EHS Sustainability Salary Report

Find Out How Your Salary Compares to Your EHS & Sustainability Peers

Plus: Stay on the cutting edge of sustainability management strategies by attending NAEM’s Forum

2019 EHS & Sustainability Salary Report

How much do EHS & Sustainability managers earn, and what variables affect it? In partnership with EHSCareers, NAEM presents results from its 2019 Salary Survey, featuring detailed analyses of how compensation is affected by education, certifications, career stage and industry. For any questions, please email for assistance.

Key Report Findings

44% earn more than $100,000 annually
66% of EHS & Sustainability professionals surveyed are eligible for additional annual cash incentive bonuses
Corporate directors/managers are earning 7% more on average than they did in 2017
13% average salary gain for having 1+ certifications

Report Cost: $49

NAEM’s EHS & Sustainability Management Forum

The 2019 Forum, October 15-18, is the largest U.S. gathering of environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) professionals. This year’s Forum will be held in Toronto, Canada, and will include more than 90 EHS&S speakers from across industry sectors and over 25 sessions to help you benchmark and learn how to solve your biggest sustainability challenges.

Sophia Danenberg, the first African American to climb Mount Everest, and Chris Bashinelli, National Geographic Explorer, will be keynote speakers at this year’s event. Networking opportunities include a Toronto food tour, a reception at Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame, a golf outing, and a day of community service.

The conference will include sessions on:

  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting
  • Advancing Your Climate Risk and Resiliency Planning
  • Addressing the Emerging Sustainability Risk of Plastic Waste
  • Planning for a Sustainable Future

Watch a 30 second preview of this year’s event:

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