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Key Practice Area - Global EHS - 2016 EHS Management Forum: Innovative Resource Management
Key Practice Area: Global EHS

2016 Forum - Innovative Resource Management

Oct. 26-28, 2016

Whether referring to natural or human resources, this session will give attendees a change to focus on specific ways their peers are leveraging resources and delivering big wins for EHS and sustainability. Sessions will also touch on strategies for ensuring the EHS function has a strong succession plan, attracts and retains talent, and offers an opportunity to build leadership skills in the area of influence and communications.

If you're looking for new ideas to improve efficiency, manage risk or advance sustainability, you'll find inspiration through the interactive discussions and peer case studies the Forum delivers.


Download the “Innovative Resource Management” keynote presentation from NAEM's 2016 EHS Management Forum. This content is available to NAEM members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it. If you are not an NAEM member and wish to join the Association, please contact NAEM at


Lessons from the Zero Waste Journey
Benefit from the insights of a panel of experts who are living the Zero Waste journey. Learn answers to questions, such as: How do you define “Zero Waste"? What did your company do to begin the Zero Waste journey? What are some of the key challenges your Zero Waste efforts have faced and how have you addressed these? Learn about the key practices for being successful in pursuing Zero Waste and understand how the panelists have demonstrated the value of their Zero Waste efforts.

Moderator: David Williams, Director, Environment and Sustainability; Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd


  • Johanna Jobin, Director, Global EHS & Sustainability; Biogen Inc.
  • Nicole Krenner, Manager, Sustainability Operational Excellence; 3M
  • Michelle Redfield, Director, Safety, Environment and Process Improvement; Schneider Electric SE

Getting More Renewable Power in Your Energy Portfolio
More Questions than Answers? What are the options? How do you “sell” it? What's right for your company? What's it all mean (on-site, off-site, PPA, REC, solar, wind, bio, new innovations, additionality …)? Attend this session and learn from the experience of others who have successfully added renewable power to their energy and environmental strategies. Discover what benefits they are getting from their shift toward green power, what worked and what didn't and learn strategies for getting started or advancing your own power shift.

Moderator: Hal Ehrhardt, Senior Manager, Energy, Environment & Common Systems; Lockheed Martin Corp.


  • Scott Stallard, Senior Manager, Environmental Stewardship; Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Jonathan Poggi, Multi-function Facilities Manager; Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Rob Threlkeld, Global Manager, Renewable Energy; General Motors Co.
  • Hervé Touati, Managing Director; The Business Renewables Center (BRC) of Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Ramé Hemstreet, Vice President, Operations, Chief Sustainable Resources Officer; Kaiser Permanente

Communication and Influencing Skills for EHS&S Leaders
EHS professionals build their careers on a solid technical foundation – some of them so well they find themselves promoted to leadership positions. However, leading a team is a very different than being a member of the team. Come to learn how others have made the transition from individual contributor to leader. This session will be good for those who are new to leadership and also those who are mentoring or working with someone who has recently been promoted to a leadership role.

Moderator: Megan Lum, Director, Environment, Transmission; The Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


  • Kris Morico, Global Leader Environmental Programs; General Electric Co.
  • Drena Howard, Director, Global Retail EHS; The Estee Lauder Co.'s
  • James Mangold, Projects Supervisor for Environmental Management – Generation; Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Ensuring Your License to Operate: Strategies and Tools to Be Part of the Water Management Solution
What steps are companies taking to prepare for and mitigate water-related risks? What are companies doing to use water more efficiently, make the business case for water reduction in their operations, and reduce their net impact on their local watersheds? This session will provide insight into how various companies' water programs address water scarcity risks, water conservation and water stewardship, and how innovation is helping address global water challenges.

Moderator: Nick Martin, Sustainability Practice Lead; Antea Group


  • Fawn Bergen, Carbon & Water Program Manager ; Intel Corp.
  • Todd Reeve, Chief Executive Officer; Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF).
  • Alan Resnik, Director Corporate Environmental Affairs; Cummins Inc.

Owning your Career: Professional Development for You and Your Team
A great EHS&S career doesn't happen by accident. It takes planning, tools and perserverance. You need to own your own career while helping your team to grow professionally, stay engaged, and be ready to take that next step. How can you do that? Come to this session and find out how through peer presentations on personal and team development as well as an interactive workshop. Leave with insights and tools that you can use to be sure you are owning your career and helping your team do the same.

Faciliatator: Annette Russo, Senior Manager, Communications and Training, EHS & Sustainability; Johnson & Johnson


  • Kimberly Jackson, Director EHS; Spectra Energy Corp.
  • Paul Robbertz, Senior Director, Environmental Health and Safety; WhiteWave Foods Co.

Speaker Bios

Johanna Jobin, Director, Global EHS & Sustainability; Biogen Inc.
As Biogen's new Director of Global EHS & Sustainability, Johanna will work to promote the company's culture and vision on corporate citizenship by helping to implement global sustainability programs and initiatives, such as energy improvements to waste reductions, as well as driving employee and stakeholder engagement. She is also responsible for the corporate citizenship reporting and carbon neutrality strategy.

As the former Head of Corporate Responsibility & Community Affairs of EMD Millipore, the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Ms. Jobin led their corporate responsibility efforts, including the vision and strategic direction for environmental and social responsibility. Her responsibilities centered around strengthening the organization's business performance by embedding sustainability into key business practices and overall culture. Key programs she managed and supported included greenhouse gas management and energy, Design for Sustainability, community engagement, and access to health and shared value initiatives.

Prior to joining the former Millipore Corporation in 2008, she served as a Management Consultant, working with public and private sector clients in developing and implementing EHS and sustainability management systems. She received her Master of Environmental Management degree, with a certificate in Energy and Environment, from Duke University and is also an ISO 14001 trained auditor.

She is involved in a number of sustainability related organizations, and is currently a Board member of the National Association for EHS & Sustainability Management (NAEM), Board member of the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter, Co-Chair of the Association Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) Sustainability Roundtable, and on the Advisory Board for the Center for Sustainability in Business at WPI and Advisory Committee Member for the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection. She also serves on the City of Cambridge Climate Protection Action Committee and is a Board member of “e” inc., an organization focused on environmental and STEM education for children.

Nicole Krenner, Manager, Sustainability Operational Excellence; 3M
Nicole Krenner is the Sustainability Operational Excellence Manager in the corporate Environmental, Health and Safety Operations organization at 3M. Nicole is a member of 3M's Sustainability Center of Excellence Leadership Team. Nicole has leadership responsibility for collaborating with the businesses, the R&D community, Lean Six Sigma and others in the 3M Supply Chain organization to drive achievement of the environmental stewardship elements of the current 2025 Sustainability Goals. Other areas of responsibility include leading the Pollution Prevention Pays (3P) program, performing external bench marking, sharing best practices, and helping to measure 3M's Sustainability success.

Nicole has a had a wide variety of roles within 3M including: Supply Chain Manager in 3M Division, with a specific focus as the Project Manager for Business Transformation (SAP) deployment, Subject Matter Expert for Manufacturing with Release 1 SAP functionality, Product Manager/Operations Management at several 3M facilities, Six Sigma Black Belt, Production Shift Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer and Product Engineer.

Nicole has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University and a Master's Degree in Technology Management from the University of St. Thomas.

Michelle Redfield, Director, Safety, Environment and Process Improvement; Schneider Electric SE
As the North American Director for Environment and Safety/Environment Process Improvement for Schneider Electric, Michelle and her team direct the company's North American environmental and sustainability initiatives and strategy, leading environmental and safety programs such as compliance, management systems, water reduction, waste minimization and recycling, data management and environmental recognition. She has also led Schneider Electric's global safety & environmental data management system program and Schneider's global safety standardization and process improvement programs such as developing a Global Safety Handbook, Global Directives, Global Safety Alert process, Global Safety, Environment and Real Estate acquisition integration process, etc., converting a growing company of over 200 separate brands into a single Safety program.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Michelle worked for about 20 years in government and consulting engagements for U.S.–based Multi-National Organizations; having managed a full-service environmental, health and safety consulting office in Chicago. During that tenure she led business development, customer management and a wide range of environmental and safety initiatives, operational effectiveness program development and implementation, integrated environmental system and compliance auditing programs, and environmental and safety and sustainability information management system programs.

Scott Stallard, Senior Manager, Environmental Stewardship; Lockheed Martin Corp.
Scott Stallard is the Senior Manager of Environmental Stewardship within the Corporate Energy, Environment, Safety and Health (CEESH) organization at Lockheed Martin. In this role, Scott is responsible for environmental stewardship strategy development (including a corporate-wide renewable energy strategy), external reporting, product stewardship activities, and business facilitation of sustainable products. Scott has over 20 years of experience at Lockheed Martin and its predecessor companies. Before taking on his current position in 2010, Scott held various financial positions throughout much of his career including six years as the Business Manager for CEESH where he focused on remediation and overall strategy. Scott served a lead role as part of the team that launched the corporation's Go Green program in 2008. Scott holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Jonathan Poggi, Multi-function Facilities Manager; Lockheed Martin Corp.
Jonathan Poggi has been working for Lockheed Martin for 20 years. Current responsibilities are in Clearwater, Florida for Facilities Operations Management, Business Services and Environmental Safety and Health. The site is exclusively 100% manufacturing and serves as the prime Production Site for the majority of Lockheed Martin RMS locations as well as various other Defense contractors. He was responsible for developing the team and the concept of the Lockheed Martin 2 MW Solar Array, the largest privately owned and operated Solar field in the State of Florida.

Rob Threlkeld, Global Manager, Renewable Energy; General Motors Co.
Rob Threlkeld is Global Manager, Renewable Energy for General Motors. In this role he manages the more than 100 megawatts of renewable energy that make up GM's global renewable energy portfolio. He is responsible for accessing the feasibility of future projects as they pertain to GM's overall sustainability strategy and negotiating long-term power purchase agreements with projects underway at various facilities across the globe, including opportunities associated with battery storage/behind-the-meter applications-EV integration.

As part of GM's sustainability team, Threlkeld is charged with sharing renewable energy best practices to internal and external audience to further GM's reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. He travels around the country to speak to a number of different groups on the topic of renewable energy, explaining how companies large and small alike can benefit from the use of renewables.

Threlkeld is also actively involved in the Solar Energy Industries Association. He urged GM to join with this NGO to help support other large end users in their deployment of solar. He is also actively involved with WWF-WRE Buyer's Principles for Renewable Energy, The Business Renewable Center (BRC) affiliated with RMI where he serves on the Advisory Board, the Association of Energy Engineers, Engineering Society of Detroit, and the Solar Power International Education Council. His certifications attained include Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM), Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Business Energy Professional (BEP).

Threlkeld began his career at General Motors in 2000 as manager of the Powerhouse and Wastewater Treatment Plant operations at GM's Lordstown (Ohio) Assembly Complex. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in civil engineering from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Hervé Touati, Managing Director; The Business Renewables Center (BRC) of Rocky Mountain Institute
Hervé Touati is Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). He focuses his work on disruptive business models and technologies in the electricity sector and mechanisms to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by large corporations, such as the Business Renewables Center (BRC) and the Sunshine for Mines initiatives. Hervé is also Chairman of Black Bear Energy (BBE), a for-profit spin-off of RMI acting as an owner's representative for Real Estate Investment Trusts in distributed energy. Outside RMI, he is an advisor to Greentech Capital Advisors and cleantech startups in Europe and North America. Hervé held several senior positions at E.ON, Germany's leading utility. Earlier, Hervé served as a leading expert for the energy sector with McKinsey & Co. Hervé received a M.S. in Mathematics from Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley.

Ramé Hemstreet, Vice President, Operations, Chief Sustainable Resources Officer; Kaiser Permanente
Ramé focuses on system interoperability to achieve lifecycle facilities management, reduce total cost of ownership, and achieve the optimal alignment of capabilities and resources to meet our clients' needs. As the Chief Sustainable Resources Officer, he collaborates with stakeholders throughout Kaiser to reduce energy intensity, utility costs and carbon footprint. Ramé joined Kaiser Permanente in 2011 after a 29 year career in the U.S. Navy. Ramé holds a master's of science degree in construction management from University of California, Berkeley; a master's of science degree in National Security Strategy from the National War College; and a bachelor's of science degree in civil engineering from Tulane University. He is a professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a Board member of the Unforgotten Fund.

Kris Morico, Global Leader Environmental Programs; General Electric Co.
Kris has been with GE for 10 years and is currently the leader of environmental programs. In this role, Kris is responsible for the development and implementation of associated programs globally and works closely with GE's regional and business EHS teams to proactively attain and sustain compliance and for achieving company goals.

Kris began her career working in the municipal water sector as a process engineer for the Regional Water Authority in New Haven, CT and over the past 30 years, 12 in an executive capacity, she has assumed leadership positions of increasing responsibility. Kris has assumed a variety of positions across several Fortune 500 companies including Clairol, Inc., Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. environmental consultants, Environmental Compliance Officer for ABB/Combustion Engineering, Director of Global Environmental Programs and EHS Governance at Pratt and Whitney (Division of UTC), and most recently (prior to her present role with GE), she was the Director of Environmental Programs at Tyco International located in Princeton, NJ.

Kris possesses a BS in Biology from Fairfield University, MS Civil Engineering from the University of Connecticut, MEM Environmental Management from Yale University, and an EMBA from the University of Connecticut. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in 6 states, Board Certified Environmental Engineer in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, Certified Safety Professional, and a Certified Sustainability Professional . She also possesses a Class IV Water Treatment Plant Operators License issued by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and is an Environmental Laboratory Director through the same agency. In addition to representing GE as a reagent member in the National Association of Environmental Managers (NAEM), she is an active member in several professional EHS organizations and was elected to the status of Fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers and serves on the advisory board for the University of Connecticut School of Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as a board trustee of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. Kris is a visiting lecturer at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Engineers at the University of Connecticut School of Engineering in 2011.

Kris lives in the Morristown, NJ area with her spouse, Shaun Zitting, where they both are involved in many non-profit organizations both in NJ and CT.

Drena Howard, Director, Global Retail EHS; The Estee Lauder Co.'s
Drena Howard is the Director of Global Retail Environmental Affairs and Safety at The Estée Lauder Companies. She leads EHS training, education and communication initiatives for the ever- growing global retail channel. "I have the challenge of making safety-sexy", she says.

Drena's diverse experience includes international auditing, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, hazardous waste management, shipping, and sustainability. She is a Certified Safety Professional and holds a Master of Environmental Management and Master of Public Health from Yale University. In 2014, she was awarded the 'Rising Star of Safety' by the National Safety Council.

James Mangold, Projects Supervisor for Environmental Management – Generation; Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
ames Mangold is a supervisor in the Environmental Management Department at Pacific Gas & Electric Company. He leads a group of Land Planners, Biologists and Cultural Resources Specialists responsible for acquiring permits and approvals for the Company's Power Generation projects. In this role, James is focused on developing staff performance and establishing clear and consistent work management processes. He joined PG&E in 2007 as a Senior Cultural Resources Specialist, after receiving a Master of Arts in Anthropology from California State University, Chico in 2006.

Fawn Bergen, Carbon & Water Program Manager ; Intel Corp.
Fawn Bergen is a program manager in Intel Corp.'s Global Sustainability Group. Intel is the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, headquartered in Santa Clara, California In her role, she leads Intel's global sustainability programs for water conservation and stewardship efforts and carbon footprint In her previous role at Intel, she led the corporate air program for their global operations.

Fawn has worked in the environmental field over 18 years with experience in environmental sustainability and compliance program management, environmental permitting, compliance management, regulatory interpretation, auditing, and training Her career has spanned multiple roles in the manufacturing and mining industries (AMCOL International and CEMEX Inc.) as well as environmental consulting (Koogler Associates, Golder Associates, and MACTEC/ESE).

Fawn has a BS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida Residing in Portland, Oregon, she enjoys the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors with her two children and husband.

Todd Reeve, Chief Executive Officer; Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)
Todd Reeve is BEF';s CEO, where he pursues innovations at the intersection of corporate sustainability, renewable energy, and watershed stewardship. He created Water Restoration Certificates® (WRCs), the first national environmental program that enables corporations and businesses to balance their water footprint by restoring flows to benefit depleted rivers, streams and wetlands. He is Co-creator of “Change the Course” a first-of-its-kind national water stewardship campaign developed in partnership with National Geographic and Participant Media. Todd also developed one of the nation';s first 10-year Model Watershed restoration programs and is now focused on developing and testing a 50-year strategy to advance watershed management and restoration strategies to maintain clean water, habitat, and local community benefits. As the leader of an entrepreneurial nonprofit, Todd focuses on building partnerships that strengthen ecosystem resiliency and engage individuals, corporations, and organizations to deliver solutions that meet the needs of humans and nature.

Alan Resnik, Director Corporate Environmental Affairs; Cummins Inc.
Alan Resnik has 30 years of experience in environmental management in industrial manufacturing and consulting. In his current role as Director, Facilities and Operations Environmental Management for Cummins, Mr. Resnik is responsible for regulatory compliance, pollution prevention and mitigation, emissions reduction and natural resource conservation at Cummins' facilities worldwide as well as the implementation of the management systems and programs to enable success in those areas. Cummins Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, is the largest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world, with more than 55,000 employees operating in more than 190 countries.

Mr. Resnik has BS and MS degrees in Geology and Mineralogy from The Ohio State University and University of Toledo, respectively. He has been instrumental in leading efforts that have resulted in Cummins' inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index each year since 2006, receiving the 2014 Robert W. Campbell International Award for Business Excellence through Safety, Health and Environmental Management and most recently being recognized as one of three global winners of the 2016 Award of Excellence in Energy Management from the Clean Energy Ministerial.

Kimberly Jackson, Director EHS; Spectra Energy Corp.
Kimberly Jackson is the EHS Director for Spectra Energy, a FORTUNE 500 oil & gas pipeline and midstream company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Ms. Jackson has responsibility for providing strategic direction and oversight for Spectra's facilities in US Operations. Her responsibilities encompass day-to-day EHS compliance, EHS Management System conformance and EHS risk management.

Ms. Jackson's professional career began in the oil and petrochemical industry, with the last 26 years in the oil & gas industry at Spectra Energy where she has held various safety and environmental positions Corporate and Operations EHS. After years of EHS experience, Ms. Jackson's approach has been to evolve the culture while establishing conformance to a sound EHS Management System.

In addition to NAEM, she is an active member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), National Safety Council (NSC), South Gas Association (SGA) and INGAA (Interstate Natural Gas Association of America).

She holds a bachelor's degree in Safety Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Paul Robbertz, Senior Director, Environmental Health and Safety; WhiteWave Foods Co.
Paul Robbertz serves as Senior Director, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) for the WhiteWave Foods Company. Paul is a vital component to the company's senior leadership in critical EHS performance areas. His responsibilities include leading EHS operations, management systems, strategic planning and resource deployment.

In addition, Paul is instrumental in managing company risks that affect business growth and short/long term liability. He also manages the advocacy and implementation process for new legislation regulations and emerging trends.

Paul's 25+ year career in EHS and Sustainability affairs spans numerous industries including paper, medical device, chemicals and mail stream solutions and services. Prior to joining WhiteWave Foods, he served as Vice President, Environment Health and Safety for the Gates Corporation, VP EHS for Pitney Bowes; Director of EHS Audits and Compliance for Chemutra Corporation; and Global EHS Product and Operations Leader for The Dow Chemical Company.

Robbertz is an active member of the National Association for Environmental Management and US Food & Beverage EHS Network. He chaired the DMA Committee for Environmental & Social Responsibility, served on the Board of the Massachusetts Chemical and Technology Alliance and held leadership roles on The Environmental Roundtable and other industry consortia.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts and a Master in Business Administration from Suffolk University in Massachusetts.

Paul and his wife Anna, reside in Cherry Creek, Denver.

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