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NAEM Expert Led Webinar - eveloping a Water Management Strategy
NAEM Expert Led Webinar

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Developing a Water Management Strategy

Developing a Water Management Strategy

Thursday June 12, 2014
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
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Purchase an NAEM expert-led webinar on Intelligent Water Management. You'll walk away with an understanding of the value of Intelligent Water Management, and how to use water audits effectively to reduce water consumption and operating costs. The webinar archive will also present Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water use and several case studies.

Water has long been viewed as being both plentiful and relatively low in cost. In recent years, that view of water has changed dramatically. Water scarcity now affects every continent. In the US, there is an increasing number of areas that are water-stressed. Consequently, manufacturers should evaluate the risk of water supply both for new facilities and on a periodic basis for existing facilities located in water-stressed areas. Manufacturers can also benefit from a detailed assessment of water use and operating costs. Using water audits, a manufacturing facility can identify measures that decrease the consumption of water and reduce water costs. When evaluating costs, it is important to quantify the “true cost” of water, i.e., the total cost of distributing, processing, treating and discharging water. Combining assessments of water supply risk with water audits will ensure that a manufacturer minimizes the risks, consumption, and operating costs associated with water use.

Intended audience:

Sustainability leaders whose role requires them to participate in corporate interdisciplinary roles surrounding the reporting of environmental risks, including: EHS vice presidents, directors, and environmental managers.


  • Simon Baker, Business Director for Industry in the UK; MWH Global Inc.
  • John Chahbandour, Director of Strategic Water Management; MWH Global Inc.
  • Roman Lis, Principal Engineer and Client Services Manager; MWH Global Inc.
  • Nathan Zaugg, Global Practice Leader for Industrial Wastewater; MWH Global Inc.

Speaker Biographies:

Simon Baker

Simon Baker

Simon has over 20 years' experience as an engineering consultant in the industrial sector. He has extensive resource efficiency experience, including the management of water and wastewater within industrial plants. Simon has advised global businesses at a corporate level on both their sustainability strategy and the implementation of subsequent project delivery to achieve their environmental targets, often across several continents. In a previous role he was part of a core team delivering a global program of audits for a multinational manufacturing enterprise.

John Chahbandour

John Chahbandour

John Chahbandour has more than 20 years of experience, specializing in integrated water management, water auditing, water foot-printing, water balance modeling, and technical risk mitigation. As Director of Strategic Water Management he focuses on developing practical approaches for managing business critical water risks for MWH's global Industrial clients. His role involves working with businesses to develop corporate- and operational-level water strategies focused on effective water stewardship and operational efficiency. Johns' expertise is combining technical and strategic elements into practical, prioritized plans that operations can successfully implement.

Roman Lis

Roman Lis

Roman Lis, PE, CEM is a principal engineer and client service manager at MWH. He specializes in providing high value services to industrial clients that reduce operating costs, manage risk, and provide a significant payback. Roman has over 20 years of experience in water management, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency, sustainability, and multi-media regulatory compliance. He has had many successful projects across a wide spectrum of industries including chemical, petroleum, food, aerospace, metal fabrication, foundries, metal-casting, packaging, automotive parts, and other manufacturing industries. Roman has also completed a number of energy efficiency and water audits in the commercial, and retail sectors.

As a principal engineer, .Roman provides a portfolio of services under the process efficiency umbrella including energy audits, water audits, wastewater treatment design and optimization, and waste minimization and recycling assessments. His energy audit projects typically achieve annual energy cost savings of 20 to 30% with payback periods varying from immediate to 2 years for individual energy conservation measures. He has also completed many wastewater treatment optimization projects with average annual cost savings of $500,000 or more and payback periods less than 18 months.

Roman has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Wayne State University and a master's degree in chemical engineering from Manhattan College. He is a Certified Energy Manager and holds three patents for pollution control. Roman is based in Chicago.

Nathan Zaugg

Nathan Zaugg

Nathan Zaugg, PE, is the global practice leader for Industrial Wastewater at MWH. This challenging position gives Nathan the opportunity to develop business strategy along a global level. He has specialized in water treatment, wastewater treatment, biosolids management, disinfection, headworks systems, screening, grit removal, energy efficiency, alternative energy, sedimentation, flotation, and solids dewatering.

As an environmental engineer by trade, he provides his extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment technologies with a focus on process design. He enjoys finding solutions to minimize both capital expenditures / construction costs and O&M costs. He strives to partner with clients and other team members to implement high efficiency designs using easy to maintain features and implementation of new nutrient removal methods for treatment of wastewater.

Nathan brings 12 years of water/ wastewater treatment experience, half of which were with an equipment vendor. For the past 6 years, Nathan has participated in/ or managed a variety of water/ wastewater-related projects at MWH to include the successful wastewater pretreatment system for The Dannon Company, work on several facilities for Safeway, and facility designs for several mining clients.

Nathan has a bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering from Utah State University, and is a registered professional engineer in Utah. While not working, Nathan enjoys playing with his children, listening to them play the piano and taking Advil. He is based in Utah and enjoys strapping boards to his feet and using them to traverse water in both solid and liquid forms.

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