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NAEM's research delivers unparalleled value to those who are integrating environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) into business operations today. You can count on the insights from our peer network to explore emerging issues, develop a program roadmap or make the business case for your ideas. Browse our free research reports for benchmarking and data to help you advance your EHS&S programs

Corporate Benchmarking

NAEM's research for corporate members provides unique opportunities to benchmark your program with peers from across industries. Through structured forums, detailed surveys and quick poll questionnaires, the program is a valued resource for leaders seeking insight into how others are addressing similar challenges and emerging issues.

NAEM publishes a benchmark report four times a year that comes out of corporate membership meetings. You must be a corporate member to view them but you can see the topics here or by clicking on our link called "Benchmark Reports."

NAEM also offers corporate members the opportunity to ask confidential questions about EHS and Sustainability challenges, called "Quick Polls." NAEM gets answers to those questions from NAEM's corporate membership and finds corporate members willing to offer their advice from lessons learned.

NAEM then publishes answers to the questions for all members to view in case they are grappling with similar challenges. Only corporate members can view the quick polls but the topics can be seen here or by clicking on our link called "Quick Poll Reports."

Upcoming Research

NAEM's 2019 EHS&S Salary Survey

NAEM has partnered with EHSCareers to continue to document salaries of EHS&S professionals. Participate in the survey to receive your copy of the report this spring! Learn more.

Recently Published Research

NAEM's 2018 Trends Report - Planning for a Sustainable Future

NAEM's 2018 biannual trends report identifies the initiatives and emerging ideas that are shaping the environment, health, safety and sustainability agendas of companies today. The report provides a behind-the-scenes look at the latest ideas companies are putting into practice to advance their EHS and sustainability programs. Download the free report today to help plan your budgets and programs for 2019 and beyond.

Research Questions

If you have questions about an NAEM research product, please contact Taylor, For access to our Quick Polls and Benchmark Reports, please email Schana,

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