The National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) is the largest professional association for corporate environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability decision-makers. We are dedicated to empowering our members to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability.
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Affiliates Council Governance - 2012 Nominations and Elections
Affiliates Council Governance - 2012 Nominations

Elections for the vice president of the NAEM Affiliates Council are held every two years. The position involves a four-year commitment to the organization, including a two-year term as president of the Affiliates Council and Affiliates Council representative to the Board of Directors. Learn more about the slate of this year’s self-selected candidates below.

Vice President Nominees

  • Milan Dayalal; Dakota Software Corp.
  • Ana Ellington; BLR
  • Bruce Martin; EHS Support
  • Sarah Medearis; Antea Group
  • Laura Murphy; KMI
  • Rose Shaver; Schneider Electric Inc.


Milan Dayalal; Dakota Software Corp.

Milan Dayalal; Dakota Software Corp. Biography

Milan Dayalal has been Vice-President of Sales at Dakota Software Corporation since 2006. Under his leadership, Dakota Software has expanded staff and grown revenue as a leading supplier of software tools for proactive compliance, auditing, tracking and incident management and sustainability initiatives within companies. Mr. Dayalal received a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor's Degree in Management/Finance from Walsh University. Mr. Dayalal has become an industry expert on the structure and role of environmental, health and safety (EH&S) audits and has written and made numerous presentations on the subject. Mr. Dayalal also serves as a President of the Sri Lanka Tsunami Victim's Relief Fund, which he initiated to help the orphan children from his native country recover from the catastrophe in 2005.

Vision Statement

Dakota Software has been a member of the NAEM since 2006 and has been helping organizations comply with EHS regulations since 1988. Our history serving this community has given us unique insight to the needs of EHS professionals. Since software is the delivery vehicle for our EHS solutions, we recognized the opportunity to leverage advances in technology to better serve EHS professionals. Our unique combination of EHS expertise and technology enablement has put us at the forefront of a movement in the EHS community: proactive compliance.

I joined Dakota Software in 2006, the year before we introduced our ProActivity Suite. ProActivity is the driving force for our vision of a world where industrial companies are not looking backwards at what went wrong, but are proactively addressing issues before they occur. This philosophy of proactive compliance has helped a large number of organizations to radically improve their EHS compliance. By effectively managing basic compliance, these companies have focused efforts on additional efficiency and sustainability measures and assumed roles as environmental stewards.

While sustainability has become a popular phrase in the business world it too often focuses on financial . EHS professionals must lead the movement beyond simply complying with EHS regulations and focus on the sustainability of our natural resources.

Statement of Interest

As the Vice President of the NAEM affiliates council, I will draw on my personal experience with EHS professionals and share my philosophy of proactive compliance to help all EHS professionals become advocates for sustainable and ethical business practices and become leaders in a new world of corporate social responsibility.

Ana Ellington; BLR

Ana Ellington; BLR Statement of Interest

I am writing to express strong interest in the NAEM Affiliate Council (AC) vice president position for the 2013-2014 term. I am excited by the prospect of representing and serving the AC membership. My knowledge and passion for safety in the workplace, environmental stewardship, and global sustainability make me an excellent candidate.

Vision Statement

To facilitate achievement of our shared goals of advancing environmental stewardship, workplace safety and health, and global sustainability by providing support on enhancing NAEM's social media presence and expanding the expert-led webinar program. My experience with BLR makes me a valuable contributor in creating more dynamic and effective educational programs for NAEM members.


Ana Ellington is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professional with more than 10 years at BLR. Ana specializes in sustainability, with expertise in ISO, REACH, RoHS, and WEEE. In addition, Ana, who is bilingual, manages the development of all Spanish-language training materials at BLR, ensuring translation accuracy and consistency. She received her bachelor of arts in English and Spanish philology (linguistics) from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Ana is an active member of NAEM, the Connecticut Environmental Forum, the Connecticut chapter of the Society of Women Environmental Professionals, and the American Translators Association.

Bruce Martin; EHS Support

Bruce Martin; EHS Support Statement of Interest

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to assist the NAEM Affiliates Council (AC) in continuing its strong record of support and cooperation with the membership of NAEM. I have been active with three AC member companies and have seen the value that AC participation can bring for the both AC member company and the NAEM organization as a whole.

Vision Statement

Within the information-rich, constantly changing world of environmental, health and safety (EHS) management and sustainability, the corporate members of NAEM, along with the members of the Affiliates Council (AC), form an active community for sharing solutions to today's corporate EHS and sustainability management challenges. The AC plays a key role in supporting the NAEM membership and furthering the goals of NAEM through several programs including NAEM webinars, membership services, and Forum planning. I would welcome the opportunity to be considered for the AC Vice President position for the 2013-2014 term.

In addition to the duties and activities currently outlined for the AC and its leadership, there are additional functions that I think the AC can administer that would further strengthen the collaboration between NAEM members and the AC member companies. For example, an Affiliates Council newsletter that is distributed to NAEM members on a regular basis (i.e., quarterly) would be a valuable resource for both NAEM members and AC companies and could include items on a variety of topics of interest, including:

  • Developments in EHS management and Sustainability initiatives
  • AC Member Company news
  • AC Member Profile
  • NAEM Member Company EHS and Sustainability Program Profile
  • Other NAEM news and announcements

Bruce Martin joined EHS Support, Inc. in June 2012 to assist its clients in all aspects of their environmental management and consulting project needs. EHS Support, Inc. has been a NAEM Affiliate Council member since 2011. Before joining EHS Support, Bruce held similar positions with current NAEM Affiliate Council member companies CDM Smith, Inc. and WSP Environment & Energy. With all Affiliate Council companies, he has been an active member of NAEM Affiliate Council activities and served as the Affiliate Council representative for WSP. His current involvement in NAEM Affiliate Council activities includes serving as a session chair for the upcoming NAEM Forum in October.

As a certified professional environmental auditor (CPEA), Mr. Martin has over 20 years of varied experience in environmental management consulting, including environmental, health and safety auditing; merger and acquisition environmental due diligence; environmental management systems; site assessments, training, and environmental investigations. His experience includes project work for clients in the chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, electric generation, steel, electronics, transportation, food and beverage, and other manufacturing industries.

Mr. Martin has coordinated and assisted in the evaluation of environmental liabilities associated with mergers and acquisitions and property transfers. His representative projects include performing due diligence evaluations for properties including: petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, specialty metals manufacturing, automotive and aerospace parts manufacturing, radio and telecommunications facilities, and numerous commercial properties.

Sarah Medearis; Antea Group

Sarah Medearis; Antea Group Statement of Interest

As Affiliate Council VP, I will support NAEM's mission of "… [returning] highly-targeted, time-sensitive resources that corporate EHS and sustainability practitioners need to take their programs to the next level." AC members are a key component of those "highly targeted, time-sensitive resources" and I will promote with colleagues, clients, and industry peers the continued involvement and voice of the AC members in creating win-win exchanges for Affiliates and NAEM members at large.

Vision Statement

To enhance NAEM's mission and practices, I would continue supporting NAEM's conferences and Fall Forum planning efforts as I have in 2012 (i.e., agenda planning for the March, May and August conferences, session chairing at the May Product Stewardship conference and Fall Forum, enlisting speakers for the March, May, and August conferences and Fall Forum, attending the first EHS Women's Leadership conference). For example, I'm leading our Antea Group Charlotte office and IT practice to sponsor and invite our EMIS tool (iEHS) subscribers to the February 2013 NAEM EMIS conference.

I would leverage my broad exposure to company EHS&S needs across industry segments and to EHS service providers to vet new AC member applicants for their value proposition to NAEM members. I would support the AC leadership by identifying emerging EHS and sustainability trends and subject matter experts for focused webinars and conference sessions, surveys of membership perspectives, and other methods to identify and share EHS program best practices.

Lastly, I support and will promote with colleagues, clients, and industry peers the continued involvement and voice of the AC members in creating win-win exchanges for Affiliates and NAEM members at large.


Sarah Medearis has over 25 years of environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability consulting experience providing strategic, policy and implementation support to Fortune 500 and mid-cap US and International corporations. She has managed remediation programs and portfolios, and provided EHS compliance audits, permitting and planning services, At Antea Group, she leads the Operational Performance and Assurance practice area for the company and is responsible for the quality performance of over 100 EHS compliance professionals. She also has developed a global network of EHS and product regulatory specialists spanning 97 countries on six continents to deliver global compliance coverage for Antea Group's multi-national clients. On the local front, Ms. Medearis has been appointed to the City of Rockville's Environmental Commission and Planning Commission approving development projects in her community and developing land use plans and environmental guidelines for the city's infrastructure. She has been a leader both globally and locally for environmental initiatives.

Prior to joining Antea Group as a Senior Consultant in January 2011, Sarah Medearis held executive- and senior-level positions at ARCADIS and AECOM for the past 15 years. Prior to that she assumed project management and staff professional roles at AMEC and Shaw and ENVIRON Corporation. Ms. Medearis received her Masters of Science degree in geology from Brown University, and Bachelor of Arts Degree in geology from Wellesley College.

Since graduate school, Sarah Medearis has lived in the Washington DC metropolitan region where she, her husband, and son enjoy the city's museums, winning pro baseball and hockey teams, international and NGO communities, and the green spaces, historic places, and lively community theatre that together make this area a great place to live.

Laura Murphy; KMI

Laura Murphy; KMI Statement of interest

I have been personally involved with NAEM since 1998 and KMI has been an active Affiliate since 2003. I have led a culture at KMI of dedication to NAEM with a focus on learning and support for the organization. I hope you will support my goal to pursue new areas of growth for NAEM and the Affiliates Council.

Vision statement

With a strong track record of leadership, organizational management, building partnerships with industry EHS professionals and a career-long dedication to NAEM, I eagerly ask our fellow Affiliates Council members to support me as the next Vice President. Membership with the Affiliates Council comes with many benefits, and I consider it both our opportunity and obligation to continuously strive for new ways to bring value to the NAEM community. Through increased outreach directly to the Corporate Members, we can appeal to the areas where value is needed most. By approaching them with collaborative creativity we can enhance the mutual benefits, meanwhile building on our reputation as a council of valued industry partners. With a long history and close relationships with NAEM staff, Corporate Members and other Affiliates, I am ready to take my commitment to NAEM to new levels, and through leadership can bring direct benefits to the Council in pursuit of that goal.


Laura graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Resource Management, and a passion to pursue a cohesive path for business and the environment. Laura began her career in 1998 at an environmental consulting firm, IndEco Strategic Consulting, to develop EHS management systems in Lotus Notes. This experience led to some life long professional connections including Howard Brown (NAEM Forum 2011 keynote speaker) and Alan Willis (NAEM Forum 2009 keynote speaker) as well as Carol Singer Neuvelt and Virginia Hoekenga. In 1999 Laura joined a startup EHS software company, KMI, where she is presently the Vice President of Customer Experience. During the past 13 years at KMI, Laura has been involved in every aspect of the business including application design, consulting, project management, and strategic business management.
Throughout her professional experiences, Laura has worked directly with industry EHS and Sustainability Managers to identify challenges and opportunities, analyze business needs and design systems that streamline their business processes and job functions.

Rose Shaver; Schneider Electric Inc.

Rose Shaver; Schneider Electric Inc. Statement of Interest

The Affiliates Council Vice President position is one that I would take seriously as a responsibility in my current activities. I have received management support to pursue working with NAEM in all capacities that our organization can bring benefit. Schneider Electric is a strong supporter of NAEM with our unique dual membership status as a professional and affiliate member. I have available to NAEM a global organization of technical, strategic and executive leaders to support initiatives and activities.

I would like to formally nominate myself for the Vice President position of the Affiliates Council. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

Vision Statement

I have been involved with NAEM since 2009 when we started just as an exhibitor. From there I have worked with the helping to promote social media exposure, attract new members from our client base and working on the Forum Committee in 2011. I also attended the inaugural Women's Leadership Forum in DC this year. It is an exciting time to be a part of NAEM and I believe that there are many opportunities to expand our reach. If accepted for this position I will work to engage our affiliate members to engage with and support being a technical resource for the membership through a variety of channels including the NAEM website. I believe there are significant opportunities to support the NAEM staff to amplify our association's message via social media.

I will bring to the Vice President position over 20 years of serving in industry and governmental organizations. This experience includes:

  • Committee leadership positions
  • Leadership positions that have reported to executive boards
  • Conference planning and organization
  • Speaking engagements
  • Round Table organization and management
  • Social media management

My passion is to continue to help organizations communicate internally and externally more efficiently to achieve their sustainability goals & initiatives. I enjoy working within organizations to contribute to the overall benefit of an industry or vertical market segment. I am passionate about sustainability and energy management to help provide a better future for my granddaughter. When I am not working on sustainability I enjoy golfing with my best friend, my husband Wes.


I have over 25 years of experience working with clients to deliver energy and sustainability services. The practice areas I have worked within are:

  • Greening supply chains
  • Sustainability strategy and roadmap development
    Implement renewable/clean technologies
    External sustainability reporting documents (CDP, supplier surveys, investors, GRI)
  • Energy and Carbon Accounting SaaS
  • Energy procurement and management
  • Green building certifications – LEED, Energy Star
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