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Browse EHS&S service providers and consultant’s top webinars of the year to learn how they can best help you advance your EHS&S programs. From popular EHS management challenges to ESG and sustainability reporting, there are solutions to help you with your greatest EHS&S challenges. All webinars can be downloaded free of charge courtesy of NAEM’s 2021 Forum sponsors.

EHS&S Compliance Themed Webinars

A New Administration, a New Vision for the Future of PFAS
With the Biden administration’s strong focus on environmental policies, the reversal of several Trump administrative policies, and sweeping changes then anticipated with regards to PFAS, the webinar discusses considerations for assessment and likely impacts of regulatory changes to businesses, including federal regulatory updates, notable state, and regional policy changes, and important technical research regarding sampling methodologies and analytical updates—Should you sample now, or wait? From the laboratory’s standpoint, what do you need to know about data usability? What methods are approved and what regulatory drivers are pushing changes in PFAS analysis?
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Automate EHS Compliance with ehsAI
Founder & CEO, Margery Moore talks about the shift to leveraging digital technologies to automate the compliance process for EHS professionals. Helping organizations analyze data more accurately, comply faster and mitigate risk.
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Impact of Biden Administration on EHS regulations
The Biden administration means big changes for EHS regulations in the US. Join us for expert insights into what’s new, what’s likely to come, and what it all means for your business. This webinar covers administration efforts to meet air emissions targets, an update of PFAS regulations on chemical management, regulation changes from the prior administration and the latest updates on OSHA emergency standards.
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US Air Regulations in the Biden Administration
Over the last four years, the prior administration issued numerous Clean Air Act-related rules and guidance. In this webinar, Ramboll air quality experts review these rules and guidance and what is policy versus regulation. The session shares insights on how this impacts the tools the Biden administration can use to address past actions and expand on the status of those actions related to New Source Review (NSR) and National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The session also digs into the platform and policy of the Biden administration, with a specific focus on climate and environmental justice and the potential effects those policies may have on industry.
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Managing EHS Compliance in a Changing Political/Regulatory Environment
Get insider insights from Dave Ross (former EPA regulator and state environmental prosecutor) into managing EHS risk and compliance in a changing environment.
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Remote Auditing. Return to work solutions.
Learn the benefits and challenges of remote auditing, get best practices and information on how to access various EHS library collections including US Federal and State statutes and regulations
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3 Key Initiatvies EHS Professionals Should Know About
As we continue to see regulatory changes in the environmental arena, there are three key areas for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals to focus on now. Because the Federal Register can be difficult to keep up with, we invite you to join us as we share the most salient points regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Audit Policy Program, its proposed addition of environmental justice officials in each regulatory office, and Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) regulatory updates.
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Getting the Most Out of Your Data Themed Webinars

The Role of EHS&S Performance Validation in Risk, Resilience and Sustainable Financing
The EHS&S data you’ve been collecting for compliance, reporting and risk management holds significant untapped potential. By treating EHS&S data as an asset and applying modern data science and operational improvements, companies can create value, manage crisis and thrive despite resource scarcity, regulatory change, cost pressure and stakeholder scrutiny.

Learn how to create value though digitalization to drive growth, profitability and resilience.
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Integrating Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) Systems
Join this webinar to learn about Ion and how it can be used to integrate (lloT) and EHS&S systems. Hear from industry-expert Jacobs how applying this technology to EHS&S systems can result in better data collection, exchange and analysis, potentially facilitating improvements in productivity and efficiency, more accurate data and predictive analytics.
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Health & Safety Themed Webinars

Making the Case for High Performing Safety Programs
Upgrading programs or investing in new technology requires system-wide thinking that typically starts with the question, “What’s the return on investment?” In this webinar, we explore the results of the 22021 EHS State of the Market Report and the impact technology has on program performance and employee engagement. You’ll leave with the data to make your case for investing in a high-performing safety program.
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Linking Employee Wellness and a Culture of Health with ESG Reporting
Learn how companies are using COH4B to advance their ESG reporting and build a long-lasting and equitable business culture of health for all employees while yielding business benefits.
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Redinger Group

Pushing Safety and Learning Beyond the Bare Minimum
Sometimes compliance is simply not enough for preventing workplace injuries, illnesses and mishaps. Organizations must consider factors beyond compliance requirements. The goal is to establish, promote and sustain a high-performing, proactive health and safety culture. View UL’s webinar to learn how to establish a high-performing safety culture at your organization.
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Sustainability Themed Webinars

What the Clarbon? Demystifying the Climate-Carbon Nexus
Antea Group’s climate change and carbon management experts will be examining the differences between climate and carbon and discussing practical actions businesses can take to meet increasing stakeholder demands. In this webinar, you can expect to understand where climate and carbon overlap and what makes them different; gain actionable steps to start addressing climate and carbon risks while also realizing value from new opportunities in your business; and learn key elements of a holistic Climate Action Plan.
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Track Your Sustainability Footprint & Analyze Performance
Can you confidently report how your company is trending towards your established sustainability targets? Explore how Benchmark ESG's digital management solutions can help you and your company create a consistent process for collecting operational sustainability data, track carbon offsets & energy credits, analyze performance & keep your goals on track, and more!
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Benchmark ESG | Gensuite
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Are reviews of your waste and recycling vendors part of your organization’s global Supply Chain Due Diligence?
The CHWMEG, Inc. Global Interest Committee hosts a webinar regarding The French Corporate Duty of Vigilance Law: A Prelude to the EU Due Diligence Directive.
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ESG Management & Reporting - Why the rush? What's in it for you?
Learn about the trends surrounding ESG frameworks such as TCFD, SASB, GRI, CDP and UN SDGs; why the world is pushing ahead in adopting these frameworks; and why you cannot stand idly by.
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Environment, Social, Governance Performance Versus Random Acts of Sustainability Kindness
During this webinar, you will learn about the tools and strategies Geosyntec uses to help corporate leaders respond to and align with environment, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability directives, aspirations, and global initiatives (e.g., the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), Paris Accord, and Science-Based Targets). Presenters will describe how an analytical framework can be applied to ESG-related activities to reveal how to better contribute to financial success. Data visualization can be used with cost/feasibility and benchmarking data to better inform decision-making. Examples of tools and strategies presented will include risk management and value creation ‘balance sheets’, benchmarking data visualization, marginal abatement cost curves, and more to represent actions and ambitions, generate buy-in, and build support for sustainability actions.
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Healthy Buildings Amid Covid-19
Golder, a member of WSP, is pleased to offer you complimentary access to this insightful webinar. Upon viewing, you will gain a better understanding of how to create a Healthy Building in the context of COVID-19. This webinar will help you navigate this challenging time as you prepare for building readiness and building re-occupancy.
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Climate Action in 2021: The Year of Breakthroughs
Experts at Charles River Laboratories, Faurecia and WBCSD discuss how they’ve successfully taken leadership on climate action. Learn actionable steps from the experts that you can take to help you speed up your climate journey and build resilience within your organization.
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ESG, Net Zero Emissions and Climate Change Resilience for Manufacturing
Feeling vulnerable to the impacts of climate change or greenhouse gas reduction commitments? Facing customer requirements to establish ESG programs or science-based targets? In this free webinar, Stantec examines strategies for moving towards net zero and climate change adaptation measures for manufacturing. Learn how to build resilience through the management of ESG and climate change-related risks.
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ESG – What You Need to Know Now
Companies pursuing Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) need to be at a high level of managing not only their key environmental and safety regulatory responsibilities, but also the organization’s overall impact on its workforce, its community and the planet as a whole. This webinar will provide an introduction to the world of ESG, and explain the factors driving its increasing importance to businesses, investors and communities. Along the way, we'll examine the shift from a traditional EHS management perspective to an ESG perspective, and look at the key considerations a company interested in ESG will need to manage.
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Considering a Total Waste Management Program? What to Know Before You Begin
With increasing competitive pressures and lofty corporate sustainability goals, organizations are looking for help to meet both of these challenges head on. Adopting a holistic view of how waste and production practices influence each other is the first step towards improving sustainability and managing total cost of operations.

Attend and you will learn:
  1. What is total waste management (TWM)?
  2. What steps can an organization take when considering a total waste program?
  3. How do Total Waste partnerships work? What are the major components of a TWM program?
  4. Lessons learned regarding implementation and rollout of a total waste partnership
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Birds, Bats and Bees: Using Ecology to Support Corporate Sustainability Metrics
Will Medlin, PWS, ENV SP, and Raina Singleton discuss incorporating ecological elements such as conservation and stewardship, ecological enhancement, and reclamation and restoration into your current and future projects. Designed to spark an innovative mindset, this webinar provides examples of the thought process used for devising new approaches to achieve sustainability goals and drive a broader public perception impact.
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First Net Zero McDonald's Restaurant
A new McDonald’s restaurant was opened at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida that run 100% on renewable energy generated on site with a massive canopy of PV arrays. WSP has delivered MEP design, Energy Analysis and Sustainability services for the flagship project with extensive analysis helping the architect and client achieving the net zero goal. This session covers the challenges and stories behind meeting the stringent net zero target for an energy intensive building type.
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