Created for You, Governed by You


NAEM is a 501c6 nonprofit association. Our members actively contribute to our mission by sharing their best practices, shaping our strategic direction, and candidly discussing their latest challenges within our network.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of corporate EHS&S managers, directors and vice presidents. These leaders, elected by our membership, are responsible for providing oversight for NAEM's strategic direction, ensuring accountability for financial solvency and operations, and weighing in on matters of policy.

To ensure our work reflects the needs of our community of EHS&S leaders, our governance also has formal roles for our key member stakeholders.

Board of Regents: NAEM's corporate members receive representation on the Board of Regents. This group elects our leadership and helps shape NAEM's strategic direction.

Affiliates Council: NAEM's consultant members belong to the Affiliates Council, which has a voting seat on the Board of Directors.

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