We are a professional community for corporate EHS&S decision-makers

Connecting In-House EHS&S Leaders From 800+ Companies

Our members and participants lead strategy, set budgets and advance programs in environment, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S). NAEM is a place for doers, decision-makers, influencers and problem-solvers.

Being a NAEM member, or even just attending a NAEM conference or perusing NAEM research, means having a trusted EHS&S management community where you can:

  • Network
  • Benchmark
  • Learn from peers
  • Share challenges, best practices, effective management strategies and new ideas

Our Corporate Members

NAEM's corporate members are committed to strong systems, responsible management, ethical behavior and continuous improvement. Through their participation in the Board of Regents, they are helping to shape the culture of business today.

Our Affiliate Members

NAEM's Affiliates Council members are selected for their reputation as trusted consultants and service providers. They actively contribute to NAEM's governance and support NAEM's strategic goals through their input and financial support.

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