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NAEM Web Seminar - Making the Business Case for Corporate Wellness Programs
Webinar: Making the Business Case for Corporate Wellness Programs

NAEM Web Seminars are an easy and cost-effective way to share a learning experience with your colleagues. With one registration you can gather your entire EHS team around a computer or projector screen to collectively participate and brainstorm ideas.

Making the Business Case for Corporate Wellness Programs

April 20, 2006 - Purchase an archive copy of this webinar ($99)

What return on investment will my company see from workplace health promotion?

Tying wellness programs to business outcomes is key to your success. Find out what practical metrics and useful strategies are being used by effective organizations.

As EHS Management continues to mature, managers are seeking new ways to add financial value to their organizations. The creation and implementation of workplace wellness programs is a compelling area of opportunity. Leading companies are promoting wellness in the workplace and beyond, as a way to strengthen their workforce, reduce their healthcare related costs, and improve employee retention and overall job satisfaction.

The business case is strong! Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Gain an understanding of important trends in Corporate Wellness & Health Promotion
  • Take away key learnings from global companies that have implemented extensive wellness programs
  • Hear how these organizations have created metrics and made the business case for wellness programs to their senior management
  • Gain insights into how to talk to senior management about the business benefits of wellness
  • Learn about resources and tools you can use as you build your own wellness programs

This web seminar is perfect for:

EHS Managers, Human Resource Managers, and Employee Benefits Managers OR anyone tasked with building workplace wellness programs, reducing costs related to workers compensation and health care, improving employee retention rates, or improving employee productivity levels.

Featuring presentations by:

  • Colleen Perkins, MSM/MBA, Health Management Strategy Consultant, Mayo Clinic Health Management Resources
  • Patti Clavier, RN, BSN, COHN-S, Global Health & Well-being Operations, Intel Corp.
  • Mark W. Jaeggi, CSP, Director of Safety, Health and Risk Management, Anheuser-Busch
  • Jennifer M. Bachtel, MS, CHES, Fellow, The Partnership for Prevention

Speaker Biographies:

Colleen Perkins

In her role with Mayo, Colleen consults with clients on overarching health and productivity goals and objectives including Health Risk Assessment strategies. Working collaboratively with clients, Colleen helps organizations formulate effective integration, incentive and promotion strategies. In her presentation, Colleen will discuss:

  • The economic burden of excess risk
  • The value of utilizing a Health Risk Assessment and effective risk management strategies
  • Strategies for advocating medical self-responsibility
  • Use of incentives to maximize participation and promote long-term health improvement efforts
  • Communication strategies that effectively engage your entire population in wellness initiatives

Patti Clavier

Patti’s role at Intel Corporation is in Global Health and Well-being Operations working in the Global EHS group for the past 10 years. In this role, Patti is responsible for developing an integrated approach to population health management. Patti is the supplier manager for the online health resource used by over 33,000 employees in 2005. Patti is responsible for bringing other disciplines, such as Benefits and Human Resources, together to fully integrate efforts to provide employees with optimal healthcare resources. Patti received Certification as an Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist in October, 2001.

She will discuss the wellness programs at Intel and talk specifically about:

  • Intel's Health & Well-being Program Vision
  • The development and implementation of Intel's wellness efforts
  • How to engage other business functions such as HR and Benefits
  • The program results they've see and the next steps they are pursuing in continuing to build and enhance their wellness programs

Mark W. Jaeggi

Mark has worked for Anheuser-Busch, both in their St. Louis brewery and as a corporate manager for 16 years. In his current role he is responsible for the safety, health and risk management for Anheuser-Busch's 27 breweries worldwide. His presentation will examine Anheuser-Busch's efforts to reduce workplace injuries as well as how they have worked to extend their safety and wellness culture beyond the work place and into the homes and lives of their employees and families through their "Ability for Life" program.

Jennifer M. Bachtel

As a Fellow at Partnership for Prevention, Jennifer's primary area of focus is developing projects related to workforce health promotion. She holds a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management from American University and is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a member of the Integrated Health Benchmarking Forum and Society for Public Health Education. She will round out the program with a look at the major projects and initiatives underway at Partnership for Prevention as well as:

  • Provide the broad implications/benefits of investing in workforce health
  • Discuss why investing in employee health management programs is a good business decision
  • Provide some resources and tools to help attendees understand the business case for workforce health



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