2019 EHS & Sustainability Salary Report

Published on: March 25, 2019
2019 EHSS Salary Survey Results
How much do EHS & Sustainability managers earn and what are the variables that affect that compensation? In partnership with EHSCareers, NAEM presents results from its 2019 Salary Survey, featuring detailed analyses of how compensation is affected by education, certifications, career stage and industry.

Cost: $49
Webinar & Survey Participants: Free

If you participated in either the 2019 Salary Survey or the webinar, and have not yet received the code for your free copy of the report, please email programs@naem.org for additional assistance.

Key findings from this report:

  • 61% of EHS & Sustainability professionals surveyed hold at least one certification
  • 85% of EHS & Sustainability professionals surveyed hold at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Corporate directors/managers are earning 7% more on average than they did in 2017
  • Those with 11-15 years of experience are earning 6% more in 2019 than professionals with the same experience did in 2017
  • 66% of EHS & Sustainability professionals surveyed are eligible for additional annual cash incentive bonuses
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