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Key Practice Area - Compliance Excellence - EHS Compliance Excellence
Key Practice Area: Compliance Excellence

EHS Compliance Excellence

July 2011

As new regulations proliferate across the globe, companies are looking to reduce the cost of compliance while requiring EHS department to do more with less. Learn the latest strategies from leading companies for meeting the evolving challenges of EHS management on a global scale.


Held at Best Buy Co. Inc. in Minneapolis, the "EHS Excellence and Best Practices" conference focused on the compliance challenges associated with global EHS management. In this section you will find:

Agenda: See a list of speakers and view session descriptions

Blogs: Read expert interviews and opinion pieces about what it takes to build and reinforce a strong culture of compliance.

Videos: Watch video interviews with corporate EHS and sustainability leaders.

Presentations: Featured presentations from this conference include:

  • "Regulatory Update: Enforcement Priorities and Issues to Watch"
  • "Successful Strategies for Ensuring Enterprise EHS Compliance"
  • "Navigating the Maze of Product Focused Regulations"
  • "Advancing GHG programs in an uncertain regulatory environment"
  • "Integrating EHS Management Functions after a Merger or Acquisition"
  • "Communicating EHS Risk as a Strategic Business Risk"

Roundtable: Listen to a virtual roundtable discussion with NAEM members about compliance and auditing issues.


Regulatory Update: Enforcement Priorities and Issues to Watch
Compliance is the cornerstone of any EHS program, so it is imperative to stay on top of current and future regulations. This regulatory update will provide an overview of new and expected domestic and international legislation. Plus, attendees will get a list of the top 10 most frequent citations from the EPA and OSHA to help you avoid common pitfalls.

  • Paul C. Beatley, Director, Enhesa Inc.
  • John Sullivan, Director, Environment, Health, and Safety News, BNA Inc.

Successful Strategies for Ensuring Enterprise EHS Compliance
This session will provide a look at how three unique companies ensure EHS compliance across their businesses. Speakers will share a big picture look at their efforts and highlight key strategies they use to lead compliance assurance at their organizations. From allocation of resources and budgets to what their management systems look like, attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how successful companies understand and minimize compliance risk.

  • Thomas Hawkinson, Corporate Manager, EHS, The Toro Co.
  • Tony Shea, Senior Manager, Environmental Business, NRG Energy
  • Majo Thurman, Director, Environment, Health & Safety, Rockwell Automation Inc.

Navigating the Maze of Product Focused Regulations
The proliferation of product-focused regulations impacts many companies, from the beginning of the supply chain to the end retailer. The case studies in this session will examine how companies have dealt with a wide variety of regulations, from REACH and RoHS to producer take-back programs. Find out how these leading organizations have addressed these emerging regulations by working with partners up and down stream, as well other departments internally. Attendees will also hear an update on the pending SEC rule regarding Conflict Minerals

  • Connie Deford, Director, U.S. Chemicals Management Policy, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Mark Duvall, Principal, Beveridge & Diamond PC
  • Karen Yeadon, Manager, Environment, Health & Safety, Emerson Process Management

Advancing GHG Programs in an Uncertain Regulatory Environment
Is there still a business case for moving forward with greenhouse gas reduction programs in the absence of a meaningful federal regulation? This session will examine what companies are doing to manage their GHG emissions and what changes they are making to their programs, if any. Speakers will address both how they are managing and distributing EHS resource for GHG as well as what they are doing to prepare for potential regulatory outcomes.

  • Billy Grayson, Director of Corporate Sustainability, WESCO International, Inc.
  • Mark Manninen, Environmental Permitting Supervisor, 3M Co.
  • Jeff McComas, Advanced Environmental Specialist, 3M Co.

Best Practices for Global Auditing and Corrective Actions
Auditing remains the foundation of an effective global EHS management program. This session will examine the critical elements of a global EHS auditing program, with specific attention to best practices in data gathering, presentation of audit results to senior management, and corrective action programs. Attendees also will learn how to encourage collaboration between the auditors and the facilities in a way that promotes positive change.

  • Don Bezek, Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Donaldson Co. Inc.
  • James A Bilgo, Supervisor of EHS Program Management, Kohler Co.
  • Dave Hadzinsky, Director, EHS, PCC Airfoils, LLC

Integrating EHS Management Functions after a Merger or Acquisition
One of the biggest challenges for a company following a merger or acquisition is integrating the EHS management system and culture. Attendees will hear what it takes to get back to business quickly, along with tips and strategies for how to blend two distinct cultures to ensure continued EHS management success.

  • Marc Juaire,Corporate Process Safety Manager, The Valspar Corporation, Ltd.
  • Chris England, EHS Manager, ITT Corp.

Communicating EHS Risk as a Strategic Business Risk
It’s often difficult for EHS managers to explain the strategic value of what they do for the company. This session will focus on how to communicate the value of EHS to senior management and internal stakeholders in a way that promotes further collaboration between EHS and other business functions as well as shared ownership of EHS responsibilities.

  • Mariam Georgaroudakis, Strategic Commodity Management Team, Raytheon Co.
  • Michael Miller, Global Director, Risk Management & EHS, Apex Tool Group LLCs

Click here to view the agenda from NAEM’s July 2011 "EHS Compliance Excellence" conference.


The following are expert interviews and opinion pieces about compliance and auditing field from The Green Tie blog:

NRG Energy’s Strategies for Enterprise Compliance
An interview with Tony Shea, Senior Manager of Environmental Business for NRG Energy Inc.

Collaborating on Compliance
An interview with James Bilgo, Supervisor of EHS Program Management for Kohler Co.


Hear about how corporate EHS and sustainability leaders are addressing compliance-related challenges in a changing regulatory landscape:

Highlights from the EHS Compliance Excellence Conference
An interview with Pat Perry, President of the NAEM Board

How Dow Chemical Co. is Addressing Product Stewardship Issues
Connie Deford, Director of U.S. Chemical Management Policy for Dow Chemical Co., discusses how the company is addressing public concern about chemicals in the supply chain.

3M Co.’s Dawn Krueger Discusses the Company’s Compliance Challenges
Dawn Krueger, Environmental Compliance Assurance Manager for 3M Co., describes some of the company's unique compliance challenges.

How Donaldson Company Inc. developed a strong EHS culture
Don Bezek, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for Donaldson Company Inc. describes the company's journey toward building a strong EHS culture.


Hear highlights from the conference and discussion about compliance issues in this virtual roundtable discussion. This content is available to NAEM members only; you must be logged in as a member to access it.


Click here to view the presentations from the "EHS Compliance Excellence & Best Practices" conference. This content is available to NAEM members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it. If you are not an NAEM member and wish to purchase these presentations, please contact Briana Warner at


The "EHS Compliance Excellence" conference was presented with special support from:

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antea enhesa

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