Problem Solve with Peers.

Collaborate to solve challenges that can unlock new opportunities.
NAEM’s Solve-it Networks tackle issues that shape business norms and society, but are are too systemic for any one company to solve on its own.  The network will allow your company to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions and take leading positions. By participating, you will:
  • Have direct input on the direction of the group so that it addresses your company’s specific needs
  • Gain access to tools, processes and best practices as soon as they are available
  • Network with motivated peers who have the same responsibilities and goals as you

Designed to Meet your Needs

For almost 30 years, NAEM has been bringing together practitioners from a wide range of industries to share best practices on the most pressing EHS&S issues of the day through conferences and research. This continues today, but a new generation of issues has arisen that requires an advanced approach to collective problem-solving.

Members will participate in facilitator-led sessions to identify the scope of an issue, develop desired outcomes and then work together on tools and processes. These outputs will be designed to serve the group members and contribute new value to the broader EHS&S community.

Join a Network

Solve-it Networks are open to all environment, health, safety and sustainability professionals who work within companies.  Given the scope of these issues, however, membership may also include anyone in a department or function that touches the topic of the solve-it group.

If you'd like to join a network or are interested in learning more, please email

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