FORUM21 Sponsored Session Abstract Form

FORUM22: Sponsored Session Topic Ideas

Below is a list of pre-selected topics NAEM’s Forum committee is interested in seeing on this year’s program. The topics include a list of questions we hope the session will be able to answer for attendees. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Safety Performance in a Post-Pandemic Workplace
Track: Driving Safety Performance
The pandemic has had ongoing effects on safety performance due to retention issues, remote workforce, etc. As a result, safety performance has trended in the wrong direction. This session is intended to provide a closer look at the pandemic’s impact on safety performance and how we view safety in business continuity plans and as a part of risk management. How can technology and KPIs be used to track safety performance? Tips for how to adapt to the changes, case studies, updating policies and procedures for these changes (how has training changed, how has lone worker changed, incident changed, ergo, sustainability, etc.), how we can use data pre and post pandemic to drive programs.

Increasing Compliance Assurance Using Automated Tools
Track: Tech, Data & Reporting
EHS&S practitioners are overwhelmed with data reporting requirements based on increasing data sets. Manual interpretation of the data is inefficient even with software systems centralizing information. What are the tools available that EHS&S practitioners can use to automate compliance? What are the innovations or technologies that are revolutionizing compliance or at least making it easier for EHS practitioners to make better decisions in real-time?

Defining the Right Digital Strategy for EHS & ESG
Track: Tech, Data & Reporting
Efficiently collecting data and having access to data is increasingly important, particularly with there being greater need to produce data for customers, investors, third party verifiers, etc. The business challenge is knowing what data to look for and what to focus on. How do you leverage data to extract meaningful, actionable insights? Do you have the right data? How do you leverage the data to achieve your goals? What is the purpose for the data? Is your data providing value? What are the tools available to ensure that you are receiving investment-grade data?

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