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NAEM 2024 EHS+ESG Tech Event
This year’s NAEM TECH24 conference will explore the following digital business challenges:
  • Preparing for ESG Reporting Regulations
  • Carbon Accounting and GHG Management
  • EHS Management and Compliance

TECH24 Supports The Digital Business Needs of EHS&S & IT Leaders

Today’s leaders must align data management, software, and technology solutions housed across various business functions to meet the current challenges of corporate transparency, ESG reporting, corporate sustainability performance and regulatory compliance.

You will benefit from presentations by your EHS&S and IT peers who have implemented these solutions. Learn how companies are operationalizing their digital strategies, integrating technology systems, harmonizing reporting approaches, and discovering best practices for emissions data management and reporting. Plus, hear from a futurist on sustainable tech innovations.

This is the event you won’t want to miss to find a wide range of software and technology solutions and hear from a futurist on sustainable tech innovations.

Join us if you're:

  • Seeking insights into ESG and/or EHS software selection
  • Interested in learning how artificial intelligence is accelerating EHS, Sustainability and ESG
  • Aggregating and reporting key performance metrics and ESG data
  • Working to gather accurate and comprehensive emissions data from your operations and supply chain


Kathryn Lewis

Co-Founder of dMass and Sustainability Tech Entrepreneur & Consultant

Jim Pelletier

Senior Product Manager
Wolters Kluwer

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