this is the most effective way to showcase your business value through the voice of a real-world user. As the Session Sponsor, your company will moderate the session. Case-Study Sessions will be open to all conference participants so plan your content in a way that clients can share their success working with you without giving away your secret sauce in the presentation.

All Case-Study proposals will be reviewed and selected based on applicability and value to the EHS&S user community. Sponsors should indicate which of the conference tracks their proposal most closely aligns with:
  • Software Innovations to Respond to the Pandemic Challenges
  • Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies Being Integrated with Software for New Outcomes
  • EHS Software for Compliance & Risk Reductions
  • Software & Technology to Advance Climate Resiliency & Sustainability
All sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis until they sell out.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Opportunity to validate your company’s expertise and strong customer relationships with an audience of 250+ virtual conference attendees in the market for new technology, software or enhanced data management strategies.

  • Brand recognition on NAEM’s EHSTECH21 website that gets over 1,000 impressions a week from in-house EHS&S professionals. Your company logo will be on the conference website as well and will link to your company website.

  • Second-level sponsor positioning on all conference marketing which includes conference marketing emails to NAEM’s list of 20,000+ EHS&S professionals, NAEM’s website pages promoting sponsors of the event, promotional slides during the conference, and on the conference digital platform.

  • Conference attendee list one-week prior to the event. Plus, a second attendee list two business days prior to the event to account for last minute registrations. All sponsors will also receive a final post event registration list. All three attendee lists will include name, title, organization, and email addresses only for those participants that opt-in. Please note that GDPR guidelines require that you ask people to opt-in to your own marketing lists.

  • Free conference registrations for the Sponsor moderator and client speakers (up to 3 registrations total).

  • The Client Case-Study session will be recorded and available on-demand for conference attendees to listen to for up to 2 weeks after the event. This will allow the opportunity for anyone who couldn’t attend your session at the event to hear it later to maximize the number of impressions of your content.

  • Opportunity to purchase an exclusive company-wide pass to allow access for anyone at your company to attend the event for $1,200. This opportunity to purchase a company-wide pass to allow your whole company to attend the conference is only available to event sponsors.

Limited Availability

Affiliates Council Cost
45-minutes on Wednesday or Thursday, May 26-27, 2021*
Exact time TBD (between 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

*There will be up to two other 45-minute sessions running concurrently on the schedule, and these sessions will be open to all attendees, including vendors.

The deadline to apply to sponsor a session at the NAEM Software and Technology Conference has passed. If you have been contacted by NAEM in writing that your session has been approved, you may now make your purchase by clicking on the button below. If you have questions or need further information, please contact NAEM's sales department at [sales at naem dot org].

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