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EHS Compliance Assurance

Create business systems that mitigate environmental, health and safety risk
EHS compliance, at its core, is about companies protecting the environment and the health and safety of their employees. Find tools to help you build a strong EHS management system that mitigates business risk.
  • Virtual Audits: Planning is Key

    Cost: FREE thanks to the support of convergence consulting LLC

    At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has grounded most corporate EHS auditors, there has been a press of activity to quickly execute virtual audits. The planning phase is key to realizing meaningful results in undertaking virtual audits. This one-hour webinar will enable EHS audit managers to initiate an agile planning process driven by continuous improvement to achieve better performance even while launching virtual audits.

  • Leveraging Technology to Complete EHS Tasks Remotely

    Cost: FREE thanks to the support of Woodard & Curran

    What remote technologies can be most effectively leveraged to accomplish EHS tasks, particularly during extreme situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn about a range of applications for these technologies, along with what's needed to implement them, and get a practical demonstration of their capabilities.


EHS auditing

Four Signs Your EHS Auditing Program is Ready for a Refresh

Is your company’s EHS audit program effective? Learn four telltale signs of when your audit program has started to lose its edge and it’s time to make some changes.


Defining and Mitigating Personal Risk as an EHS & Sustainability Professional

A renewed approach to government audits and investigations has led to an increase in civil and criminal enforcement actions.


Environmental Risk Auditing

Learn what proactive strategies companies are using to evaluate their preparedness for rare but impactful events.


What We Can Learn From the Foxconn Factory Audit

An audit of a major electronics assembly plant in China turned up alarming conditions. What can we all learn from this experience?

Management Systems

Effective EHS Programs Integrate Across Functions, Silos

Effective EHS Programs are Integrated Across Functions, Silos

There's recognition that truly effective EHS programs are not isolated in a silo; they're embedded in the business.

Interview with Dennis Hu, Committee Chair, EHS Operational Excellence Conference

Why EHS&S Management is More Than Compliance Alone

Excelling at EHS management means participating in strategic conversations, responding to stakeholder inquiries, achieving consistent performance with limited resources, and much more.


From a Similar Foundation, Many Solutions for Managing Compliance

When EHS&S leaders met to benchmark their compliance programs at NAEM's EHS Compliance conference, one takeaway was clear: There’s no right way to manage compliance.


Taking Your Compliance Program from Good to Great

What makes a great compliance management program? Learn how leading companies structure their management systems and how they push forward to achieve even greater levels of success.

EHS Risk Management

How to use systems thinking and new technology to Best Manage Enterprise Risk

Improve Enterprise Risk Management With Systems Thinking & New Technology

Learn how different parts of an organization can function systemically, how today’s technologies can mitigate risk, and how to create a holistic portrait of risk.

A Strategic Framework for Enterprise Risk Management

A Strategic Framework for Enterprise Risk Management

Effective risk analysis requires structured, repeatable procedures that help systematically identify, analyze, evaluate, treat, monitor and communicate potentially risky future events.

How to Use Downstream Vendor Programs to Manage EHS Risks

How to Use Downstream Vendor Programs to Manage EHS Risks

Learn how leading companies have leveraged downstream vendors to reduce EHS risks.

Strategies for Improving Contractor Safety Management

Strategies for Improving Contractor Safety Management

How do companies ensure that those who work for them share their commitment to safety and behave accordingly?

Risk assessment

3 Things To Do Before You Can Measure EHS&S Risk

To accurately measure enterprise risk requires prep work, be sure to do these three things.

Using Risk Ranking to Drive EHS Insights

Learn how incorporating risk management techniques into incident management processes can improve safety rates and overall operations.


Managing the Risk of Hazardous Materials Compliance

Learn the risks and compliance issues associated with shipping hazardous materials and get strategies you can use to improve your operations immediately.


Mitigating EHS Risk with Limited Staffing Resources

What can you do to ensure EHS compliance with limited staff resources?

EHS Metrics

EHS Data-Driven Decision-Making

Transforming EHS Data Into Valuable Insights

Use EHS data to see what’s ahead of you, versus only operating based on what you see in the rear-view mirror of what has already occurred.

How to Strengthen EPA Reporting Assurance Using  Business Intelligence Tools

Strengthen Your EPA Reporting Assurance Using Business Intelligence Tools

Learn how to leverage business intelligence tools to verify data, flag inaccuracies and strengthen overall reporting.


EHS Compliance Metrics: How to Use Metrics to Achieve Compliance & Beyond

What metrics do companies use to drive EHS performance, and how do they leverage them?


Evolving Your Metrics to Advance EHS Performance

Michelle Redfield, Director of Safety, Environment & Process Improvement with Schneider Electric, discusses evolving metrics to advance EHS performance.

EHS Compliance Culture


How Technology is Underpinning Powerful Improvements in Health & Safety Culture

Learn how technology can be leveraged in order to create a better, positive safety culture that help to identify and mitigate near misses and risky behaviors.


Best Practices for Implementing a Proactive Compliance Program

This three-part series outlines best practices in optimizing your compliance programs are optimized and leveraging existing compliance efforts for broader, more strategic initiatives.


Get Real! How to Stop Talking EHS Culture & Start Talking Organizational Culture

Learn how to take a unified approach to integrate EHS into organizational systems to prevent many challenges and produce return on investment.


Behind Intel Corp.’s Conflict-Free Commitment

Intel Corp. announced that its microprocessors are now conflict-free. Learn more about what happened behind the scenes.

EHS Regulatory Compliance


Staying Ahead of the Curve

Explore in-depth interviews with corporate EHS&S executives and industry consultants for concrete recommendations on auditing, building and strengthening your EHS compliance management program.


Untangling OSHA Regulations for Workplace Labs

What are the regulatory requirements for workplace laboratories? Learn how to discern the compliance obligations that apply to your operations and improve the safety of your workplace laboratories.


2017 EHS Regulatory Hot Spots Around the World

For corporations operating globally, EHS regulation changes affect them directly. This presentation sheds light on those current and upcoming changes.


Vapor Intrusion Assessment & Mitigation

Vapor migration affects employees as well as the environment. Learn the risks associated with exposure, get a synopsis of the EPA's 2015 vapor intrusion guidance and explore new technologies that help manage this risk.


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