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Explore EHS&S issues, develop a program road map and make the business case for your ideas with NAEM's research reports, corporate benchmark reports and Quick Polls. NAEM's original research delivers unparalleled value to those who are integrating environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) into business operations today.

Our Latest Research Reports

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Insights From Successful Supply Chain Sustainability Practices
Successful Supply Chain Sustainability Practices
Find out how leading companies achieve supplier transparency, integrate sustainability into procurement, and more.
Setting the Next Generation of Sustainability Goals
Setting the Next Generation of Sustainability Goals
Learn how leading companies set sustainability priorities, frame targets and engage stakeholders.
Leading-Edge Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies
Leading-Edge Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies
Learn cutting-edge GHG reduction strategies from companies leading the way.
Strategies for Improving Contractor Safety Management
Strategies for Contractor Safety Management
How do companies ensure that contractors are included in their commitment to safety?

Technology is Transforming EHS&S Quickly: What Technology Tools are Catching on the Quickest?

2020 Green Tech Survey
Are you in the market for new environment, health, safety & sustainability (EHS&S) technology or software? Do you know what EHS&S technology tools are catching on the quickest, what the drivers are for implementing them, and which software systems are compatible with new technologies? Take NAEM's today to share your own experiences purchasing new technology and software and you'll be the first to receive the benchmark report with industry data when it is released in March 2020.

Benchmark Your EHS&S Department's Staffing, Structure & Budget

To help you staff your EHS & Sustainability departments, NAEM produces an EHS&S Staffing, Structure & Budgets Benchmark and an EHS & Sustainability Salary Report. Both reports publish in first quarter 2020. These surveys help you benchmark your EHS&S staffing, structure and salaries, and help us produce the reports for you. We are offering some great incentives for participating:

2020 EHS&S Staffing, Structure & Budgets Benchmark
If you are looking for data to get budget approvals, reorganize or staff your EHS&S team, or benchmark data to get approvals for headcount, you’ll want the report that will be published as a result of this survey. This is NAEM’s most popular report, and publishes every 4 years. When you take the survey, you’ll get 40% off the report when it comes out in 2020.

EHS&S Research Questions

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