EHS Software & Technology Abstracts

2020 EHS Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase
March 3-5, 2020 • Hilton New Orleans Riverside • New Orleans, LA
NAEM is now accepting software demonstration and data management challenge abstracts for its 2020 EHS Software, Innovation & Technology Showcase. Only completed abstracts will be accepted. We recommend reviewing the information below before you begin.

About the Conference

NAEM's software and technology conference has been a unique event in the EHS marketplace since 2001. The objective of this event is to showcase a variety of EHS and Sustainability software applications and data management practices in one venue to support EHS managers in their needs assessments, selection, implementation, and on-going use of tools that will enhance the strength of their programs.

This conference is composed of 3 tracks that will feature a combination of technology management strategies and software demonstrations. The selected topics will fit into one of these 3 tracks:

Digitizing your EHS&S Management System
Traditional EHS Compliance is becoming more complicated. During the journey from selection to adoption, there are many challenges to overcome. Watch and learn from those in the field who have both the wounds and awards to prove that the road may be bumpy, but compliance with EMIS's and emerging technologies can be done — and done well.
Leveraging Your Software System to Minimize Risk
How can an EMIS help you manage your workforce and the growing web of contractors, as well as support innovative training strategies? Engagement leads to safer work environments, more effective compliance, and ROI on your EMIS investment. This track will help attendees learn how to go from EHS follower to leader.
Harnessing Innovations to Unlock Breakthrough Results
The future of EHS is bright but complex! Leveraging technology trends can revolutionize EHS — from IoT's, Sensor Data, translation software and AI/ML to wearables and exoskeletons, but how do these systems work with EMIS's? Learn how to manage, integrate, choose, budget, and work with IT and other departments to succeed.

About the Session Types

Similar to our 2019 program, we are offering two different types of session formats: software demonstrations and technology management strategy presentations. In addition to the traditional demonstrations and data management problems, we are looking for more unique and cutting-edge approaches that stand out and are poised to move the industry forward. We will be going over the details of this on an informational call (details listed here).
  1. Software Demonstrations: Software demonstrations are a behind the scenes look at specific software platforms. These will not just be straight demonstrations and do require insights into the EHS challenge that the user faced prior to utilizing the software. These demonstrations require a client/end user to be the presenter of the demonstration while staff from your company can be in the room to answer any technical questions that the presenter cannot answer. Further guidance can be found in the "Software Demonstration Guidelines."
  2. Technology Management Strategy: Technology management challenge presentations can have a consultant or software company representative as a speaker but they must be accompanied by a client. These topics cannot be specific to one software; they must aim to address common EHS&S data management challenges. NAEM is also very interested in new technologies and approaches that might originate outside of EHS but are being applied to EHS. Further guidance can be found in the "Tech Management Session Guidelines."

Software Demonstration Session vs. Technology Management Challenge Session Sample Topics

Keeping in mind that since the audience will be at various stages in the software process, it is imperative to have topics that are relevant to these different audiences. As a key focus this year, we are looking for innovative technologies, both traditional and non-traditional, that help users perform EHS&S tasks and duties.

Please see below for a glimpse of topics that have either been presented at previous software and technology conferences or have been requested by attendees. The list is not meant to be exhaustive and does not exclude other topics and tools of interest. We are eager to explore and feature presentations that address an expanded range of issues.
Software Demonstration Sessions
  • How a New Software System Can Change the EHS&S Function
  • Using Software to Create an Award-Winning Compliance Program
  • How a Growing Company Centralized Systems Through Mobile Technology
  • How a Database can Support Traditional EHS
  • Leveraging Big Data for More Proactive Compliance Programs
  • Best Practices for Integrating Multiple Systems
  • KPI's Dashboarding
  • External Reporting: CDP, DJSI, etc. and Using Your EMIS to Do This Effectively & Efficiently
Technology Management Strategy Sessions
  • How EHS Software Systems Mitigate the Risks Associated With Staff Transitions
  • How Wearable Technology, Virtual Assistants, & Virtual Reality Will Change the World of Data Collection in EHS
  • The Challenges & Successes in Migrating Data Management Systems
  • Key Concepts & Approaches to Designing Workflows & Processes
  • How to Use EHS&S Analytics to Achieve Bottom-Line Results
  • How Modern Technologies Can Reveal What Lies Beneath Your Data
  • Predictive Analytics 

Please contact Caitlin Wilson, Senior Program Manager, at with any questions.

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