Track 1: Climate & Sustainability Management

Much of the work of EHS&S Leaders remains focused on climate action. Sessions in this track will focus on how leaders are reducing their emissions and improving their resilience in the face of a changing climate. It will also delve into key issues including water availability, nature loss and environmental social justice. Sessions include:

  • Water & Biodiversity: Addressing Critical Issues
  • Developing a Net Zero Roadmap
  • Establishing a Supply Chain Sustainability Program
  • Tackling Climate Risk Assessments & Scenario Planning
  • Corporate Action on Environmental Social Justice
Track 2: Transparency & Accountability

From auditing to leveraging data for decision making to reporting, sessions in this track will look at the latest trends and requirements and support attendees looking to build the necessary structure and processes to be credible and transparent. Sessions include:

  • Effective Audit & Corrective Action Programs
  • Preparing for New ESG Reporting Requirements
  • Ethics & Transparency in ESG: Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Risk of Greenwashing & Green-hushing
  • Managing Global Environmental Data for Compliance & ESG Reporting
  • Leveraging Triple Bottom Line Analysis to Advance Water Stewardship & Risk Management
Track 3: EHS&S Innovations & Emerging Issues

Whether in the E, H&S, or Sustainability space, sessions in this track will help attendees understand and tackle emerging issues and showcase examples of innovative tools and techniques being used to drive better performance outcomes. Sessions include:

  • How Worker Health Drives Business Value
  • Innovations in PPE to Driving Safety in Varying Work Environments
  • How Advanced Tech & Artificial Intelligence Can Help EHS Leaders Deliver Results
  • From Telematics to Sustainability
  • Critical Information on Emerging Chemical Risks & Regulations
Track 4: Leadership & Talent Development

Sessions in this track will offer attendees a chance to delve into skills building sessions for their own leadership growth, as well as look at how leaders in the field are developing talent and designing or redesigning their organizational structures to meet the changing responsibilities of EHS, Sustainability and ESG management. Sessions include:

  • Thrinking Differently about Career Progression
  • Effective Presentation skills for your Senior Executives & Board
  • Creating Successful Partnerships with Consultants
  • Building Effective EHS “Teams” in a new way to Drive Business Outcomes
  • Designing Effective Accountability Models for EHS&S and ESG