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NAEM Expert Led Webinar - Climate Adaptation and Resilience
NAEM Expert Led Webinar

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Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Thursday April 23, 2015
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
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Climate change poses a potentially severe risk to your business.
Direct effects from sea level rise and weather abnormalities could affect your buildings, facilities and equipment. Indirect effects could result in a disruption of your product supply chains and the ability to operate.

Now is the time to plan for and reduce the risk from these future events.
Engage your enterprise and take action on climate change by conducting an impact assessment to identify risk areas and put a hazard mitigation plan in place.

This webinar archive will help you:

  • Understand the changing nature of your organizational risk profile and the process for actively managing the risks
  • Identify the potential risks presented by climate change and plan for or implement adaptation measures on pace with the level of risk to their enterprise
  • Assess vulnerabilities and risks and develop prioritizing adaptation planning


  • Allan Klindworth, Project Manager, Climate Adaptation; AECOM
  • Dale Sands, Senior Vice President and Technology & Practice Director; AECOM

Speaker Biographies:

Allan Klindworth

Allan Klindworth

Allan Klindworth is a Climate Adaptation Project Manager with AECOM. He has recently transferred from AECOM's Melbourne Office, in Australia, to AECOM in New England. Mr. Klindworth has twelve years of experience in business management and sustainability consulting. He has worked with private sector organizations and all levels of government to help them understand the risks presented by the changing climate and build their resilience through adaptation planning. He has led the delivery of more than 20 climate adaptation studies. Most recently, Allan has been assisting the Australian Department of Defence with a national climate risk and adaptation planning study assessing the risks of sea level rise, flooding, and erosion to assets around the country.

Dale Sands

Dale Sands

Based in Chicago, Mr. Sands has more than 30 years of environmental management experience, and has worked in senior management positions for AECOM, (and predecessor companies), for 18 years. He has lived and worked internationally and has environmental management experience in 50 countries.

As Global Environmental Practices Director, Mr. Sands leads the firm’s global technical experts in Air Quality, Environmental Health & Safety Management Consulting, Impact Assessment & Permitting, Remediation, Waste, Water & Natural Resources, Climate Adaptation, as well as in its Specialty & Emerging Technologies areas including Acoustics, Process Engineering and Nanotechnology. Mr. Sands is an invited speaker to many environmental conferences and has authored more than 40 publications or presentations. His recent speaking engagements include a presentation at the 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos, Switzerland, and Plenary Session Chair at the 5th Africa Platform for Disaster Reduction, Nigeria.

Appointed Vice Chair of the UN Private Sector Advisory Group for Disaster Reduction after the Global Platform in 2012, Sands leads AECOM’s collaborative partnership with IBM in developing the Resilient Cities scorecard for the UN. The Resilience scorecard assists major cities around the world in integrating sustainability and assessing preparedness and resilience to natural disasters such as severe storms, sea level rise, floods, droughts, wildfires, earthquakes, etc.

Prior to joining AECOM, Mr. Sands held senior management positions with leading global environmental organizations such as ABB Ltd (Zurich, Switzerland), CpM Hill (Denver, Colorado), Environmental Resources Management (London, England) and McKesson Corporation (San Francisco, California).

Green Tie Blog Post

Engaging your Enterprise and Taking Action on Climate Change
March 23, 2015, By Allan Klindworth

The climate is changing and the impacts of these changes threaten to worsen existing problems and create new hazards for businesses and communities. While sea level rise is among the most visible, the impacts go beyond just the coast. Businesses in all geographic regions may feel these impacts directly, or indirectly as a result of disruptions to their supply chain, which could affect their ability to operate.

To begin the process of understanding the risks that changing climate poses to your business, you should consider conducting an initial assessment that identifies the likely impacts and the priority areas that warrant further detailed investigation. This analysis may involve: Read more...

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