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Affiliates Council Governance - 2014 Nominations and Elections
Affiliates Council Governance - 2014 Nominations

Elections for the vice president of the NAEM Affiliates Council are held every two years. The position involves a four-year commitment to the organization, including a two-year term as president of the Affiliates Council and Affiliates Council representative to the Board of Directors. Learn more about the slate of this year’s self-selected candidates below.

Vice President Nominees

  • Mark Heany; AlterEcho
  • Kenny Ogilvie; EHS Support
  • Rose Shaver; Schneider Electric


Mark Heany; AlterEcho


Mark Heaney is Vice President of AlterEcho. He has more than 20 years of environmental regulatory management experience assisting federal, state and private-sector clients. He has managed several contracts supporting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, overseeing RCRA and CERCLA programs concentrated on: multi-media compliance, corrective action, permitting, enforcement, combustion, unexploded ordnance, and facility/land restoration. He also managed programs supporting initiatives in sustainability, Green Chemistry and chemical alternative analyses, recycling, pollution prevention and waste analysis/minimization. Mark has led AlterEcho partnerships with clients in organic food production, the medical and special waste industry, non-profit homebuilding, environmental protection, manufacturing and laboratory services. These efforts have centered on regulatory requirements, environmental compliance, sustainability, supply chain management, and business performance. Mark earned a BA in Environmental Studies and Political Science in 1989 from Colgate University and an MS in Environmental Management in 1994 from Long Island University.

Vision Statement

My record of extensive involvement in several NAEM activities over the last three years, combined with my 20-plus years of leadership, corporate management and technical consulting experience, have positioned me well to represent the interests of NAEM Affiliates Council members as their next Vice President. I believe this experience across a wide range of compliance, supply chain and scientific issues, while building partnerships with companies and their EHS professionals in varied industries, will strengthen the Affiliates Council’s vital partnership role with NAEM’s Corporate Members. The roles of EHS professionals in member companies and among the Affiliates Council are evolving into new disciplines and providing value in emerging areas such as sustainability, safer product chemistry, R&D and process design. At the same time, core compliance responsibilities are growing, while companies are faced with continued budget pressures. As providers of innovative products, consulting services, and a wide range of information technology services, Affiliates Council members need to address the current and future challenges corporate members face so that we can deliver value, while also recognizing the benefits of the relationships we build at NAEM. I envision continuing to advocate for an active voice in setting agendas for NAEM research and events that not only address current issues, but tackle future issues, as well. Increasing direct outreach and collaborating on joint research with corporate members and NAEM staff can build on the progress we have been making and also better position Affiliate Council members as forward-thinking partners. With a record of active involvement at all NAEM events the past several years and strong relationships with NAEM staff, Corporate Members and other Affiliates, I am eager to expand my commitment to NAEM to create expanded value for all Affiliates Council members.

Statement of Interest

I introduced AlterEcho to NAEM and have been our lead representative at every event for the past three years. My involvement in webinar presentations and on the 2013 Forum Planning Committee has provided insight to valuable opportunities for AC members, as well as areas where our role can improve. I hope you will support my goals of pursuing new areas of value for the NAEM AC members and ensuring that NAEM’s focus continues to expand into emerging opportunity areas for EHS professionals.

Kenny Ogilvie; EHS Support


Over the past 27 years Kenny Ogilvie has been providing environmental management consulting support working with corporate environmental health and safety (EHS) and financial industry managers to design and integrate value measurement techniques, cost savings measurements, and corporate programs for mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, compliance, reserves and SEC reporting, and environmental cleanup liabilities. Kenny has worked on hundreds of mergers and acquisitions including joint ventures, divestitures, and teaming arrangements. Kenny has also been very involved in Superfund site management for both corporations and PRP groups as a project coordinator, technical representative, and lead consultant. Kenny has worked on over 100 RCRA and voluntary remediation related projects throughout the United States. Kenny has worked on numerous special assignment projects related to SEC audits, insurance reviews, and liability management programs. Kenny has worked on projects in 37 of the 50 United States and worked on international projects in Australia, China, and Europe. Kenny has been published in over a dozen periodicals and spoken/presented 100s of times. Kenny has proudly been a member of NAEM since the early 2000s and has been an affiliate’s member for over 4 years.

Vision Statement for Kenny Ogilvie of EHS Support

Helping realize the full potential of the affiliate council to the NAEM – continuing the enhancement of what has been done in the past and working with the affiliate council members to create a new era of development, growth, and productivity that will sustain NAEM for the future.

50 Word Interest Statement for Kenny Ogilvie of EHS Support

As an NAEM member dating back to 2002 I have a passion for NAEM and its beliefs.  This opportunity allows me to give back for the great years of learning. As Chairman, CEO, and Board Member, I can bring skills I learned to help generate/implement ideas/opportunities to add value.

Rose Shaver; Schneider Electric Inc.

Statement of Interest

The Affiliates Council Vice President position is one that I would take seriously as a responsibility in my current activities. I have received management support to pursue working with NAEM in all capacities that our organization can bring benefit. Schneider Electric is a strong supporter of NAEM with our unique dual membership status as a professional and affiliate member. I have available to NAEM a global organization of technical, strategic and executive leaders to support initiatives and activities.

I would like to formally nominate myself for the Vice President position of the Affiliates Council. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

Vision Statement

I have been involved with NAEM since 2009 when we started just as an exhibitor. From there I have worked with the helping to promote social media exposure, attract new members from our client base and working on the Forum Committee in 2011. I also attended the inaugural Women's Leadership Forum in DC this year. It is an exciting time to be a part of NAEM and I believe that there are many opportunities to expand our reach. If accepted for this position I will work to engage our affiliate members to engage with and support being a technical resource for the membership through a variety of channels including the NAEM website. I believe there are significant opportunities to support the NAEM staff to amplify our association's message via social media.

I will bring to the Vice President position over 20 years of serving in industry and governmental organizations. This experience includes:

  • Committee leadership positions
  • Leadership positions that have reported to executive boards
  • Conference planning and organization
  • Speaking engagements
  • Round Table organization and management
  • Social media management

My passion is to continue to help organizations communicate internally and externally more efficiently to achieve their sustainability goals & initiatives. I enjoy working within organizations to contribute to the overall benefit of an industry or vertical market segment. I am passionate about sustainability and energy management to help provide a better future for my granddaughter. When I am not working on sustainability I enjoy golfing with my best friend, my husband Wes.


I have over 25 years of experience working with clients to deliver energy and sustainability services. The practice areas I have worked within are:

  • Greening supply chains
  • Sustainability strategy and roadmap development
    Implement renewable/clean technologies
    External sustainability reporting documents (CDP, supplier surveys, investors, GRI)
  • Energy and Carbon Accounting SaaS
  • Energy procurement and management
  • Green building certifications – LEED, Energy Star
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