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NAEM Webinar - Product Regulation, Green Chemistry and Chemical Alternatives Analyses: Tools for Tho
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Product Regulation, Green Chemistry and Chemical Alternatives Analyses: Tools for Thought

Product Regulation, Green Chemistry and Chemical Alternatives Analyses: Tools for Thought

Thursday, May 9, 2013
1:00 -2:00 p.m.
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From BPA alternatives to restrictions on flame retardants, many state and local environmental agencies are becoming more active in regulating chemicals in a variety of products and applications. That can lead to a potentially confusing maze of approvals, assessments and analyses for any business using any chemicals or chemical-related products in the years ahead.

  • WHO is looking at product regulation?
  • WHAT types of products are under the microscope?
  • WHEN are new regulations coming?
  • WHERE are the potential alternatives that will satisfy regulators?
  • WHY is this important for corporate EHS leaders?

With an innovative analysis and report he prepared for the State of Maine as a backdrop, toxicologist Travis Kline will discuss how chemical analyses and product alternatives are taking center stage in the regulatory debate. Joining him will be Indira Balkissoon, a former US EPA manager who will delve into the expanding role of Green Chemistry in today’s product development, and Mark Heaney, a regulatory affairs expert active in environmentally sensitive supply chain and waste disposal management.

Join us and participate in a timely discussion of the past, present and future of product regulation and analysis, and learn about the environmental and business implications in the years ahead.


  • Indira Balkissoon, Senior GHG Auditor; AlterEcho
  • Mark Heaney, Vice President; AlterEcho
  • Travis Kline, MEM, Senior Toxicologist; AlterEcho

Speaker biographies:

Indira Balkissoon

Indira headshot

Indira leads AlterEcho’s Green Chemistry and Sustainability practice areas. She is a senior GHG auditor and trainer and Certified Lead Auditor under the California Air Resources Board who has worked on GHG inventories at multiple private and public facilities. She is certified in the use of GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals (GreenScreen™), a method for comparative Chemical Hazard Assessment that can be used for identifying chemicals of high concern and safer alternatives. She has also developed technical projects for GHG emission reduction and has helped the Port of Philadelphia establish a “green” port. A geologist by training, she is a former program administrator for the US EPA, with an extensive background in Brownfields development and federal and state regulatory affairs. She has an MPA in Public Administration from Harvard University, an MS in Geology from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and a BA in Geology from Beloit College.

Mark Heaney

Mark Heaney

Mark is Vice President of AlterEcho, overseeing issues involving sustainability, green chemistry, chemical alternatives analysis, regulatory compliance management and ecological supply chain development. He also serves as a Senior Advisor on Regulation and Policy for The Horinko Group in Washington, DC. Mark has more than 20 years of environmental regulatory management experience, supporting EPA initiatives in sustainability, recycling, pollution prevention and waste analysis/minimization. He also led assistance for EPA’s Resource Conservation Challenge program, which partnered with the private sector to prioritize resource conservation, waste and chemical pollutant minimization, energy savings and GHG reduction benefits. Mark has an MS in Environmental Management from Long Island University and a BA in Environmental Studies and Political Science from Colgate University.

Travis Kline

Travis Kline

Travis is AlterEcho’s Senior Toxicologist, with more than 20 years of experience developing site-specific chemical and radionuclide risk assessments and toxicological reviews at federal and state-regulated sites nationwide. Travis recently co-authored the Alternatives Analysis Report for Bisphenol-A (BPA) in Infant Formula Cans and Baby Food Jar Lids for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, which examined the potential hazards of BPA, as well as investigating currently available and emerging BPA alternatives. He is a frequent instructor for EPA and state environmental agencies on risk assessment and toxicology, and his research work has appeared in multiple scientific publications. He was a featured speaker at the 2013 Safer Products Summit, discussing the risks of VOCs in consumer products and VOC alternatives. He is a member of the Society of Toxicology and the Society for Risk Analysis (New England Chapter). He has an MEM in Toxicology from Duke University and a BA in Developmental Biology/Genetics from Colby College.


What’s all the buzz about green chemistry?
Interview with Travis Kline, MEM, Senior Toxicologist; AlterEcho

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