A Transformational Journey of SKF USA to EHS Leadership

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A Transformational Journey of SKF USA to EHS Leadership
Transformation has taken hold of corporate and facility EHS management. Transition from lagging to leading indicators, paper-based monolithic systems to mobile apps, and static reports to dynamic dashboards. It is clear that EHS management has evolved tremendously over the past few years and it is expected to continue at an escalating pace. EHS Management, as a role, has evolved into a mission critical function expected to drive operational excellence and sustainability. Sustainable value is driven by anticipating operational, safety and compliance risks to greater insure seamless production, transportation and other corporate duties.

SKF USA has set an example for other aspiring companies by leading such an EHS transformation. It focused on integrating EHS performance improvements with other key business processes including quality, product development, maintenance excellence and others. As a global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems and related services, this integration is a significant accomplishment considering the number of employees, sites, product and services provided across over 130 countries.

A Technological Change

Mobile apps have had a fundamentally altering effect on SKF’s EHS function. Near-misses and observations are “tapped” or “spoken” nearly instantaneously into a phone or tablet. Auditors can now walk the site, plant or other SKF facility and contemporaneously complete protocol and non-protocol driven queries. Audits are supported by real-time pictures, videos and voice to text memorandums.

Terabytes of data are meaningless unless actionable conclusions can be drawn that drive better business decisions. With next-generation analytics, reports and dashboards, SKF has a glimpse or view into the future, allowing the company to modify processes and procedures to better ensure that all employees and stakeholders make it home each night.

A View Into the Future

SKF is now working with its EHS software platform provider, ProcessMAP, to incorporate augmented intelligence into the SKF’s EHS system. Imagine the ability to extend EHS functions at your site, office or facility to 24/7 without increasing headcount. This is possible with the utilization of bots and algorithms pumped with reams of data. At SKF, EHS trailblazers are reviewing how weather forecasts can trigger a signal to site personnel to prep for snow, lightning, rain or any other climate condition that could impact safety. Furthermore, digitization and automation ensures necessary training gets seamlessly delivered with the introduction of a new piece of equipment or manufacturing process, or carbon monoxide monitors can shut down production and cause an evacuation alert.

Looking Beyond the Initial 10-Year Partnership

SKF's EHS leadership recognized more than a decade ago that tangible safety performance improvements such as reductions in accidents, risk exposure, and workers’ compensation costs, necessitate a number of targeted, corporate-driven initiatives. The company aimed to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Drive the recordable incident rate to zero,
  2. Transition from reactive to proactive risk analysis and assessment,
  3. Implement ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001,
  4. Expand global quality best practices,
  5. Responsibly managing the selection, approval, storage, handling, use and disposal of all materials used in SKF’s operations,
  6. Facilitate the development and implementation of an internal certification and training program for SKF Certified Safety Specialists 
To help SKF achieve its objectives, ProcessMAP offered a highly secure, configurable and robust EHS platform with a comprehensive suite of solutions, including but not limited to:
  • Incident management (people, property and environment) reporting, investigation, CAPAs and regulatory record keeping and analysis
  • Audits management to establish consistency throughout the entire audit cycle from planning to managing deficiencies/non-conformances to closing out corrective/preventive actions
  • EHS/sustainability metrics management to collect, manage, and analyze a wide range of indicators and support SKF’s annual sustainability reporting
  • Task/calendar to manage compliance activities at each site and track and manage action items through closure
  • Chemicals management to centralize Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and to support initiatives such as chemicals approval
  • Risk assessment to facilitate an end-to-end self-assessment process at each site that enhances enterprise-wide transparency, accountability, and performance, and support informed decision making

Tangible Results

With actionable data intelligence from ProcessMAP’s EHS platform, there have been significant improvements in SKF's EHS performance. Near-miss reporting increased substantially, driving the development and implementation of preventive actions that have lowered the accident rate. SKF’s accident rate has decreased by nearly 90% and workers’ compensation costs reduced by millions. Safer workspaces have led to a more productive workforce permitting SKF to achieve significant efficiencies. Further, improved quality processes have drive improved delivery metrics and lowered production waste. Maintenance measurements have improved globally that create qualitative and quantitative improvements.

About ProcessMAP
ProcessMAP is the leading EHSQ process and data intelligence platform that empowers our customers to minimize risk, assure compliance and ensure safety.  ProcessMAP’s analytics-driven cloud platform and advanced mobile-first solutions enables digital transformation, process consistency and data harmonization to drive actionable intelligence. We are headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with locations across the globe, serving more than 3 million users in 27+ languages in over 140 countries. ProcessMAP has two innovation centers in India with 200+ experts in EHS, sustainability and technology professionals driving global EHSQ innovation. For more information, visit ProcessMAP.com.


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