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NAEM Expert Led Webinar - Managing Supply Chain Risks through Product Stewardship
NAEM Expert Led Webinar

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Managing Supply Chain Risks through Product Stewardship

Managing Supply Chain Risks through Product Stewardship

Thursday August 27, 2015
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Global businesses expand by opening new geographic markets and creating innovative new products. With the number of regulations on products growing almost exponentially, non-compliance presents a significant business risk.

When officials stop a product shipment at the border due to non-compliance, the business consequences can be substantial. The manufacturer or importer may lose the value of that product, incur storage charges, damage the relationship with their customer, and face fines or imprisonment in some jurisdictions. The financial challenge for a publicly-traded company can cut even more deeply: one study has shown that news of a product hold/stoppage can decrease the stock value by 7% on average. Proactive product stewardship allows businesses to minimize these risks.

What you will learn:

  • How to define the business value so that upper managers can hear it
  • How to build supply chain resilience: best practices for functional and structural resilience
  • How to look ahead to the next challenge


  • Kate Sellers, P.E., Vice President/Principal Environmental Engineer; ARCADIS US

Kate Sellers, P.E.

Kate Sellers, P.E.

Kate Sellers is a Vice President and Principal Environmental Engineer with ARCADIS, where she helps clients to manage business risks and support sustainable product sales through their product stewardship programs. She is currently on the Board of Directors of the Product Stewardship Society and is the author of Product Stewardship: Life Cycle Analysis and the Environment (CRC Press, 2015).

Green Tie Blog Post

Managing Supply Chain Risks through Product Stewardship
August 16, 2015 by Kate Sellers

A recent study by a management consultant showed that news of a product hold or stoppage by a customs agency can decrease the stock value of a publicly-traded company by an average of seven percent. That’s potentially millions of dollars of lost stock value, in addition to the cost of lost sales and damaged customer relations.

Reducing that risk by effectively managing product stewardship, therefore, allows companies to move products around the globe in a way that is safe for workers, consumers, the environment… and ultimately for business. Read more...

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