Join an elite group of trusted partners.

Membership in NAEM's Affiliates Council is a unique opportunity for enterprise-level service providers and consulting firms who have demonstrated strong sustainability leadership and a long-term commitment to NAEM's mission.

Strengthen your relationships with industry leaders.

Enjoy the full benefits of association membership while elevating your company's profile in the community. Affiliate members also get coveted opportunities to sponsor events like the EHS Management Forum, the largest annual conference for EHS & Sustainability leaders.

Be recognized for your

The members of NAEM's Affiliates Council actively contribute their deep technical expertise and insightful ideas to NAEM's conferences, online forums and benchmarking content.

Help build NAEM's professional community.

Members of the Affiliates Council are represented on NAEM's Board of Directors, as a demonstration of our commitment to building an organization that reflects the needs of all its stakeholders.
If you'd like to gain unique access to key corporate decision-makers and elevate your brand, apply to join the Affiliates Council today.

Affiliate Council Member Benefits

  • Promotional opportunities and discounts
  • First access to facilitate, host, and/or sponsor events
  • Opportunity to participate on conference planning committees
  • Opportunity to contribute to NAEM's monthly webinar series
  • Formal place in NAEM's governance

Cost: Affiliate Council dues are based on your company's gross revenue and range from $1,500 to $4,500 per year.

Membership in the Council is available on an enterprise-wide basis only. Individual consultants are not eligible to join.

Affiliate Member Dues

Based on annual gross revenue

Less than $1 million
Membership: $1,500 per year

$1 million to $10 million
Membership: $1,750 per year

$10 million to $50 million
Membership: $3,000 per year

$50 million to $100 million
Membership: $3,500 per year

$100 million to $1 billion
Membership: $4,000 per year

More than $1 billion
Membership: $4,500 per year

"Being active in the NAEM community has been central to my business accomplishments over the past 26 years. Supporting NAEM programing through the Affiliates Council and in doing so contributing to the professional development of EHS & S leaders has also been very rewarding."

- Monty Lovejoy

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