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Key Practice Area - Data and Metrics - 2018 EHS and Sustainability Software and Data Management Conf
Key Practice Area: Data & Metrics

2018 EHS and Sustainability Software and Data Management Conference

March 5-7, 2018

Since 2001, NAEM's EHS and Sustainability Software and Data Management Conference has been the premier software event designed to meet the needs of corporate EHS and sustainability leaders. NAEM's conference is the best opportunity to meet with the leading solution providers in one place and to hear from fellow users who utilize these systems on a daily basis.

NAEM's EHS and Sustainability Software and Data Management Conference is the premier software event designed to meet the needs of corporate EHS and sustainability leaders. This conference is the best opportunity for you to meet with the leading solution providers in one place, hear from fellow users who manage these systems on a daily basis and find answers to today’s most challenging EHS&S data management issues.

This is the only place that software users and buyers can find:

  • Comprehensive resources for software selection and implementation
  • User-led demos and under-the-hood tours of the leading software systems
  • Data management and software optimization strategies
  • The largest exhibition of over 30 software providers

This year's conference focused on finding the right software and making your data work for you

Adopting an EHS&S system is becoming a core aspect of management. Whether you are shopping for new software, implementing software or looking to leverage your current system the NAEM EHS&S Software & Data Management conference has something for you. Whatever stage you are in, this conference will help you:

  • Structure and plan for your software search and implementation
  • Understand and address the needs of key stakeholders
  • Optimize your data collection and reporting


Download the presentations from NAEM's 2018 EHS and Sustainability Software and Data Management Conference. This content is available to NAEM members only; you must be logged in as a member to view it. If you are not an NAEM member and wish to join the Association, please contact NAEM at


The program designed to meet the needs of software buyers, data optimizers and those wanting to leverage their current system.

With specialized tracks for EHS teams who are going through the software selection and implementation process and those looking to optimize the use of their current system, NAEM's 2018 Software and Data Management provides tools and benchmarking for wherever you are in your software journey.

How to Select the Right Technology to Achieve EHS Excellence
Purchasing a new software system is similar to buying a house – you don't do it often. Therefore, having clear expectations and getting tips from experts will increase the chances of a positive ROI and being happy with your purchase. Following proven best practices and processes while selecting software can reduce the chance of failure and undesired costs. In this session, you will be trained on requirements identification/prioritization, gap assessment, understanding total cost of ownership, making the business case, creating a roadmap and then evaluating vendors and negotiating with them.

  • Sameer VyasPartner/Co-Founder; Huco Consulting Inc.

How to Promote User Engagement Throughout the Implementation Process
After you have reviewed multiple products and selected the best software for your needs, you think your job is done, right? Getting users to embrace the new system is the key to a successful implementation. In this session, you will learn how to involve users in the process, how to communicate effectively and how to overcome the roadblocks along the way. 

  • Stephanie TaylorGlobal Director Management Information Systems; AECOM
  • Patrick Hecht, PEEMIS Business Unit Lead - Senior Project Manager; AECOM
  • Lisa BaxterEHS MIS Senior Project Manager; AECOM

Opening Keynote: Using Technology to Save Time, Save Lives and Improve EHS Outcomes
In the next five years, technology is poised to transform the EHS profession as we know it. From drones to wearable devices to mobile technology that enhances auditing efforts, the future of EHS will increasingly rely on technology solutions. Our speakers will share how they're using the latest technologies within their programs and how these innovations are changing what it means to be an EHS&S professional.

  • Ellias Van Ekelenburg, Environmental Health & Safety Governance Expert; General Electric Co.
  • Sean Petterson, Chief Executive Officer; StrongArm Technologies Inc.
  • Kelvin Sanborn, EHS Digital Manager; General Electric Co.
  • Stephanie Ortiz, Manager Environmental Project Controls; BNSF Railway Co.

Moderator: Margery Moore; Moore and Gasperecz Global

The Challenges and Successes in Migrating Data Management Systems
Migrating a database management system that is primarily used to show compliance can be challenging. Especially when the goal is to improve workflow efficiency and expand reporting. This session will showcase lessons learned in migrating data management systems during an active reporting production cycle and how being proactive in the migration process can lead to a higher success rate.

  • Jason Heck, Manager of Environmental Compliance; Alliance Coal LLC
  • Samantha Bennett, Senior Project Manager; DDMS Inc.

How a New Software System Can Change the EHS&S Function
Before its recent upgrade, International Paper (IP)relied on an aging, in-house incident management system that was highly customized, costly to maintain and suffered from poor usage. To complicate their data management further, the company also had more than one EHS MIS to serve different divisions and locations. To consolidate their efforts and gain greater insight into their performance, they turned to VelocityEHS. Since implementing this software, the company now uses mobile functionality for incident reporting and inspections, enjoys customized dashboards, easily creates reports and quickly submits OSHA requirements electronically. Join this session to see this software first-hand and hear how IP uses it to enhance their EHS&S programs.

  • Dan Arnold, EHS Program Manager; International Paper Co.

How a Growing Company Centralized Systems Through Mobile Technology
From a business perspective, Wawa had a problem many leaders would envy: It was going through a rapid expansion, adding an average of 50 new stores a year. For the EHS team, however, it quickly became a resource and data management challenge. Add multiple vendors and contractors into the mix and the Wawa team knew they needed to create a consistent, centralized data collection and reporting system. That's when they turned to Apex's ARTEMIS software. Come hear how the Wawa team now uses a mobile front-end for consistent data collection and maintains a centralized cloud interface for reporting and management.

  • Joseph Standen, Environmental, Utilities & Regulatory Services Manager; Wawa Inc.

The Challenge of Global Product Compliance: Driving Value - Reducing Risk
Global companies face increasing product compliance challenges from every angle. The charge to reduce risk while driving shareholder value has never been more complex. In this session Verisk 3E will showcase current product compliance challenges and downward pressures on global organizations. Participants will learn about trends and movements in a variety of industries and will participate in a group break-out activity. Participants will also learn how to nurture a culture of proactive product compliance in order to drive increased corporate value while reducing overall exposure.

  • Alan L. Johnson, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances; Verisk 3E
  • Hans Plugge, Senior Toxicologist; Verisk 3E

What Matters Most: People, Process or Technology?
Software can unlock exciting new gains in EHS&S performance, but choosing an effective solution can feel like a gauntlet of choices. Achieving a successful outcome is not just about prioritizing the right requirements, however. You also need to manage internal expectations about what this new investment can achieve, and rally your team around its use. During this session Boeing will describe the internal challenges of replacing hundreds of systems with a single software solution. We'll talk about the role of internal culture in software selection, and how to be mindful of the importance of people and process along the way.

  • Joanne Schroeder, Founding Partner; E2 ManageTech Inc.
  • Kim Corkery, Program Manager; The Boeing Co.

How Johnson Controls Streamlined Global EHS Programs
Johnson Controls has over 3,200 sites throughout 74 countries, so standardizing processes to keep a strong compliance program was challenging. To meet the goal of implementing global standardized processes, Johnson Controls turned to ProcessMAP. This partnership helped Johnson Controls maintain a consistent global incident management process, improve overall safety performance and streamline sustainability reporting. Come to this session to hear how Johnson Control’s successfully converted siloed EHS functions into an integrated global program.

  • John Perkins, Executive Director – Environment, Health and Safety; Johnson Controls

Using Software to Create an Award-Winning Compliance Program
Thanks to its success in protecting its employees and the environment, Tremco was recently awarded the Award for Excellence by the Ohio Chemical Technology Council. A key component of their success, the company says, was the implementation of Dakota Software's ProActivity Suite TM, which they used to standardize policies and procedures, improve incident communication, increase visibility into EHS compliance status and provide real time metrics. Thanks to this software, the company has a platform to align EHS resources and a central point for reporting and analysis across the country and across the globe. Come see a first-hand look at this software and how Tremco has used this system to make continuous compliance advances.

  • George Loder, Corporate Director of EHS; Tremco Inc.

How to Sustain the Value of your EHS Software Investment
Congratulations! You've successfully vetted software providers, completed your due diligence, and are now ready to dig into the task of implementing your EHS&S software. How can you use this to achieve tangible results? In this presentation, you'll get tips on how to u quickly get value from your software solution and how to avoid common pitfalls often associated with the implementation process. We'll also share advice on how to maintain your system so that it continues to evolve to achieve your long term business goals.

  • Amanda Smith, Vice President of Product Management; Enviance Inc.
  • Kate Candillo, Services Operations Manager; Enviance Inc.

Improving Driver Safety with Ecolab
Distracted driving is a national issue that impacts corporations' safety performance. Ecolab delivers comprehensive solutions and on-site services in more than 170 countries around the world. And with more than 1 million customer locations, having safe driving measures is a key to their success. Working with the Intelex Data Science team, Ecolab embarked on a journey to validate which leading indicators truly contributed to high safety performance and demonstrated a strong culture of safety at sites across their organization. During this presentation, Ecolab will showcase how the organization has leveraged the Intelex platform to measure the effectiveness of their driver safety programs and identify prescriptive insights to drive positive change for nearly 25,000 drivers worldwide.

  • Ryan Orvis, IT Project Manager; Ecolab Inc.

How EHS Software Systems Mitigate the Risks Associated with Staff Transitions
All EHS organizations must deal with staff change and turnover. This change presents a serious risk that EHS compliance requirements are lost or missed when staff transitions occur. Bring your own experiences with staff turnover and crowd-source solutions among your peers in this Hack-A-Thon style session. The facilitators will summarize the discussion and then share case studies to show how EHS software, in concert with management systems or site procedures, can greatly reduce this risk and facilitate faster and more complete transition of compliance activities to new personnel.

  • Brian Calcote, EHS IM Practice Lead; CH2M
  • Brenda Cobb, Senior Consultant; CH2M

Managing Workplace Ergonomics in Manufacturing Environments
Prioritizing ergonomics for manufacturing plants is becoming more and more important. Investing in software to leverage ergonomics became a priority and a goal for Jack Link's Protein Snack. They selected the Humantech Software and since implementation, it has been initiated at seven U.S. manufacturing sites, enabling the company to share solutions to workplace challenges across locations and develop an ergonomics standard. The company has seen significant improvements in training progress, workplace assessments, job improvements, and risk reduction. Employees have completed e-learning modules, increased logged job assessments, and identified over 500 improvements. Come see firsthand how Jack Link's Protein Snacks has experienced success since implementing this ergonomics software.

  • Nancy Devine, Director - Risk Management and Safety; Jack Links Protein Snacks

The Management of High Hazard Operations at Global Facilities
Manufacturing sites that manage high hazard materials and operations are at a higher risk for a major industrial accident. This risk increases if there are multiple sites, in different countries that are prescribing to different regulatory frameworks. This session will provide context to the challenges that multi-national companies face when implementing measures to prevent major industrial accidents at high-hazard facilities. It will focus on tools to that use relevant data points to collect in a management system, what data and how data should be shared corporate-wide and how can risk assessment tools be used as a means of prevention of major industrial accidents and improve safety performance.

  • Meghan White, Program Director; Specialty Technical Consultants Inc.

Benchmarking Your Approach to Data Management
Whether you're still using Excel or just implemented an enterprise solution, there's always room to evolve your data management practices. Come join this interactive benchmarking session to benchmark how your company's approach compares to that of your peers, to discuss the metrics you use to drive business results and to find out how soon your peers plan to take the next big leap in data analytics. NAEM will also share a few highlights from its latest publication “How to Successfully Deploy an EHS&S Software System."

  • Taylor Gelsinger, Manager of Research and Analytics; NAEM
  • Elizabeth Ryan, Director of Communications; NAEM

Leveraging Big Data for More Proactive Compliance Programs at Walmart
On the path to becoming a world-class compliance organization, Walmart has learned how to turn big data into a big environmental asset. For proof you needn't look any further than the company's stormwater operations compliance program. During this presentation, you will learn how the retail giant uses EHS software to implement and maintain its stormwater operations program that is now responsible for the preventative maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of over 4,000 unique stormwater systems across the country.

  • Ryan Hicks, Director of EH&S Services; Walmart Inc.

How to Use EHS&S Analytics to Achieve Bottom Line Results
Advances in data management and analytics have generated compelling value in business areas like finance, marketing and logistics. While leading companies have earned significant returns on IT investments in these areas, many have overlooked the benefits of advanced data management and analytics for environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHSS) management. Data and analytics are an integral part of leading EHSS management programs and can contribute to reductions in incidents and operational overhead that directly impact the bottom line, improve employee morale and strengthen the reputation of the business.

  • Derek Przybylo, Senior Manager; EY

MOC and PSSR Process Automation: Best Practices
Management of Change (MOC) and Pre Start-up Safety Review (PSSR) are some of the most challenging elements of standards set by OSHA, EPA and the US Department of Interior. This presentation discusses how certain industries have defined the MOC and PSSR best management practices and how they should be automated. In addition, it will explore better defined evaluation processes, leading and lagging indicators and the impact of predictive technologies.

  • Mike Bearrow, Senior Process Safety Consultant; Rolls-Royce Holdings plc

How Self-Made Mobile Applications Led to Effective Reporting
San Jose Water Company (SJWC) is a major water utility operating in California and is subject to a wide range of complex and time sensitive regulatory requirements for every aspect of operations. Recordkeeping and reporting are major aspects of SJWC's diverse compliance programs. Instead of continuing to rely on paper logs and Excel spreadsheets, SJWC employed Locus Platform for its customer configurable format (LP-X). In this session, SJWC will demonstrate their self-made applications, how compliance forms were designed and how the system can be enabled for mobile users. SJWC will also walk through the system's Workflows and discuss plans to expand the system's use to other areas of SJWC Operations.

  • Casey Claborn, Water Quality Engineer - Environmental Compliance; San Jose Water Co.

How Modern Technologies Can Reveal What Lies Beneath Your Data
EHS&S leaders need their data to deliver insights they can use to see patterns and make decisions. The emergence of ‘Big Data' holds enormous promise to has made large volumes of data available to these companies. It's not the data volume or velocity that drives sustainable success, but it's the knowledge of the relationships in your data. Leveraging modern technologies and graph concepts are ideal to drive change and innovation into nowadays complex environments. This session will highlight the importance of understanding and modeling the complexities of enterprise entities and their relationships to the data. It will show attendees that the available data can be turned into a real power house by accessing and revealing the relations within.

  • Aashish Nohria, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer; iPoint BiS GmbH

How Merck Increased the Accuracy of their Data Collection
One of the many challenges that EHS professionals face is making sure that the data they are collecting is thorough and accurate. When Merck noticed that the data they were collecting surrounding staff and site efficiencies was not up to par, they developed a process to fix the problem. During this session you'll hear how they changed their procedure and documentation across sites to ensure they had the right metrics every time.

  • Candice Fletcher, Operations Specialist; Merck Global Employee Health

Speaker Bios

Dan Arnold, EHS Program Manager; International Paper Co.
Daniel (Dan) Arnold is Program Manager EHS Services with International Paper. Dan started his career with international Paper 30 years ago on 8/8/88 in upstate New York. During his time with International Paper he has held various roles, mostly within environment and/or health & safety. Dan was on a team of 4 that initiated the environmental compliance audit process for International Paper.

Dan was recently assigned to lead a team to manage EHS Systems. This team manages web content and tools for International Paper's ~300 manufacturing locations worldwide. In addition to the web content, the EHS Systems team manages and administers various EHS databases including SDS, event/incident management, Safe Work Observations (International Paper's term for behavior-based safety observations) and sustainability impact data.

Supplementing the EHS skills, Dan also holds a Green Belt in 6-sigma/lean manufacturing enabling him to lead multiple waste reduction and other process improvement initiatives.

Mike Bearrow, Senior Process Safety Consultant; Rolls-Royce Holdings plc
Mr. Bearrow is a degreed mechanical engineer and a professional engineer in the state of Texas. He has 36 years of Risk Management and Process Safety Management experience applied in the Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Chemical Process and Refining industries. He has been with Rolls-Royce for 26 years and is currently the Global Process Safety Lead and VisiumKMS solution evangelist. As such, he provides expert advice to customers and the Rolls-Royce implementation team on VisiumKMS deployment and industry best practice.

Trained and mentored by one of the authors of the OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, he is widely recognized as a risk management subject matter expert and is a noted Process Safety Management (PSM) speaker. He is an expert in the automation of EHS and Operational Excellence management systems with an emphasis on Risk Assessment, Management of Change, Incident Management, Audit Management and Enterprise Action Tracking. He has managed over 100 projects for Rolls-Royce including enterprise VisiumKMS implementations for some of the most famous brands in the world.

Samantha Bennett, Senior Project Manager; DDMS Inc.
Ms. Bennett is an Environmental Data Manager with 20 years of experience implementing environmental data systems for analytical, biological and geological data management and analysis. As a data management leader she is responsible for developing, implementing and communicating environmental data workflows and processes for federal and local government, as well as, industrial clients. Ms. Bennett specializes in implementing third-party data management packages, such as EarthSoft's Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS), to support environmental data collection, storage and analysis; along with geospatial systems and subsurface modeling. She is skilled in analyzing client data requirements and recommending a software solution and process to support the client need, budget and schedule. Ms. Bennett mentors data managers to implement best-practices for environmental data management, and is an experienced third-party software trainer.

Ms. Bennett supports the Alliance Coal environmental data management system and the organization's reporting workflow for their Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana Discharge Monitor Reporting (DMR) requirements.

Ms. Bennett holds a Bachelor of Science in Geologic Sciences and Master of Science in Environmental Waste Management.

Brian Calcote, EHS IM Practice Lead; CH2M
Mr. Brian Calcote is the Environmental, Health, and Safety Information Management (EHS IM) Practice Lead for CH2M, leading the development of processes and tools to establish and promote best practices, innovation, and knowledge transfer across EHS IM teams. He has 16 years of experience with planning, designing, implementing, integrating, and supporting EHS IM systems. He has worked with all levels of client EHS organizations to explore, evaluate, plan, and provide the business case for EHS IM systems. Brian works closely with clients to plan and communicate the organizational, system, and culture changes that come with the deployment of any new system from the earliest project stages through maintaining momentum and promoting/monitoring system usage and effectiveness after a system is in place.

Brian has worked with corporate EHS groups to evaluate risks, opportunities, and inter-dependencies across multiple EHS disciplines, and used the output to create a portfolio of business cases that formed the basis for a multi-year, multi-disciplinary EHS IT roadmap. He has facilitated sessions to analyze and map current business processes and led discussions and design efforts for developing future business processes and EHS IM system states. He has also designed, led development, and supported system integration and custom reporting/dashboard creation for EHS IM systems. Brian has led the deployment of systems covering compliance and corporate driven reporting for air emissions, waste management, water usage and discharge tracking, chemicals management, permit/regulatory compliance task tracking, management of change, incident/event management, sustainability metrics, auditing, risk, and liability management.

Kate Candillo, Services Operations Manager; Enviance Inc.
As Director of Customer Success at Enviance, Kate Candillo is responsible for helping customers navigate the process of designing, implementing, and maintaining their EHS programs. Since joining Enviance in 2013, Kate has been instrumental in working alongside our customers to ensure that they receive the knowledge, insight, and attention they need to make informed decisions and achieve their EH&S objectives. Prior to Enviance, Kate served in various leadership roles at Environmental consulting firms including Terracon Consultants, GAI Consultants and Malcom Pirnie (now Arcadis). Kate received her Masters of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Arizona, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Appalachian State University.

Casey Claborn, Water Quality Engineer - Environmental Compliance; San Jose Water Co.
Casey Claborn is a Water Quality Engineer at San Jose Water Company in San Jose, California. He is responsible for advancing the Company’s environmental compliance programs, which include compliance with the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, and a host of associated environmental laws and regulations. Before that, he studied Civil and Environmental Engineering, picking up a BS at UCLA and an MS at UC Berkeley. As a consulting engineer, he developed numerical risk models for sanitary sewer systems using Access geodatabases. Now, at San Jose Water Company, Casey is helping carry the 152-year old company into the digital age. Current projects include drafting a new data management process for SJWC’s newly reconstructed 30 MGD water treatment plant, as well as new management systems for air quality and haz-mat compliance data.

Brenda Cobb, Senior Consultant; CH2M
Ms. Brenda Cobb is a senior consultant with the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) group in CH2M HILL's Chicago, Illinois office. She has over 15 years of experience in air quality and compliance; air permitting; greenhouse gas inventories and reporting; emissions inventories; NPDES permitting; DMR reporting; SWPPP and SPCC preparation; and Environmental, Health and Safety information management systems.

Brenda has been a project manager and solution architect for several enterprise-wide information management implementations. These projects covered a wide range of topics (air calculations, GHG reporting, DMRs, and compliance management) and utilized different EHS IM software.

Kim Corkery, Program Manager; The Boeing Co.
Kim has led a wide variety of programs and projects in her 20 years of experience. Currently, she is serving as the Program Manager responsible for deploying a global Environment, Health and Safety, Management Information System that is consolidating hundreds of systems across 30 plus work streams. This standardization of both processes and tools across the Company is transforming the business to make it better equipped for the next 100 years. Kim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from California State University Long Beach.

Nancy Devine, Director - Risk Management and Safety; Jack Links Protein Snacks
Nancy is responsible for all company risk management functions including domestic and international business insurance placements, claims management, employee safety and the company fleet program. Nancy joined Jack Link’s in 2014, drawing on over 20 years of experience in the field. She earned her Master of Science degree in Environmental, Health, and Safety from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Ellias Van Ekelenburg, Environmental Health & Safety Governance Expert; General Electric Co.
Ellias van Ekelenburg has been with GE since 2007. He was most recently the EHS Operations Leader for GE Capital Americas Rail Services. He has held a few different roles within the EHS function, beginning as a field chemist performing US military base closures and remediation, EHS consultant to automotive repair and paint operations, Global Semiconductor EHS engineer and R&D site EHS Manager then back to senior EHS consultant for numerous high tech and Industrial businesses.

Ellias received his Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Science at the California State University Hayward.

Ellias has supported EHS compliance, auditing, hazard mitigation, and due diligence efforts in 100’s of different operations throughout Asia, Europe, and the US.

Ellias enjoys being in the outdoors, working on his classic car, and cooking great food. He has won awards for his BBQ, actively competes in the circuit, and is a KCBS certified BBQ judge.

Candice Fletcher, Operations Specialist; Merck Global Employee Health
Candice Fletcher is the Operations Specialist for Merck’s Global Employee Health division. Candice started her career as a certified medical assistant working in Merck's Occupational Health department over ten years ago. Her interest in Occupational Health led her to take on more responsibility and earn her degree in Health Care Management/ Health Care administration.

Candice was recently promoted to Operations Specialist for Global Employee Health. Her new role is assisting GEH leadership with the design, development, implementation, and project management of a scalable global remote medical surveillance program aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of Company employees and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance worldwide. In addition to this project she will continue to support GEH as the administrator for their electronic medical record system.

Taylor Gelsinger, Manager of Research and Analytics; NAEM
Taylor Gelsinger has been with NAEM since 2013. She executes NAEM's research program, specializing in a range of EHS and sustainability topics, including: compliance, environmental information management systems, corporate responsibility reporting, materiality, metrics and professional development. Taylor graduated with a Master of Environmental Management degree in environmental economics and policy from Duke University and a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Oklahoma State University.

Jason Heck, Manager of Environmental Compliance; Alliance Coal LLC
Jason Heck has been working in the environmental sector for 12 years. He's been working for Alliance coal since 2009 and has been involved with permitting and compliance for Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, EPA class V injection, Toxic Substance Control and phase 1 and 2 EA audits. During this time a company wide environmental management system was implemented moving the company from paper. The system was deployed to 15 operations in five states. Previously working for an engineering firm producing EIAs for state DOT projects.

Jason has a degree in computer science and geology from University of Kentucky.

Ryan Hicks, Director of EH&S Services; Walmart Inc.
Ryan Hicks is currently the Director of EH&S Services for Walmart Stores, Inc. Mr. Hicks has been with Walmart in the EH&S department since 2008, working primarily in Water Compliance with responsibility for the Wastewater and Stormwater Teams. His main focus in these areas has been implementing digital transformation for environmental compliance and services in areas that traditionally lack digital systems. This transformation includes field electronic data capture, real time telemetry monitoring, use of systems and data to drive continuous improvement, and implementation of heat maps and scorecards to provide life cycle analysis to assets and equipment. Ryan is currently responsible for hazardous waste, automotive compliance, distribution center water compliance, and other water related compliance services for the US.

Ryan has a BA in Chemistry with an emphasis on Biochemistry from Washington University in St. Louis and a MS of Operations Management from the University of Arkansas. Ryan holds his CHMM, PMP, and Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and focuses on how to improve processes and services to reduce cost, increase compliance, and increase sustainability in all areas of the business. Prior to coming to Walmart, Ryan spent over 5 years at Consumer Testing Labs performing third label compliance chemistry for retail food goods. He enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, and mountain climbing with his wife and three sons. When he is not busy, Ryan also runs his sheep and pig farm in southern Missouri.

Alan L. Johnson, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances; Verisk 3E
Alan has more than ten years of business development and product management experience in the software industry, spearheading many successful B2B & B2C partnership programs.

Prior to joining Verisk3E, he held senior business development and product positions with market leading software companies including Turning Technologies, BlueTie Inc. & The NASVF. As Director of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at Verisk 3E, Alan is responsible for devising and executing 3E’s Global Strategic Alliances program, which plays a critical role in 3E’s global business development strategy.

Alan holds a B.A. in Political Science/World Languages & Cultures from Mercyhurst University, a certificate from L’Université Laval in Français Langue Étrangère (FLE), and a dual MBA in Sales & Marketing Management/International Business from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s E. Phillip Saunders College of Business.

George Loder, Corporate Director of EHS; Tremco Inc.
George has over 30 years with of experience in various EHS leadership roles. In January 2013, he joined Tremco Incorporated and holds the position of Corporate Director, EHS. He is also a member of the National Safety Council (NSC), the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM) and the Ohio Chemical Technology Counsel (OCTC).

Margery Moore; Moore and Gasperecz Global
Margery Moore is with Moore and Gasperecz Global, as well as the President of the Canadian Institute for Sustainability Education & Action, She is also a Board Member of Hollyhock Leadership Institute, National Observer, and part of NAEM's Strategic Planning Team.

Aashish Nohria, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer; iPoint BiS GmbH
Aashish Nohria is an experienced engineer with a master's degree in Digital Media, focusing on innovative technology in supply chain business processes.

Working as a qualified CEM and ISO 14001 Lead Auditor, in the EHS&S industry for the last 9 years, he has lead a number projects implementing environmental and energy management systems including designing and implementing IT systems to support management systems.

His area of expertise covers the development and implementation of sustainability decision-support tools including working with clients such as IKEA, ABB, Walmart, Kimberly Clark, Rexam, Roche, TetraPak, Tata Steel and Jaguar Land Rover. In these projects, Aashish managed a wide range of stakeholder needs with complex data management and integration. Many of these projects, including his work with Kimberly Clark required the integration of environmental product design modules with corporate reporting and management needs.

Stephanie Ortiz, Manager Environmental Project Controls; BNSF Railway Co.
Stephanie Ortiz graduated from Baylor University, where she received her B.S. in Biology and her M.S. in Environmental Science. She recently completed her first year at BNSF Railway, where she is currently a Manager of Project Controls for the Environmental department. She focuses on technology initiatives and data management, while supporting real estate and remediation projects.

Ryan Orvis, IT Project Manager; Ecolab Inc.
Ryan is based out of Ecolab’s global headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is responsible for managing the Intelex platform at Ecolab, including support of 10,000 active users and 19 languages. Ryan has worked with Intelex software for five years helping to promote successful SH&E programs at two different organizations. He began his career working in the IT support field. Getting the opportunity to work with SH&E professionals and be more closely integrated to the business needs for software to manage SH&E data has been a very enjoyable part Ryan’s career.

Hans Plugge, Senior Toxicologist; Verisk 3E
Mr. Plugge is a Senior Toxicologist with over 30 years' experience in multimedia environmental hazard and risk assessment.

At Verisk 3E he developed 3E Green Score, a quantitative, scientific data based hazard and risk assessment methodology/program which has seen numerous uses including industrial hygiene and sustainability applications. In addition he is responsible for Verisk 3E's 125 toxicological and related databases contained within its PCTEC program area. Presently he is leading Verisk 3E's scientific efforts on a review of chemicals with reproductive effects for the EU.

Mr. Plugge has made over 20 presentations at numerous scientific conferences over the past 3 years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam and Master's degrees from the University of Guelph (Environmental Chemistry) and Harvard School of Public Health (Toxicology).

Derek Przybylo, Senior Manager; EY
Derek has a decade of experience providing environmental management, sustainability strategy, and data management and analytics services to large public and private organizations. He has assessed, developed and implemented environmental management information systems and technology solutions for Fortune 500 firms. He has also assisted organizations with developing analytical methods to measure and improve environmental, health, safety and sustainability performance. He holds a BA in Economics, an MS in Natural Resources and Environment and a Master of Public Policy in Quantitative Methods of Analysis from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Elizabeth Ryan, Director of Communications; NAEM
As Director of Communications for NAEM, Elizabeth Ryan provides editorial direction and lead authorship for the association's research publications, including its talent management series, its software and data management research and the association's expertise on emerging trends.

Prior to joining NAEM, she covered transportation, poverty, housing and urban policy as a long-form investigative journalist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from the University of Rochester and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School.

Kelvin Sanborn, EHS Digital Manager; General Electric Co.
Kelvin Sanborn leads the Digital & Analytics efforts for GE’s Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) function. Kelvin’s organization manages GE’s EHS data strategy and systems as well as the EHS digital portfolio, including emerging technologies and advanced analytics. Kelvin has wed his domain expertise in the industrial application of EHS to his depth of knowledge in the data and technology space to transform how EHS risk is managed at GE. His team's work democratizes data, produces advanced analytics, and manages technologies like sensors and wearables to prevent injuries and unplanned downtime.

Kelvin is a graduate of Tufts University with a degree in environmental engineering. He’s been at GE for 14 years and is currently based at GE's Boston headquarters.

Amanda Smith, Vice President of Product Management; Enviance Inc.
Amanda brings over 12 years of experience designing, deploying and supporting, cloud based software solutions, with a strong foundation in human/computer interaction. As VP, Product Management, Amanda and her team are responsible for developing the Product Strategy, directing the Product Roadmap, and supporting and enhancing the Enviance line of products. Amanda's leadership has resulted in Enviance market leading software solutions and deep customer satisfaction enjoyed by our customers today. Amanda joined Enviance from DTE Energy Services where she served as a companywide liaison and technical expert for the design, implementation, and rollout of enterprise software. Prior to that Amanda worked in the Assistive Technology field where she evaluated and implemented technology solutions to promote safety, independence and self-sufficiency for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Amanda received her B.S.E. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Joseph Standen, Environmental, Utilities & Regulatory Services Manager; Wawa Inc.
Joe Standen is the Senior Environmental Manager for Wawa, Inc., a Convenience Store Retail Chain headquartered in Wawa, PA with more than 550 gas and 250 non-gas stores located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Washington D.C. As the Senior Environmental Manager, Joe is responsible for managing the Corporate Environmental and Regulatory Services Department and associated disciplines. His principal duties include coordination and oversight of environmental investigations, remediation and due diligence; and supervisory management of the Corporate Emergency Response Program, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal Program, Underground Storage Tank Compliance Program, Water Supply and Irrigation Treatment System Compliance Program, Storm Water Compliance program, Wastewater Treatment System and Disposal Program, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Program, and Sustainability Program.

Prior to working for Wawa, Joe was employed by Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc. for 25 years, beginning his career as a Hydrogeologist and advancing to Senior Associate managing the Pennsylvania and North Dakota offices. He was one of the three individuals at LBG responsible for the company's National Emergency Response program. He has worked as a project manager on several large-scale crude oil pipeline releases throughout the Midwest, including the Marshall, Michigan release that impacted 38 miles of the Kalamazoo River.

Sameer Vyas, Partner/Co-Founder; Huco Consulting Inc.
Since 2001, Sameer has managed and supported several large scale EMIS solutions for a variety of clients across industries. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, he joined URS Corporation and immediately began working in the EHS IT space. He supplemented his technology and EHS experience with an MBA, focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship, from the University of Southern California before co-founding Huco. He now focuses on business development, account management, and developing productized solutions using tools like SharePoint and Caspio in addition to working closely with our EHS technology partners. He is also CARB certified Greenhouse Gas Reporting Verifier.

Meghan White, Program Director; Specialty Technical Consultants Inc.
Meghan White, an STC Program Director has over 10 years of experience in environmental consulting and regulatory compliance. Ms. White is responsible for tracking and analyzing environmental, health and safety regulatory developments in several countries and regions, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the European Union. She advises clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, manufacturing, petroleum and utility industries of regulatory requirements and policy implications. Ms. White has extensive experience providing regulatory tracking services and authoring audit protocols for companies that operate in those industries. In addition, she has been responsible for the management and coordination of regulatory tracking and audit protocol programs that provide these services to a variety of different customers covering over 50 countries. Ms. White has also assisted clients with implementing software for EHS management systems to track performance of environmental and sustainability programs and ensure compliance with EHS legislation and policy.

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NAEM to Contribute Research Insights to May 30 Arcadis Webinar

May 25, 2018

NAEM Executive Director, Carol Singer Neuvelt, will present research insights and emerging trends during an upcoming webinar with Arcadis on May 30 from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m (ET). The free, Arcadis-hosted presentation, "Use Your EHS Data for Smarter, Better, Faster Decision Making" will identify opportunities for environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) leaders to leverage predictive analytics and data management systems to better manage risk. Arcadis is the leading global design and consulting firm for natural and built assets.

NAEM’s 2018 EHS&S Forum to Offer Specialized Content for Retail Leaders

May 24, 2018

The National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) will collaborate with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) to develop specialized retail-focused content for its 2018 EHS&S Management Forum in Louisville, the association announced today.

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