2020 EHS&S Staffing, Structure & Budgets Survey

NAEM is conducting a survey to help you benchmark staffing and structure for your EHS & Sustainability team. If you are looking for data on the below, it will all be included in the 2020 report based on this comprehensive survey:

  • Level of EHS&S staff by size and corporate annual revenue
  • EHS organizational reporting structure
  • Predominant EHS&S activities that are outsourced
  • Accountability areas for EHS&S

This is NAEM’s most popular report, and publishes every 4 years. In return for your participation, you will receive a:

  • Free exclusive executive summary of the results, for survey participants only
  • Free webinar to hear results from the survey
  • 40% discount on the final report (full price: $1,600)

Survey deadline: Friday, Dec. 13
Report publication date: First quarter (Q1) 2020

Although we ask you to report specific numbers for staffing levels and budget, please answer to the best of your ability. We understand that it is difficult to give exact numbers for numerical questions such as these, so approximations will suffice.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the NAEM survey. We appreciate your contribution!

To Qualify for This Survey

  • Your company's annual revenue is at least $250 million USD
  • You are directly employed by a public/private company in an EHS&S role
  • Your company is not a vendor or consultant

Survey Outline

  1. Corporation Demographics
  2. Describing Corporate EHS&S Structure
  3. Governance
  4. Staffing Levels
  5. Functional Responsibilities
  6. Budgets & Spending

NAEM'S Privacy Policy
NAEM respects the privacy of its members and survey participants. Each response will be held totally confidential and will not be attributed to a specific responder or company. However, the collective anonymous results will be shared with those who purchase the report. NAEM reserves the right to publish the collective results. We are requesting the name of your company solely for the purpose of validating responses.

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