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Key Practice Area - Data & Metrics - Selecting an EHS and Sustainability Software Solution
Key Practice Area: Data & Metrics

Selecting an EHS and Sustainability Software Solution

May 2013

Data management systems are essential for tracking compliance metrics, mitigating business risks and reporting sustainability results externally. Learn strategies for selecting and maximizing the value of your system.



NAEM's 2013 EHS & Sustainability Software conference featured discussions about the latest software trends and tips for improving performance through data management solutions. In this section you will find:

Agenda: Read session descriptions

Speaker Bios: See a list of speakers and read their bios

Presentations: Selected presentations from NAEM's 2013 EHS & Sustainability Software conference include:

  • Defining Your Business Needs to Find the Right Solution
  • Making the Business Case for EHS Management Information Systems
  • Maximizing the Utility of your Existing Software Applications
  • Implementation Strategy for Successful User Adoption
  • Planning and Execution for Long Term MIS Success


Keynote Address: “Launching Project GEMINI”
Keynote speaker Dan Taylor, Environmental and Ethics Project Manager from Archer Daniels Midland Co., will present how the company launched “Project GEMINI”, its Global Environmental Management Information Network Initiative. Mr. Taylor will talk about the software selection and planning process, as well as the strategies the company used to roll out a complex software system across the diverse, global organization.

Demonstration 1: IHS Essential Suite, demonstrated by Santee Cooper
This demonstration will show how Santee Cooper uses the IHS Essential Suite Process Data Manager (PDM) as its platform for the workflow of air data management. It will also cover various agency and dashboard outputs, workflows for water and waste, and compliance management which includes integration with the Laboratory Information Management System.

  • Brian Holmes, Director, Environmental Management System; Santee Cooper

Demonstration 2: Antea Group’s iEHS, demonstrated by SPX Corp.
Antea Group’s iEHS is a highly configurable, SaaS-based, environmental data management system that has been used by SPX Corp. since 2006. This presentation will cover the SPX Environmental Recognition program and demonstrate the successes and hurdles of each module. The company currently uses the sustainability metrics, GHG inventory, environmental self-audit and environmental performance modules.

  • Virginia (Ginger) Sunde, Assistant Director, Environmental; SPX Corp.

Session A: Defining Your Business Needs to find the Right Solution
Companies routinely do themselves a disservice by presenting software vendors with descriptions of required features. When this occurs, the conversation becomes one about features rather than one about achieving your business goals and adding value. This session will focus on how to think about your company’s needs in terms of business value along with techniques for defining and communicating those needs. Attendees will then participate in an exercise to help define the needs that are specific to their organization.

  • Laura Murphy, Vice President of Customer Experience; KMI

Demonstration 3: KMI Suite, demonstrated by Valspar
The KMI EHS Software Suite is a comprehensive, enterprise-level EHS and Sustainability Management Information System. Valspar uses the system for global management of incidents, audits and inspections, corrective actions, compliance, sustainability metrics and management of change. During the demonstration, Valspar will give a functional overview of KMI while also discussing best practices for global roll-out and advice on how to leverage system defaults.

  • Marc Juaire, Corporate Process Safety Manager; The Valspar Corp.Demonstrating KMI Suite

Demonstration 4: ProcessMAP Risk Assessment Platform, demonstrated by Allergan
Allergan has a corporate-wide process that requires all facilities to identified, prioritized and manage EHS risks. To facilitate this process, Allergan deployed the ProcessMAP Risk Assessment Platform, which allows them to capture EHS hazards associated with work activities, assign a risk rating to each hazard and track corrective/preventive actions to manage higher level risks. This presentation will highlight the business case for an EHS Risk Management System; give a demonstration of key functionalities, and discuss the outputs and benefits of such a system.

  • Sulaiman Hamidi, Manager, EHS/Global Technical Operations; Allergan

Session B: Making the Business Case for EHS Management Information Systems
Using applications to manage EHS information is an integral part of modern EHS operations, but that doesn’t guarantee an easy sell when it comes time to ask management for a budget to acquire new software systems. This session will provide insight into how best to prepare your business case, whether by focusing on the benefits of improved data and controls, internal efficiencies or long-term savings. The presentation also will feature the successes and lessons that in-house managers have learned during EHS MIS development projects. The topics of discussion will include internal needs, communicating value and working through the budgeting process.

  • David Homan, Key Account Manager; Enablon

Demonstration 5: Gensuite, demonstrated by Eli Lilly & Co.
This demonstration will showcase the functionality of Gensuite’s Safe Work Permit application, which includes confined space inventory management, standardized permit creation and management of fire suppression system shutdowns. It also will highlight optional modular integrations with other applications in the Gensuite system for broad-based EHS Management. Eli Lilly will also share how it plans to leverage mobile devices and on-the-go application functionality.

  • Shawn French, Manager, Occupational Health and Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Response; Eli Lilly and Co.

Demonstration 6: Intelex, demonstrated by General Mills Inc.
General Mills will provide a functional demonstration of Intelex as well as a critical assessment of the successes and challenges with implementing the system. The company uses Intelex on a global scale for a wide variety of functions including: property, safety and environmental reporting, regulatory incident and near-miss reporting, and investigation and corrective action development. It also uses the system to track company-wide safety metrics; environmental and safety compliance task management; document control; corporate and self-audit completion; tracking and reporting; and sustainability data management and reporting.

  • Marty Moran, GSTEMS Leader, Global Safety & Environment; General Mills Inc.

Session C: Maximizing the Utility of Your Existing Software Applications
This discussion will focus on expanding the use of an existing EH&S system, effective methods for overcoming potential hurdles and the value to be realized from a single, integrated system. The session will feature a case study on how Hanesbrands Inc. transitioned from individual department-based systems to the widespread adoption of a single EH&S system. You will then have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and options you face in trying to gain maximum utility from your system. • Tommy Thompson, Legal, Compliance, and Risk Management; Hanesbrands Inc.

  • Mark Longson, Commercial Information Manager/Senior Consultant; Antea Group

Demonstration 7: Dakota Software’s ProActivitySuite, demonstrated by Veolia ES
Dakota Software’s ProActivity Suite provides the ability for users to quickly understand applicable requirements and proactively recognize compliance issues. Veolia ES will demonstrate how they use this software to build regulatory compliance profiles for facilities, data-sharing, regulatory content and activity monitoring. The demonstration will also cover how to document task completion, due date prompting and using a calendar-based database to ensure compliance-related tasks are completed as required.

  • Tom Baker, Director of Environment and Transportation; Veolia ES

Demonstration 8: MSDSonline HQ Account, demonstrated by Danaher Sensors & Controls
The MSDSonline HQ Account is a cloud-based hazardous chemical management and compliance solution. The demonstration will show how Danaher Sensors & Controls uses the three main facets of the system: MSDS management, chemical inventory management, and environmental and regulatory reporting. In addition, the presentation will cover the reasons why Danaher chose MSDSonline’s HQ Account, its timeline for implementing the product and how it uses the system today.

  • Gladys Thomas, Global Director, EHS; Gems Sensors & Controls, a Division of Danaher Sensors & Controls

Session D: Implementation Strategies for Successful User Adoption
Launching a new data management system means changing the way your users will be expected to do their jobs. It may also mean a change in company processes. A critical component to a successful implementation is a strategy to ensure leadership support and adoption by key users. This session will show you the approach General Mills used during their successful system design and implementation in 2011 and 2012. The session will also offer a critical assessment of the results to generate tips you can bring back to your own organization.

  • Marty Moran, Global Safety & Environment, GSTEMS Leader; General Mills

Demonstration 9: Locus EIM System, demonstrated by Honeywell Corp.
The Locus EIM system delivers error-checking, multiple EDD format uploads and customizable valid values. It also provides pre-printed Chain-of-Custody forms, work lists and bottle labels. During this demonstration, Honeywell Corp. will present a case study of how the company used Locus EIM for a complex, multimillion-dollar site remediation effort.

  • Rene Surgi, Honeywell Corp.

Demonstration 10: Schneider Electric’s Resource Advisor, demonstrated by VF Corp.
VF Corp. uses Schneider Electric’s Resource Advisor as an energy management, sustainability and supplier management information system for its global facilities. This presentation will cover the system’s capabilities, highlight best practices for selecting an energy management system and show you how these tools can be used to achieve energy cost savings. You also will hear about the lessons VF learned along the way, from the initial request for proposals to the selection and implementation.

  • Kevin Gobble, Energy Procurement Manager; VF Corp.

Session E: Planning for Long-term MIS Success
This session will address how companies have prepared, deployed and sustained long-term EHS data management solutions. This presentation will cover some of the specific challenges of ongoing system maintenance, such as processes for data capture, stakeholder buy-in, user acceptance and development of internal system expertise.

  • Hector Garces, Principal Consultant; ERM

Speaker Bios

Tom Baker, Director, Environment and Transportation; Veolia ES Technical Solutions L.L.C.
Tom Baker has 25 years at Veolia, which is an environmental services company providing its customers with environmental solutions related to the generation of hazardous and solid wastes. Tom's primary responsibility is the overall compliance of the Veolia hazardous waste facilities and fi eld service operations located throughout the United States with applicable USEPA, USDOT and state environmental regulations. Prior to working in the environmental services industry Mr. Baker was employed by DuPont as a Research Chemist. He holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Delaware. Outside of work Tom spends his time with his wife and 4 children and is an avid coach of youth soccer.

Shawn French, Manager of Occupational Health and Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Response; Eli Lilly and Co.
Shawn French has over 25 years of experience with increasing responsibilities in the Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) profession. His concentration has been in the chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries. He has over 17 years of experience at Lilly in various HSE roles with increasing responsibilities over the years. He has international experience and his responsibilities have included safety engineering, industrial hygiene, environmental management, project management, writing corporate standards and management systems, and auditing. Shawn received his B.S. degree in Environmental Health Science from Indiana State University. He has completed advanced HSE studies at the University of Southern California and the University of Cincinnati. He currently serves as a Director at Large on the Region V Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA) Board of Directors and was appointed by the Governor of Indiana to serve as a Commissioner on the Indiana Emergency Response Commission.

Hector Garces, Principal Consultant; ERM
Hector Garces is a seasoned system integrator in the fi eld of Environmental Health and Safety and Sustainability Software. With more than a decade of experience in this arena, Mr. Garces has managed implementations of EHS and Sustainability Software in industry sectors including oil & gas, petrochemicals, mining, manufacturing and telecommunications. Mr. Garces has been a key leader in the sustainment of software implementations beyond Go-Live and managed teams that provide support on a day to day basis, receiving high accolades by clients on the performance of the sustainment efforts. Mr. Garces has a B.S. in Computer Science and a M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Kevin Gobble, Energy Procurement Manager; VF Corp.
Currently a procurement manager at VF Corp., Mr. Gobble has been working in the supply chain field for 15 years. Prior to VF, he worked in a similar role at Syngenta Crop Protection for several years in raw material and indirect sourcing. He began his career with the US Navy as a Supply Officer and earned several key awards including the Joint Services Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal and Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. Mr. Gobble received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business at NC State University as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree at Elon University. He is also a Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) through the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the leading professional supply chain organization. Outside of work, he manages a running and track club, which competes in both regional and national running and track competitions.

Sulaiman Hamidi, Manager, EHS/Global Technical Operations; Allergan
Sulaiman Hamidi has 20 years of experience developing, implementing and auditing environmental, health and safety programs and strategies in the pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. He currently leads Allergan's Corporate Health and Safety, EHS Information Systems, and sustainability reporting functions. As a part of his current role Sulaiman manages the development, and deployment of Allergan's EHS Information Management System (AEIMS). AEIMS was implemented in 2009 and has expanded during the past 3 years to facilitate management of sustainability metrics, risk assessment processes, and corrective/preventive actions. Previously, Mr. Hamidi led EHS programs at Watson Pharmaceuticals, and Baxter Healthcare. He is a Certified Safety Professions (CSP), and Certifi ed Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM). He has a BS degree in Biological Sciences from University of California Irvine, and completed graduate studies in Environmental & Occupational Health.

David Hoffman, Key Account Manager; Enablon
David Hoffman plays a dual role at Enablon, the world's leading provider of Sustainability Management solutions. As a Key Account Manager, he works with some of the world's leading organizations, helping them to maximize the value of their environmental management information systems. In addition, Mr. Hoffman has Subject Matter Expertise, specializing in Sustainability and Supply Chain, though his experience spans across all aspects of EHS and Sustainability.

Brian Holmes, Director, Environmental Management System; Santee Cooper
Brian Holmes is the Director, Environmental Management System for Santee Cooper, South Carolina's state owned electric and water utility and the state's largest power producer. He coordinates Santee Cooper's EMS across the company's generation, transmission, distribution, construction, property, and water departments and is the system administrator for their Essential Suite EMIS solution. Mr. Holme has over 18 years of environmental experience, with responsibilities including source testing, permitting, reporting, and regulatory development and analysis. Since 2006, he has focused on enhancing compliance, reducing risk, and continuously improving Santee Cooper's environmental performance through the comprehensive EMS. Mr. Holmes was the functional team lead for the EMIS design and implementation projects, and is now responsible for ongoing system maintenance and strategic direction. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University and an MBA from Charleston Southern University.

Marc Juaire, Corporate Process Safety Manager; The Valspar Corp.
Marc Juaire is the Corporate Process Safety Manager for Valspar, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Valspar is the sixth largest global paint and coatings company with operations in 19 countries. Mr. Juaire has 18 years of experience as a Health, Safety, and Environmental professional. Currently, Marc has responsibility for the global implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM). One key element of PSM is Management of Change (MOC). Mr. Juaire is implementing KMI's MOC Module in the United States and is expecting on rolling out the MOC Module globally this year. Prior to joining Valspar, Mr. Juaire spent nine years as an environmental consultant. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a MBA from Carlson School of Management. Mr. Juaire is also registered as a Certified Process Safety Auditor with the Board of Environmental, Health, and Safety Auditor Certifications.

Mark Longson, Senior Consultant; Antea Group
Mark Longson has more than 25 years of experience delivering EHS solutions to clients. He has a vast background providing hydrogeological, retail petroleum industry benchmarking, and health and safety services. In addition to his tenure at Antea Group, Mr. Longson also served as Group Manager for an international consulting firm, where he led the development of an IT support system that facilitated the collection, organization and analysis of all quality assurance data gathered on large-scale construction projects. In his current assignment as the Practice Leader for Antea Group's Information and Knowledge Management practice – and as the driving force behind iEHS – Mr. Longson supports numerous clients and our account managers with IEHS applications, implementations and customizations. He performs in-depth client needs analysis and manages translation of those needs to customized applications within iEHS.

Marty Moran, Global Safety & Environment - GSTEMS Leader; General Mills Inc.
For the past 3 ½ years Marty Moran has served as the GSE Information Systems Manager leading the needs assessment, project scoping, system configuration and global implementation of a management system to support the safety, environmental and sustainability functions within the General Mills corporation. In addition to his efforts related to information management, Mr. Moran also provides technical support and project management for environmental remediation projects and supports the corporate environmental reserves program. Mr. Moran has over 25 years of environmental and safety experience, the past 10 with General Mills. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota-Morris in Geology and Chemistry and Master's of Science degrees in Environmental Science and Hydrogeology from Indiana University-Bloomington.

Laura Murphy, Vice President of Customer Experience; KMI
For the past 15 years, Laura Murphy has committed her career to the EHS software industry. She has now been with KMI for 13 years, where her experience has spanned software implementations, software design, product management, and most recently the systemic user and customer experience. Her areas of specialization include software usability design, data visualization, and translating EHS business problems to software solutions. Mrs. Murphy received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Geography (Resource Management) from the University of Toronto.

Virginia (Ginger) Sunde, Assistant Director, Environmental; SPX Corp.
Ms. Sunde is an environmental engineer, with over 15 years at SPX, a manufacturer of industrial products. In her roll, she is responsible for a variety of programs including Environmental Audit, Environmental Incident Management, Environmental Management System Evaluations, Environmental Sustainability Initiative and iEHS (Environmental Data Management System). Daniel Taylor, P.E., C.E.M., Environmental and Ethics Project Manager; Archer Daniels Midland Co. Dan Taylor is the Environmental and Ethics Project Manager at Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), where he is focused on the global implementation of a corporate environmental management information system and program management for corporate level compliance programs. Mr. Taylor is a manager/engineer with over 20 years of experience in private industry and consulting. Prior to joining ADM in 2009, he worked in EHS management and operations positions in agri-business and waste management companies, responsible for facility and business unit environmental compliance, energy management, plant management and health and safety programs. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University and a M.B.A. from the University of Kansas, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Missouri and a Certifi ed Energy Manager.

Gladys Thomas, Global Director EHS; Danaher Corp.
Gladys Thomas has over 25 years' experience in EHS. In her current role she supports over 50 global manufacturing locations in the Industrial Technology Platform of Danaher. Prior to Danaher, Gladys gained experience at ITT, Schneider Electric and a government role. In each of these positions she rose in rank and responsibility. Ms. Thomas has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, a Master's in Business Administration and is a CSP, CHMM and a CEP.

Tommy Thompson, Senior Manager, International Environmental Affairs; Hanesbrands Inc.
Mr. Thompson is responsible for developing environmental policies, procedures, and management systems for Hanesbrands Inc., a global textile manufacturer, retailer, and branded label supplier. Mr. Thompson is a recognized expert in cross media environmental law in the US as well as other countries. With his 35+ years of experience in the field comes operational environmental expertise not only in facility management, but certifications and licenses as an ISO-14000 auditor, water treatment operator, wastewater treatment operator, laboratory chemist, hazardous waste management, and emergency responder. Mr. Thompson's key approaches in environmental management have focused on compliance via waste minimization and recycling in industry, chemical management for product and employee safety, and chemical substitution/process modification for improved environmental performance. Mr. Thompson has taught environmental compliance and protection, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and waste minimization at the university, community college, and high school levels. Additionally, he has served as the chairman/member of numerous environmental boards and committees in several states and communities.


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The 2013 EHS and Sustainability Software Conference was presented with special support from our sponsors.

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