NAEM IMPACT22 Virtual Series
Advancing ESG Strategy
September 8, 2022
11 AM – 3 PM ET
NAEM 2022 Sustainability Impact Virtual Series

Take the Guess Work Out of ESG

Join this one-day virtual event to discover how corporate leaders are using materiality assessments to prioritize and focus ESG issues and reporting.

From technologies that identify and monitor external ESG risks to the game-changing developments of dynamic materiality and double materiality that are empowering strategic foresight — this one-day intensive will demonstrate the strategic value of ESG materiality assessments. You’ll learn how materiality assessments bring greater clarity, improve reporting, and inform decision-making to corporate ESG strategy and risk management.

Join us to:
  • Develop ESG programs for maximum impact
  • Stay on top of the biggest ESG risks and opportunities
  • Move from ad hoc efforts to a Strategic ESG Management approaches
  • Seek the latest materiality and ESG practices

We will also be offering another virtual Sustainability Impact event on December 1, 2022 from 11 AM – 3 PM ET. The next virtual topic will focus on Sustainability Trends and Emerging Issues. You may register for both the September and December events as a bundle on the Registration page or each one individually.

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