Thank You

Member Appreciation Week

Thank You From NAEM’s Executive Director

Dear NAEM Members,

In the past two years, how often did the pandemic disrupt…

…your organization’s processes and plans?

…your connecting, really connecting with others?

…your ability to learn and problem-solve face-to-face?

… and your opportunities for support and camaraderie?

For EHS and Sustainability leaders, the pressure to perform increased exponentially amid COVID-related challenges.

The need for new insights, information, and even encouragement ramped up while personal and professional interactions shrunk to pixels on a screen.

Through it all, our members rose to new heights to support one another to help them accomplish their professional goals. From planning and participating in virtual conferences that addressed urgent business demands to sharing strategies and resources in meeting breakout sessions, member Drop-Ins and Solve-Its, NAEM members took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to enrich our community with their knowledge, expertise, and compassion.

To our members, we express our deep appreciation. We are grateful for your commitment to making your workplace and our world, healthier, safer, and more sustainable. We are grateful for all the ways you champion leaders across industries. We are grateful for your membership, and we are grateful for your humanity.

We look forward to connecting with you in person and online throughout 2022.

With gratitude for your positive impact,

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