Solve-It - ESG Reporting

Solve-It: ESG Reporting

Join this Solve-It Group to Tackle the Challenge of ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting

Feb. 27, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. EST
Virtual event

The Challenge

Do you or your company feel out of control and not in the driver's seat when it comes to ESG reporting and ratings? Are you frustrated that there are methodologies and no real benchmarking standards used to rank companies?

Scores are all over the place but what do they mean?

ESG reporting has become critical, not just for investors, but for lenders, creditors, and proxy advisors, who use it as an input to make decisions on credit ratings, lending capital, and even voting recommendations to shareholders. 

Join this free kick-off call with other EHS&S professionals who have responsibility for aspects of ESG reporting at their companies and want to bring more order and standard practices to reporting.

Under the guidance of a professional facilitator, this ‘DataLab’ session will bring together a group of thought leaders who will become an influential voice to drive change.


Meet other thought leaders concerned about ESG reporting to develop a collective voice and a set of deliverables to address the ESG reporting problem.


  • Brief introductions
  • Overview of process and where we are today
  • What we heard from you: Overview of member feedback on problem statement
  • Comments: Is the problem statement framed properly?
  • What we heard from you: Recommendations on possible solutions
  • Comments: Do these solutions resonate? Are there others that should be discussed?
  • Online poll: Prioritizing possible solutions
  • Comments: Who else should be included? Who else should we/you invite to participate?
  • Closing and next steps


Results of the discussions will inform an in-person meeting in March. NAEM will do a targeted outreach with personal invitations to people/organizations mentioned on the February 7 virtual call to include as key stakeholders in the March in-person meeting. The March meeting will focus on potential solutions and outcomes allowing the collaborative process to co-create deliverables and timelines.

Case Studies

Click here to see samples of how the Solve-It collaborative process works and examples of outcomes that have come out of past groups. Past case studies include tackling challenges from boosting the honey bee population to improving healthcare systems interoperability to combat Ebola.


Beth Skorochod

Beth Skorochod
Beth is a skilled facilitator, co-creator, and designer of inclusive approaches to international development and social innovation. Beth has facilitated workshops and meetings of global stakeholders to collaboratively develop innovative solutions for target users. 


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