NAEM 2022 EHS&S Leadership Roundtable

EHS&S Leadership Roundtable

July 27 - 29, 2022 | Denver, CO

Lauren Blair

Lauren Blair

EHS & Sustainability Leader

Lauren Blair is an accomplished EHS & Sustainability (EHS&S) Leader with over 20 years of experience working in industry, government, and consulting. Her background includes corporate and management EHS&S roles where she developed strategies, teams, and programs for two Fortune 500 companies.

She started her career in consulting in remediation and created innovative solutions to turn contaminated sites into viable and safe properties for human health and the environment. She then worked as a Corporate Environmental Engineer and Divisional Environmental Manager for Archer Daniels Midland overseeing chemical reporting, remediation, and managed environmental risk for forty-two facilities.

She moved on to the Caterpillar Corporate EHS organization, where she held a dual role as a Land Process Owner and Operational Change Manager. She developed processes and partnerships to support Caterpillar’s Sustainability and Zero Waste strategy. As the Operational Change Manager, she managed change processes internationally including M&A, divestitures, and closures. She led the EHS integration for a $7 Billion multisite acquisition which was the largest in the companies’ history. She also oversaw EHS for the company’s largest restructuring including the closure and consolidation of over fifty international locations. Lauren is well known for managing diverse teams and complex projects to achieve successful outcomes.

Lauren’s greatest passion is making where we live and work a better place. She does this by teaching, mentoring, and coaching others and by developing programs that manage EHS risk. This passion led her to volunteer on the NAEM Managers Board of Regents for five years.

Most recently, she managed the EHS for the Caterpillar subsidiary Kemper Valve & Fittings. In 2021, she oversaw the EHS risk for the closure and consolidation of this business. She is now evaluating new EHS&S Leadership positions and is looking for her next challenge.

For Lauren, EHS and Sustainability support the same thing. We have one life, and one world to live it in. Make it count. Make a difference.