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Key Practice Area - Data and Metrics - The 2015 EHS and Sustainability Software Conference
Key Practice Area: Data & Metrics

2015 EHS and Sustainability Software Conference

Feb. 24-25, 2015

Since 2001, NAEM’s EHS & Sustainability Software Conference has been the premier software event designed to meet the needs of corporate EHS and sustainability leaders. NAEM’s software event is the best opportunity to meet with the leading solution providers in one place and to hear from fellow users who have implemented these systems. EHS Managers have been coming to this conference to learn how their peer companies are using data management systems to track compliance metrics, mitigate business risk and report sustainability results externally

The 2015 EHS and Sustainability Software Conference program was developed to address the needs of EHS MIS users who are in the market for a new software system. The agenda provided live demonstration sessions, topical discussions for in-person benchmarking and a presentation of results from NAEM's research benchmark on the topic. Case studies on how to use software for challenges such as auditing, incident and illness tracking, metrics management, sustainability reporting, GHG tracking, lifecycle assessments, regulatory tracking and updates, workflow mapping were presented.


Download the presentations from NAEM's 2015 EHS and Sustainability Software Conference. This content is available to NAEM members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it. If you are not an NAEM member and wish to join the Association, please contact NAEM at


Questions Your IT Department Wants You To Ask
If you don't have IT staff on your team who are talking directly to vendors, join this session to find out the questions that they would want you to ask. Even if you don't fully understand the answer that the vendor gives you, the information will give you a head start on integrating with existing systems.

  • Chuck Brinck, Manager, Regulatory & Compliance Applications, FUJIFILM Holdings America Corp.

Lessons Learned From A Recent MIS Purchaser
Join this session to hear how one company went through some initial struggles to few bumps and then developed a methodical approach to reviewing software packages and identifying the correct fit. Their story includes attending NAEM's 2013 software conference, as well as key points such as why you need to focus on the final outcome, and how to avoid costly change orders.

  • Julie Smoak, Environmental Manager, Toyota Tsusho America Inc.

2015 EHS MIS Survey Results and Discussion

  • Elizabeth Ryan, Director of Communications; NAEM
  • Taylor Gelsinger, Research Analyst; NAEM

Demonstration 1: Houghton International Inc. demonstrating KMI EHS Software Suite
Houghton International uses the KMI Suite for managing risk, monitoring and communicating performance of lagging and leading indicators, and for company-wide prevention accountability. Through this presentation Carlos will demonstrate a day in the life of a Global Safety Director using the KMI system, featuring KMI’s user-configurable dashboards and reporting capabilities. He will share best practices for global adoption, gaining visibility, and leveraging your system to achieve EHS program success.

  • Carlos Scheirer, Global Safety Director; Houghton International Inc.

Demonstration 2: Ingersoll-Rand Inc. demonstrating Gensuite
Sarah Marshman with Ingersoll Rand will be leading an overview and online demonstration on how Ingersoll Rand has deployed Gensuite applications for effectively managing site EHS concerns & hazards, incident reporting & investigation, compliance assurance, & tracking trends. Sarah will provide an overview of the Concern Reporting application capabilities to log concerns, link concerns to incidents, & corrective actions, and built-in reports for trending/monitoring. Lastly she will provide an overview of Gensuite’s integrated mobile capabilities.

  • Sarah Marshman, EHS Program Manager, Corporate EHS; Ingersoll-Rand Inc.

Demonstration 3: BHP Billiton Petroleum demonstrating EnviroSys by SRA
BHP Billiton Petroleum, an oil and gas exploration, development, and production company will demonstrate SRA's flagship environmental data management software EnviroSys™. The demonstration will focus on BHP's use of EnviroSys as an internal monthly reporting tool, supporting the development and tracking of environmental performance throughout the 16 operational sites of their global organization. This includes greenhouse gas and water management, air quality, energy and land usage as well as the ability to ensure data integrity.

  • Stephanie Byrne, Senior Environmental Specialist; BHP Billiton Petroleum

Breakout Session A - Leveraging Your EHS Software System to Drive Culture Change
Best practices in EHS and Sustainability management strive to create a culture that fosters awareness and shared accountability for workplace safety and health and environmental stewardship. Although the implementation of an EHS software system does not tend to correlate directly to this goal, it can have a tremendous impact if planning focuses on end user engagement. Join this session to look at EHS & sustainability software implementations through the lens of culture change and learn proven techniques for leveraging your system.

  • Andrew Holmes, Product Manager; KMI

Breakout Session B - EHS MIS Support & Sustainment – An Often Under-Appreciated Value
Does the investment in your EHS software solution take into consideration having a solid plan for both Support and Sustainment? Inherent risks associated with ignoring these issues can potentially undermine the stability, quality and value delivered as your organization changes. Learn how an effective sustainment program takes into consideration the processes, procedures , people, material, and information that is required to support, maintain, and operate the software aspects of a system.

  • David Robbins, Senior Partner; ERM Information Solutions

Breakout Session C - Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Revolution
The mobile revolution has changed all of our personal lives, and now, we see this same trend in EHS&S data collection, manipulation and evaluation. In the near future, every employee will be presented with new and mobile ways to engage in the company's EHS&S performance. Attend this session to learn how the mobile revolution is impacting EHS&S, including the benefits, challenges and changes it can bring to the traditional EHS&S functions.

  • Kim Stagg, Director, Technology Solutions and Operations; Antea Group
  • Keith Knoke, Senior Consultant; Antea Group

Demonstration 4: Harley-Davidson Inc. Demonstrating ProcessMAP EHS Information Management System
Harley Davidson will demonstrate how they use the ProcessMAP system, known as S.H.I.E.LD. internally, to manage all key health & safety processes and information. The presentation will cover incident management workflow, management of corrective and preventive actions, dashboarding, reporting and analytics, as well as system administration.

  • Beth Mrozinsky, Director of Workplace Safety & Health; Harley-Davidson Inc

Demostration 5: McWane Inc. demonstrating Dakota ProActivity Suite
Integrating a regulatory library with sophisticated applicability tools, Dakota Software's ProActivity™ suite enables companies to proactively address EHS compliance issues. ProActivity's Air, Water, and Waste applications allow companies to consolidate and report on their environmental KPIs. McWane Inc. will demonstrate how it uses the Air and Water applications to monitor and report on local permit requirements and the Waste application to manage the complex logistics and recordkeeping associated with solid and hazardous waste.

Ward Pate, Corporate Environmental Manager; McWane Inc.

Demonstration 6: The Toro Co. demonstrating The Humantech System
The Toro Company has implemented The Humantech System ® which incorporates online training modules for the site ergonomics team, management and workers, a database which captures quantitative ratings of ergonomic risk using the Humantech model of ergonomic injury, and management tools including visual representations of high risk areas of the body for a task which has been assessed, a pareto system for prioritizing intervention, and summary reporting tools which show completed assessments, corrective actions and risk reductions.

Tom Hawkinson, Global EHS Manager; The Toro Co.

Keynote Session: Developing GE's Next Generation of EHS Metrics
We're entering a time of big data and analytics. This session will discuss GE's journey and partnership with Master Data Management and IT to move in that direction. GE EHS continues to measure performance using traditional EHS metrics while pulling in non-EHS metrics to assess the risk of their site and services operations.

  • Anna Pierce, CSP, Program Analytics Manager, Global Operations, Environment, Health & Safety; General Electric Co.

Demonstration 7: Corning Inc. demonstrating Credit360
Corning will demonstrate how their Corporate Environmental Control uses Credit360 to provide global oversight of all operations for emissions, product compliance and regulatory compliance. The demonstration will touch on how the software is used for the main areas of metrics management, incident management, audits and general reporting capabilities.

  • Angela Knight, Senior Environmental Manager; Corning Inc.

Demonstration 8: FUJIFILM Holdings America Corp. demonstrating EtQ
FujiFilm will show how it is using EtQ Reliance to manage corrective actions and incidents. FujiFilm is a long term user of EtQ's Quality suite and is implementing the EHS suite.

  • Harold Williams, National EHS Manager; FUJIFILM Holdings America Corp.

Demonstration 9: NextEra Energy Inc. demonstrating IEA regAction
NextEra Energy, Inc., a leading clean energy company will demonstrate IEA regAction, which it uses for a variety of functions including sustainability, auditing, compliance and incident management. The presentation will highlight how NextEra has leveraged utilized the software's mobility to improve EHS performance out in the field.

  • Ian Cohen, Environmental Specialist; NextEra Energy Inc.

Demonstration 10: Pacific Gas & Electric Co. demonstrating SAP
PG&E uses a SAP-based system to manage environmental compliance across all facilities and projects. PG&E transitioned several processes into a single data system for measuring, managing, tracking, and reporting on environmental, safety, and land management commitments. The system enhances the ability to track and trend data and to integrate environmental compliance and corrective action items into SAP work management and financial systems. The demonstration will focus on tracking and monitoring environmental compliance at facilities.

  • Angela Risdon, Manager - Environmental Management; Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Demonstration 11: Denbury Resources Inc. demonstrating Perillon EMIS
Denbury Resources, an oil and natural gas producer based in Plano, Texas, will demonstrate how they use Perillon Software's system for comprehensive EHS management, including compliance management, incident management, audits & inspections, and environmental data management and reporting. Denbury will highlight Perillon's easy to use iPad mobile app as well as powerful dashboards which enable dynamic instant analysis of trends and key performance indicators.

  • Randy Robichaux, Director of Environmental & Safety Regulation; Denbury Resources Inc.

Demonstration 12: The BNSF Railway Co. demonstrating Enablon

BNSF Railway will demonstrate how it uses Enablon to increase its environmental performance. In addition to discussing showing Enablon's functionality, the session will cover lessons learned in software selection and implementation with an eye towards long-term planning.

  • Allen Stegman, General Director, Environmental and Hazardous Materials; The BNSF Railway Co.

Demonstration 13: Toyota Motor Sales. U.S.A. Inc. demonstrating Intelex Technologies Inc.
Erin Ferguson has been managing the implementation of Intelex since it was purchased by Toyota in 2011. The organization has used Intelex as the exclusive platform to roll out and support an enterprise-wide integrated EHS management system. Erin is responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of the system, including supporting programs, platform promotions, and Intelex applications. In this presentation, Erin will explore the planning, design and creation stages of their EHS Management System and demonstrate its key functions.

  • Erin Ferguson, Planning and Systems Manager; Toyota Motor Sales. U.S.A. Inc.

Demonstration 14: Exelon Corp. demonstrating Locus Technologies EIM System
Exelon Corp. Nuclear Fleet will demonstrate Locus Technologies EIM and ePortal software solutions that manage its Radiological groundwater Protection program operations and data monitoring for 11 nuclear facilities in the U.S. and Canada. The web-based mission-critical software aggregates all the data sources, including mobile input, and reports critical data parameters such as number of curies released, and quick access to data exports. The demo will show proactive trending, and visualization analysis from massive data aggregation from varied sources.

  • Eric Schwarz, Radiological Environment Monitoring Program/ Control program Administrator; Exelon Corp.

Demonstration 15: Rockwell Automation Inc. demonstrating Applications International Corp.
Rockwell's demonstration of the web-hosted AIC system will focus on the primary uses of tracking injury and illness incidents, documentation of global evaluation processes (EHS performance audits) and global EHS notifications. The session will also address their “EHS Flash” program, which speeds the global communication and sharing of significant Safety incidents. The global notification module allows for assignment to a responsible person at applicable locations and the tracking of any required actions specified in the Flash.

  • Brett Jorgensen, Safety Program Manager; Rockwell Automation Inc.

Speaker Bios

Carlos Scheirer, Global Safety Director; Houghton International Inc.
Carlos Scheirer has 27 years of EHS experience, with a career spanning several diverse industries including lead/acid battery manufacturing, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing. His expertise and interests are in the areas if behavior-based safety, accident investigation and safety management systems. Carlos has a B.Sc. in Occupational Safety & Hygiene Management and an M.Sc. in Safety Sciences.

Sarah Marshman, EHS Program Manager, Corporate EHS; Ingersoll-Rand Inc.
Ms. Marshman is a Global EHS Program Manager and Gensuite Business Administrator at Ingersoll Rand, and has been with Trane, now Ingersoll Rand, since the mid 1990’s. In 2005, she transferred from Canada to the US to work with the EHS function, and joined the corporate team in January 2014. Ms. Marshman has a strong background in information management, network and database administration and data analysis. In her current role, she is responsible for the set-up, configuration and administration of sites within the Gensuite system as well as managing all user requests and permissions. Additionally, she is responsible for the migration of all historical data, as well as the design and implementation of data analysis tools and reports.

Stephanie Byrne, Senior Environmental Specialist; BHP Billiton Petroleum Ltd.
Ms. Byrne has worked for BHP Billiton for 4 years. She was originally at Cannington Mine in Queensland, Australia in both Environmental and Data Reporting capacities, and recently moved to Houston, Texas as an Associate HSE Systems Specialist. Ms. Byrne has worked with EnviroSys software for the duration of her employment with BHP Billiton from the perspective of confi guration, implementation, system user and system administrator. She has a Bachelor of Environmental Management (Natural Systems and Wildlife) from the University of Queensland.

Andrew Holmes, Product Manager; KMI
Before becoming the Product Manager at KMI, Andrew Holmes was the Technical Services Manager, responsible for delivering EHS solutions to address complex business needs. Andrew’s experience and passion for applying project management principles and technology to build effi cient and sustainable solutions supported his transition into the Product Manager role. He has leveraged his expertise in human-computer interaction by understanding how software can infl uence end-user behavior. Andrew attended the University of Guelph where he earned a B.Sc. in Computing and Information Sciences.

David Robbins, Senior Partner; ERM Information Solutions
David Robbins is a Partner within ERM Information Solutions in Houston, TX. He has more than 20+ years of experience managing and leading environmental management information systems (EMIS) and environmental, health and safety projects within both the private and public sectors. He has assisted clients in all aspects of EH&S Management Information Systems including business case development, strategic conceptual design, development and sustainability - leveraging his subject matter expertise within environmental, climate change and health and safety with his experience in information technology to help clients design and deliver sustainable information management solutions. In addition to his professional consulting experience, David also serves as an adjunct professor of information systems in the Bachelor of Applied Technology Program at Brazosport College in the Houston, Texas area focusing on educating, training, and developing successful business leaders and managers.

Kim Stagg, Director, Technology Solutions and Operations; Antea Group
Dr. Kim Stagg has more than 18 years of professional project director/manager experience focused on using technology to solve environmental and business problems. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology with Environmental Aspects, a Master of Science degree in Engineering Geology and a Doctorate degree in Hydrogeology. Kim’s experience includes extensive work in IT strategic planning and business review, system design, process and project management, and system implementation planning and execution. He is currently heading the ‘DIGGS (Data Interchange for Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Specialists)’ team to design and implement a world-wide standard for environmental data. He Chairs the Internet Groundwater Data Group at the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). He also is the vice-chair on a sub-committee for data management at AWMA (Air & Waste Management Association).

Ward Pate, Corporate Environmental Manager; McWane Inc.
Ward Pate has over 18 years of experience in the field of environmental compliance within the iron and steel industry. Currently Mr. Pate is the Corporate Environmental Manager for McWane, Inc. where he is responsible for the management and continuous improvement of the environmental management system, compliance audits, the McWane Pollution Prevention Challenge and the electronic information systems (Dakota, SharePoint) related to maintaining compliance.

Beth Mrozinsky, Director of Workplace Safety & Health; Harley-Davidson Inc.
Beth Mrozinsky is the Safety & Health HR Director at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Beth brings over 25 years of experience in managing employee safety and health in manufacturing and laboratory environments. This experience includes over 20 years aggressively managing and containing Workers’ Compensation costs in a variety of manufacturing environments while preserving the safety and health of all employees. She is a member of the National Safety Council and ORCHSE.

At Harley-Davidson, Ms. Mrozinsky is responsible for designing, implementing and delivering a best in class Safety and Health organization that delivers best in class leading results. Working directly with senior leaders of the company she provides strategic leadership in the design and development of a global organization inclusive of health and safety strategies, programs and policies that deliver best in class results.

Thomas E. Hawkinson, MS, CIH, CSP, Global EHS Manager; The Toro Co.
Mr. Hawkinson has a Master’s of Science in Public Health from the University of Minnesota. He is Certifi ed in the Comprehensive practice of Industrial Hygiene and is a Certifi ed Safety Professional in Comprehensive Practice. He has worked in various environmental, health and safety assignments for Medtronic, Seagate and General Mills and is currently the Global Manager of EHS for The Toro Company, Bloomington, MN. Since 2007, he has led Toro in a focused effort to manage ergonomic injuries across its operational facilities using training, assessment and corrective action to reduce ergonomic hazards.

He has served in leadership roles in the local and national American Industrial Hygiene Association, is currently on the executive committee of the Upper Midwest Chapter of NAEM, Chairs the Upper Midwest section of the Auditing Roundtable, and has served as a member of the Board of the Minnesota Safety Council. He holds a Six Sigma Black Belt and has served as adjunct faculty in the graduate and undergraduate programs teaching mathematics and statistics. He has presented research results at both local and national conferences, and is on the faculty of the Midwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

Anna Pierce, CSP, Program Analytics Manager, Global Operations, Environment, Health & Safety; General Electric Co.
Anna Pierce is the EHS Program Analytics Manager at General Electric. She is responsible for developing and providing GE’s internal & external EHS metrics, analytics and reporting. Anna’s work focuses on operational, leading and lagging indicators to assess front line operational risk in support of governance activities and regional, shared services support.

Anna has been with GE for fifteen years and has worked in their Transportation, Energy Services, Power & Water businesses as well as Corporate. She’s provided support and EHS program development to heavy manufacturing, assembly, test and services operations. Most recently Anna held the role of Compliance Assurance Manager and managed metrics reporting and the governance audit process.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, a minor in Environmental and Occupational Science and Health and Master’s in Business Administration from Gannon University. She also maintains accreditation as a Certified Safety Professional from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

Angela Knight, Senior Environmental Manager; Corning Inc.
Ms. Knight has worked for Corning since 2008, having previously worked for Dow Chemical. In her role at Corning, she was involved in selection and implementation of the enterprise-deployed product, Credit360, and is currently administrator and current user of the system. She graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Chemical Engineering.

Harold Williams, National Manager, EHS; FUJIFILM Holdings America Corp.
Mr. Williams is a National Manager of EHS at FUJIFILM where his responsibilities include the configuration and rollout of Corporate EHS Software and EHS oversight and support for two of FujiFilm’s chemical operating Divisions. He also works on various other Corporate Initiatives with current focus being transition of MSDS’s to OSHA’s new GHS standard.

Ian Cohen, Environmental Specialist; NextEra Energy Inc.
Ian Cohen is an Environmental Specialist with Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc., headquartered in Juno Beach, Fla. Together with its affi liated entities, NextEra Energy Resources is the largest generator in North America of renewable energy from the wind and sun. Florida Power& Light serves approximately 4.7 million customer accounts in Florida and is one of the largest rate-regulated electric utilities in the United States.

As the project and program manager for NextEra’s enterprise-wide EMIS, Mr. Cohen has managed all facets of the implementation and is keenly aware of how his colleagues are using the tools in IEA regAction to enhance compliance management. In addition to being the project and program manager for the environmental data management system, he also handles sustainability strategy development and reporting and cultivates relationships with non-governmental organizations. He holds a Masters in Environmental Science and Bachelors in Biology, both from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Angela Risdon, Manager - Environmental Management; Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Angela Risdon is the Environmental Management Manager supporting generation at PG&E. She received her B.S. from Rutgers University. Angela has worked in the utility industry for over 30 years; primarily in environmental regulatory compliance. Most of Angela’s career focused on FERC hydropower licensing compliance and hazardous material regulations. She served on the National Hydropower Association Board of Directors and in 2003-4 served as board president. She recently supported a project to implement a new SAP-based system to manage environmental compliance across all facilities and projects.

Randy Robichaux, REM, CSEM, CES, CSP, Director of Environmental & Safety Regulation; Denbury Resources Inc.
Randy Robichaux is the Director of Environmental & Safety Regulations at Denbury Resources Inc., and has worked for Denbury for the past 17 years in an HSE capacity. Denbury is one of the leaders in enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide and operates in seven states across the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions. Randy received his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Nicholls State University in 1992 and is a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP). Randy is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and the National Association of Environmental Mangers (NAEM).

Allen Stegman, General Director, Environmental and Hazardous Materials; BNSF Railway Co.
Allen M. Stegman is General Director, Environmental and Hazardous Materials for BNSF Railway Co., one of the largest transportation providers in the nation as well as one of the largest landowners. In his current role, Mr. Stegman focuses on safe hazardous materials transport, emergency response, crisis prevention, remediation and environmental liability management. An experienced EHS professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field, he also worked as Director of Safety and Environmental Affairs for a global specialty chemical company. Mr. Stegman has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the University of Missouri.

Erin Ferguson, Planning and Systems Manager; Toyota Motor Sales. U.S.A. Inc.
Erin Ferguson is the Planning and Systems Manager in the Environmental, HazMat, and Safety department at Toyota Motor Sales, USA. She is responsible for the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide EHS management system, including supporting programs and Intelex applications. Erin joined Toyota in 1997 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Logistics from Penn State University.

Eric Schwarz, Radiological Environment Monitoring Program/ Control Program Administrator; Exelon Corp.
Mr. Schwarz has been a Radiochemist with Exelon since 2011. At Exelon, he has been a leader in understanding and implementing the Locus Technologies solution as well as data migrations. He has a BS in Chemistry from Penn State University and an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Brett Jorgensen, Safety Program Manager; Rockwell Automation Inc.
Brett W. Jorgensen is a Safety Program Manager at Rockwell Automation based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his headquarters role, he is a key contributor to the team that defi nes strategy and drives implementation of common program across the company. The HQ EHS team also conducts compliance assessments globally.

Brett has a strong background in recordkeeping, workers compensation, risk assessments and data analysis. He is the project lead for the company’s global safety metrics program. Brett earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in occupational safety from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater.

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