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Ask confidential EHS&S questions and get quick answers and resources from fellow corporate members. NAEM's Quick Polls put the power of our corporate member network at your fingertips.
  • Quickly benchmark on how other companies are managing a range of issues
  • Get feedback from member companies to help you make the business case or create a roadmap for a new idea
  • Get a quick list of member-recommended resources to solve a problem
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Top Quick Poll Topics

Coronavirus outbreak concerns


March 2020
Get in-depth information on the travel restrictions that companies are implementing. Corporate members can download the results here.
EHS Auditing


February 2019
Learn how frequently companies conduct EHS audits, what is covered, what tools and methods are used, and who conducts them. Corporate members can download the results here.


April 2018
Find out if your peers are publishing sustainability reports and best practices for creating a valuable ESG management plan. Corporate members can download the results here.


October 2018
Find out if your peers have enterprise-wide safety pledges and the value of having them. Corporate members can download the results here.
ESG Compensation and Incentives


November 2019
Learn what ESG metrics companies use, if any, for incentives and compensation. Corporate members can download the results here.

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