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Key Practice Area - Data and Metrics - The 2014 Metrics and Materiality for EHS & Sustainability Rep
Key Practice Area: Data & Metrics

The 2014 Metrics and Materiality for EHS & Sustainability Reporting Conference

May 21-22, 2014

Measuring corporate EHS and sustainability performance is an important undertaking for both internal and external stakeholders. This conference showcased studies on how companies are structuring their metrics programs and conducting the materiality assessments that are driving reporting efforts. Attendees interacted with members of the ESG community and received updates on the standards being developed.

This is the only metrics and materiality event designed for and presented by professionals with the same needs and responsibilities as you. Walk away with real world advice on maximizing the business value of reporting, new ideas from case studies of materiality assessments, insight into the key metrics targeted by companies in your industry, blueprints for streamlining the reporting process for efficiency and work balance.


Download the presentations from NAEM's 2014 Metrics and Materiality for EHS & Sustainability Reporting Conference. This content is available to NAEM members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it. If you are not an NAEM member and wish to join the Association, please contact NAEM at


Keynote: Refining Sustainability Strategy Using the Lens of Materiality

As companies move from a collection of EHS and sustainability programs to a focused strategy, many are refining and evolving their efforts using the lens of materiality. This opening session will explore how Intel is applying this lens and how it's impacting their programs and resource allocations and informing the overall direction of their strategy. Attendees that must balance limited resources and make strategic decisions about their sustainability efforts will learn from the insights and reflections of Mr. Niekerk on this recent shift in expectations for corporate sustainability disclosure and the opportunities and challenges it presents for EHS & Sustainability managers. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions and share their own challenges and experiences.

  • Gary Niekerk, Director, Global Citizenship; Intel Corp.

Setting the Table: Materiality Assessments as a tool to Inform Sustainability Strategy

Determining where to best focus sustainability strategies and reporting, in a world of growing and dynamic expectations, is an ongoing challenge for many companies. Increasingly, companies have gravitated to materiality assessments as a desired mechanism for determining what is most relevant (or material) to the business and key stakeholders. This session will provide attendees with context for why materiality matters internally and externally, and explore different approaches that can be used to determine materiality at various stages along the sustainability journey.

  • Nick Martin, Sustainability Practice Lead and Senior Consultant; Antea Group

Case Studies: Approaches to Understanding Material Issues

This session will offer attendees a deeper look at how three companies with different drivers and risks approached and performed their materiality assessments and are utilizing the results to inform their sustainability strategy.

  • Veli Ivanova, Global Sustainability Practice Director; CH2M HILL Inc.
  • Hector Rodriguez, Global Director EHS and Sustainability; Biogen Idec Inc
  • Jessica Smith, Corporate Sustainability Manager; Lockheed Martin Corp.

What You Need to Know About SASB Standards
With growing investor demand to measure how companies are managing non-financial risks and opportunities, The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has emerged as a leader in providing sustainability standards that provide decision-useful information to evaluate corporate sustainability performance. This session will take a deeper dive into the value proposition of SASB, how SASB defines materiality, an overview of the standard setting process and timeline, and ways to get involved.

  • Deb Martin, Manager, Stakeholder Engagement; SASB

Special Presentation: Denver's 2020 Sustainability Goals

Already one of the most sustainable cities in the nation, the City of Denver is pushing even further with 2020 goals that span 12 resource areas. This presentation will cover many of the same issues that corporations face, including who's involved in the goal setting process, tracking and reporting progress, and working with a very diverse group of stakeholders.

  • Sonrisa Lucero, Sustainability Strategist; City and County of Denver

Understanding Materiality in the Context of Supply Chains

Reporting is an increasingly important component of corporate responsibility practices. Yet organizations and suppliers both face the challenge of inconsistent processes and capabilities for requesting and reporting information throughout the supply chain. Join this session for an informative panel discussion featuring representatives from industry groups from various sectors who will address questions such as: What data are organizations requesting of their supply chains? How do they combine primary and secondary data? And what steps do they take to ensure data integrity?

  • Billy Grayson, Program Director; Electronic Industry Citzenship Coalition
  • David Lapinski, EHS Associate Director; Bristol-Myers Squibb

NAEM Research Discussion: Materiality From the Inside Out

How does your metrics and materiality strategy match up to your peers? NAEM Corporate Members and conference attendees will be given a survey to complete ahead of the conference. This short survey and facilitated discussion will examine the purpose, process, application and value of materiality assessments in the sustainability strategy and reporting space. Attendees will be encouraged to contribute their own experiences as well pose questions to the group. All conference attendees will receive a copy of the results.

  • Marcus Krembs, Senior HSE Specialist; Newfield Exploration Co.
  • Taylor Gelsinger, Research Analyst; NAEM

The Future of Sustainability Metrics and Reporting

Examine the current and future trends in sustainability metrics and reporting. Discover what companies are measuring now and how those metrics will likely evolve. What metrics are increasingly requested by stakeholders and which stakeholders are setting the agenda for emerging sustainability metrics? The speakers will also share their insights on how the field of Sustainability and ESG reporting will likely change in the next 3-5 years. Will annual sustainability reports still be the norm? Will we be moving to integrated reporting? What will the sustainability report of the future be and how will expectations for corporate disclosure and transparency change between now and 2020?

  • Michael Muyot, President; CRD Analytics
  • Mark A. Serwinowski, President; MetaVu

Assurance and 3rd Party Data Validation
Learn from your peers' experiences in assurance and 3rd party data validation. Is third party validation necessary? What value does it bring? What standards are validators held too? Is the effort useful enough to justify the time and expense.

  • Sandy Nessing, Managing Director; American Electric Power Co. Inc.
  • Brian Schoening, greeNG Sustainability Analyst; Northrop Grumman Corp.

Lessons Learned from the CDP and DJSI Disclosure Process
Hear tips and insights from your peers who've successfully participated in the CDP and DJSI disclosure processes. Apply their experiences and get ideas for how to improve your company's performance ratings.

  • Gretchen Digby, Director, Global Sustainability Programs; Ingersoll-Rand Inc.
  • Holly Emerson, Senior Analyst; Ingersoll-Rand Inc.
  • Kym Fawcett, Manager, Safety & Social Responsibility; Enerplus Corp
  • Nicole Roseberry, Senior Environmental Specialist; Abbott Laboratories

Speaker Bios

Gretchen Digby, Director, Global Sustainability Programs; Ingersoll-Rand Inc.
Gretchen Digby is the Director of Global Sustainability Programs for the Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (CEES) at Ingersoll Rand. In this role, she is focused on establishing world-class sustainability training programs as well as leading global engagement activities for the company's 39,000 employees to further integrate sustainability into the company culture. She has achieved great success and external recognition for her efforts establishing Global Volunteer Green Teams that hold events and activities to increase awareness of employees on actions that lead to more sustainable workplaces, homes, and communities. Gretchen is focused on raising employee competencies and measuring the value of sustainability through unique partnerships and outside-the-box approaches.

Gretchen joined Ingersoll Rand in 2001 as a corporate environmental, health and safety leader until joining the CEES in 2010. She began her career in manufacturing with Milliken & Company as Engineering Services Manager. Gretchen holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University.

Holly Emerson, Senior Analyst; Ingersoll-Rand Inc.
As Senior Analyst for the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Holly Emerson focuses on defining and implementing metrics for innovation in the ‘green space'. Her efforts help guide product development and measure revenue derived from energy efficient and sustainable products. She also has responsibility for reporting to external agencies such as CDP and RobecoSAM.

Since joining Ingersoll-Rand in 2002 as a marketing analyst, Holly has held Marketing Manager and Manager, Market Development positions in the Industrial Technologies sector. She ran the Sustainability Institute, a week-long program for high school seniors with environmental career aspirations; in 2010 the program was recognized with the prestigious Charlotte Business Journal Sustainability Award.

Pursuing ongoing industry involvement, Holly is a member of the GreenBiz Executive Network and Charlotte USGBC, and is a LEED AP. Holly also serves as a director on the Project for Innovation, Energy and Sustainability (PiES), a local green innovation incubator; vice-chair for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Sustainably Integrated Buildings and Sites Center; advisor on the Mecklenburg County department of natural resources' Stewardship Advisory Council; and director on the Carolinas BMW MOA board.

Holly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Billy Grayson, Program Director; Electronic Industry Citzenship Coalition
Billy Grayson currently serves as the Program Director for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), a group that supports the global electronics supply chain with a common code of conduct and shared tools and practices to address social, environmental, and corporate governance issues. As Program Director, Billy oversees EICC's member compliance, self-assessment tools, validated audit program, and strategic initiatives focused on transparency, human rights, and environmental sustainability. EICC works with nearly 100 companies representing over one trillion in annual revenue to assess, manage, and mitigate social and environmental risks across their collective global supply chain.

Before joining EICC, Billy was the Director of Corporate Sustainability for WESCO, a Fortune 500 electrical distribution company. At WESCO Billy managed WESCO's sustainable operations program (driving energy, water, waste, and greenhouse gas reductions across WESCO's supply chain), and sustainability marketing efforts (helping customers choose energy efficient and environmentally responsible products from WESCO's 10,000+ manufacturing partners.)

Prior to WESCO, Billy worked with both public and private sector clients on a range of corporate reporting, energy management, and environmental compliance projects ranging from federal agency sustainability plans to corporate greenhouse gas footprinting and mitigation programs. He is also was the founder and co-director of two nonprofits dedicated to youth voting and civic engagement.

He is a LEED AP, and has a BA from Claremont McKenna College and a MBA and a Masters in Environmental Policy from the University of Maryland.

Veli Ivanova, Global Sustainability Practice Director; CH2M HILL Inc.
Dr. Veli Ivanova is an accomplished sustainability practitioner with wide international experience. She has significant expertise in the development and implementation of sustainability programs for multinational corporations from a variety of sectors including mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, retail, and consumer goods. Dr. Ivanova works with the C suites of client organizations to assist with the development of sustainability strategy, non-technical risk management, sustainability performance improvement, reporting and disclosure, and supply chain management.

In her current role at CH2M HILL, she is responsible for the growth of the Global Sustainability Practice, including client engagements, development of methodology and tools, project delivery, and staff development.

Marcus Krembs, Senior HSE Specialist, Corporate Responsibility & Climate Change; Newfield Exploration Co.
Marcus is a senior HSE specialist with Newfield Exploration Company, a more than $7 billion independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. Marcus is Newfield's first, dedicated sustainability and climate change specialist, and he leads their internal steering committee responsible for developing and advising the Company's non-financial reporting and sustainability strategy. He also co-leads their greenhouse gas team responsible for generating the Company's mandatory, annual GHG reports to the US EPA.

Marcus has more than 10 years of experience working with a variety of award-winning management consulting and alternative energy companies providing advisory, environmental marketing and market-based compliance services to Fortune 500 clients in the U.S. and abroad.

He holds a bachelor's degree in Technical Journalism and Environmental Economics from Colorado State University and currently serves as an advisor to the University of Colorado Denver Business School's Managing for Sustainability Program.

David Lapinski, EHS Associate Director; Bristol-Myers Squibb
David Lapinski is currently the EHS Director for External Manufacturing with Bristol-Myers Squibb and has been responsible for providing EHS support to about 150 of their key suppliers that provide BMS with intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and finished goods. Over the last 8 years Dave has conducted over 120 on-site evaluations for BMS suppliers around the world. Dave has been with BMS since 1998 and is currently based in Syracuse, New York.

Dave has over 30 years of EHS experience at BMS, as well as Mobil Oil and U.S. Steel.

Dave has been an active participant in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) since 2006 and currently serves as their Chief Executive Officer. Dave is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Environmental Science from the State University of New York in Plattsburgh.

Sonrisa Lucero, Sustainability Strategist; City and County of Denver
Sonrisa assists city agencies in designing strategies and projects that the City can incorporate to help achieve its 2020 Sustainability Goals. She assists city agencies and the Office of Sustainability with fundraising efforts, including providing assistance in grant writing, to advance sustainability projects. Sonrisa also conducts and directs research to identify projects and best practices used in other cities that could be adapted by City agencies to help achieve the 2020 Goals. She participates in city projects to ensure that sustainability is incorporated into the process, design, and execution.

Sonrisa designed her own degree in Environmental Systems Engineering which combined Energy Engineering, Economics, and Policy in the School of Engineering at Stanford University. She played rugby for seven years at Stanford and upon returning home to Denver. She loves spending time in nature, having grown up camping, fishing and hiking in the mountains of Colorado. Sonrisa loves to travel and experience nature and cultures in other countries around the world.

Nick Martin, Sustainability Practice Lead and Senior Consultant; Antea Group
Nick Martin has over 12 years of extensive experience supporting private and public organizations with translating their sustainability-related aspirations into successful strategies, measurable objectives, and where desired, process management systems (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001). He leverages a unique combination of environmental engineering and business administration expertise to partner with multinational clients in developing and implementing fit-for-purpose programs that integrate sustainability into core business practices. Specific areas of expertise include global water resource management, development of fit-for-purpose process improvement systems, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement. Much of his strategic support involves researching leading practices in Corporate Responsibility and utilizing this knowledge to assist clients with benchmarking against peers and developing viable strategies.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, a Master's degree in Environmental and Energy Management and a Masters of Business Administration.

Deb Martin, Manager, Stakeholder Engagement; SASB
Deborah Martin is part of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Stakeholder Engagement Team, helping to assemble working groups to participate in the development and release of sustainability accounting standards for U.S. publicly-listed corporations to report on in their mandatory filings, such as the Form 10-K. Ms. Martin has over fifteen years of professional experience providing leadership in sustainability and risk management in various industries including biotech/pharma, electronics, and semi-conductor manufacturing. Prior to joining SASB, she was the Corporate EHS Manager at Pacific Biosciences, where she was responsible for the integration of compliance and sustainable development strategies into global business practices. Deborah is also actively involved in the American Industrial Hygiene Association where she has served as Chair of the Stewardship and Sustainability Committee working to drive sustainability into the focus and professional learning programs.

Deborah graduated from the University of Calgary in 1993 where she earned a B.S. in Microbiology and Oregon State in 1996 where she earned a M.S. in Public Health.

Michael Muyot, President; CRD Analytics
Michael Muyot, aka “Dr. Algo” is an acknowledged leader in Sustainable Investment Analytics and Innovative Algorithms. He has developed a unique set of tools that are helping to build the industry. He designed the SmartView® 360 Platform, which powers Sustainability indexes, rankings and research reports; including the NASDAQ CRD Global Sustainability Index, the Sustainability Leadership Report and the Southeastern Corporate Sustainability Rankings.

Michael was the executive producer of the landmark industry event: SmartView® 360 Roundtable on Sustainable Investing hosted at the NASDAQ MarketSite where the Global Reporting Initiative and over 100 participants rang the Closing Bell.

CRD Analytics is now part of the Business Incubator at Marist College and leveraging the New York State Cloud Computing and Analytics Center to create new intellectual property and predictive modeling products for both its corporate and investor clients. Together they will be launching an Online Curriculum for Sustainability Analytics Certification in the Fall of 2014.

Mr. Muyot is an Advisory Board Member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards' (SASB), a member of the Global Advisory Council for the Cornerstone Capital Group and a Fellow at the Governance & Accountability Institute.

Sandy Nessing, Managing Director, Sustainability & ESH Strategy & Design; American Electric Power Co. Inc.
Sandy Nessing has responsibility for managing sustainability strategy, corporate stakeholder engagement and annual performance reporting for American Electric Power (AEP). She oversees annual production of AEP's Corporate Accountability Report, including a dedicated sustainability web site and, new in 2013, an iPad app. This is the fourth year AEP has produced an integrated report that combines financial with nonfinancial performance.

She facilitates cross-functional collaboration on sustainability issues across AEP to raise awareness of the interdependencies of functions, resources and issues while providing guidance on externalities that could affect business results. She also develops and manages advocacy opportunities that support AEP's business strategy. In a newly added role, she serves as executive culture champion and strategist in collaboration with the Chief Administrative Officer and other senior executives to advance a culture shift within AEP that aligns business strategies with employee engagement and performance management.

She currently serves as 2013 Chair of the Electric Power Research Institute's Sustainability Interest Group. Nessing also serves on the Grange Insurance Audubon Center Stewardship Board in Columbus, Ohio and was president of the board for two years. She serves on the Board of Directors and the Board of Regents for NAEM and is a member of SustainAbility's Engaging Stakeholders and the Utility Environmental Benchmarking Forum. She also led AEP's participation in the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Electric Utility Sector Supplement Pilot Program, an international project to develop electric utility-specific sustainability performance indicators.

Gary Niekerk, Director, Global Citizenship; Intel Corp.
Gary Niekerk has worked inside of some of the world's most recognizable technology brands, such as IBM, HP, Apple and Intel Corporation to make sure what they do to produce their products is as admirable as the products themselves. In pursuit of this goal, Gary works with stakeholders and organizations that corporations have traditionally shunned – believing that your critics can be a valuable source of inspiration and enlightenment. Gary has been at Intel 20 years, where he has held a variety of leadership positions, including: Regional Environmental Health & Safety Director and External Affairs Manager. Gary's current position is Director, Corporate Citizenship where he works on corporate strategy related to sustainability and supply chain responsibility.

Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health from University of Montana – Montana Tech and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene from Texas A&M.

Hector Rodriguez, Global Director EHS and Sustainability; Biogen Idec Inc.
Hector Rodriguez is the Senior Director of Global EHS & Sustainability at Biogen Idec, a company in the Biotechnology Industry, where it discovers, develops and delivers to patients worldwide innovative therapies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, hemophilia and autoimmune disorders. In his role Hector is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of global Sustainability and EHS strategies and programs integrating social, environmental, and economic concerns.

He is also an adjunct professor at UMass-Boston where he teaches a course on business and sustainability. Hector is a CIH and CSP, with advanced degrees in industrial engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and in business management from the Stern School of Business.

Nicole Roseberry, Senior Environmental Specialist; Abbott Laboratories
Nicole Roseberry is a Principal Specialist in Environmental Programs, within Abbott's Global Environment, Health & Safety organization. She is responsible for managing corporate air programs as well as environmental performance metrics and reporting, including providing content and responses to Abbott's Global Citizenship Report, CDP and Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Ms. Roseberry has been working with Abbott for over six years with primary responsibilities of developing environmental performance metrics and external reporting. She aided in the development and deployment of a corporate-wide environmental metric IT system. She has been integral in calculating Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and providing Abbott's environmental data and responses to CDP and DJSI. Prior to joining Abbott, Ms. Roseberry worked for ERM, focusing on EHS regulatory compliance, environmental metric accounting and sustainability reporting.

She is a graduate of the University of Iowa with Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, is a Professional Engineer and a LEED AP.

Brian Schoening, greeNG Sustainability Analyst; Northrop Grumman Corp.
Brian Schoening is the Corporate greeNG Program Analyst for Northrop Grumman's greeNG program. As a member of the corporate leadership team he is responsible for developing and implementing the company's sustainability strategy.

Brian began his career with Northrop Grumman as an aerospace structures design engineer in 2004, and transitioned to leading internal sustainability initiatives in 2009. He currently manages the greenhouse gas and energy reporting program and leads the company's efforts for verification of its greenhouse gas inventory. He is also responsible for tracking internal sustainability metrics and performing strategic analysis as it relates to the company's environmental footprint.

Brian has a Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University, a M.S. in Space Management from the International Space University and a Certificate in Global Sustainability from University of California, Los Angeles.

Mark A. Serwinowski, President; MetaVu
Mark A. Serwinowski, aka “Dr. Stratego” is a recognized leader in sustainable development strategy, operations and reporting. For more than 20 years, Mark has advised Global 1000 companies how to realize the economic benefits of environmental and social performance. His award-winning work has helped structure, benchmark and inform innovation of numerous company business models and products in the marketplace.

Mark is published on numerous topics related to sustainable development and has been recognized for his capacity building contributions in sustainable business practices, including the Global Knowledge Sharing Award in Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainable Development from the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and “Smart Innovator - Top Sustainability Consultant” from independent research firm Verdantix.

Mark is a member of the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) Affiliates Council on Sustainability Management, an Advisory Council member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, and lecturer on sustainability strategy for the Executive MBA Program at the University of Denver (DU), Daniels College of Business where he also contributes to DU's globally respected Institute for Enterprise Ethics.

Jessica Smith, Corporate Sustainability Manager; Lockheed Martin Corp.
Jessica Smith is the manager of corporate sustainability for Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company that employs about 113,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Jessica is supporting the launch of a company-wide sustainability strategy that fosters innovation, integrity and security to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.

She manages the annual Sustainability Report process and publication. She supported the company's first sustainability materiality assessment and first report following GRI G4 guidance. She joined the company in 2011 as a manager of corporate philanthropy. She was responsible for managing philanthropic activities in alignment with business priorities, overseeing the Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation and developing strategic grant partnerships that support veterans and military families.

Jessica holds an M.B.A. from the Yale School of Management and a B.A. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of NetImpact and holds a Certificate in Corporate Citizenship Management from Boston College Carroll School of Management.

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