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Sustainability Management

Take your goals from aspiration to operation.
In this section, you will find resources such as recorded webinars, reports, articles and other tools to help you build a sustainability strategy and create value through sustainability initiatives.

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  • Gina McCarthy's Advice for Environmental Champions: Be Persistent

    Significant resources are not just being spent to adapt and respond to a changing climate, significant resources are being spent – and will be spent over the next decades - to reduce the carbon pollution that is fueling climate change. So why aren’t we thinking about getting the biggest bang for the buck when we invest in actions that lower carbon emissions?
  • Developing a Product Stewardship Strategy at Johnson & Johnson

    By using life cycle thinking we can see that the greatest impacts can come from such areas as raw materials purchased, transportation, or the product use phase and its end-of-life. Getting a large organization with multiple business units to align on common objectives can be daunting. Having a comprehensive product stewardship strategy is a good place to begin.



  • Creating a Net Positive Impact from Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    At NAEM’s 2015 EHS Management Forum in Charlotte, The Rainforest Alliance’s President, Tensie Whelan, will lead a panel discussion featuring leaders from Unilever and Domtar. We spoke with her this week to understand an emerging approach to sustainable value creation and to get a preview of the dynamic leaders she’s lined up.


  • Planning for a Sustainable Future (2018)

    What’s next for your EHS&S program? What are the issues that will shape EHS & Sustainability management in the 18-36 months to come? By conducting a quantitative benchmark and in-depth interviews with those on the leading edge of corporate sustainability today, NAEM has identified the issues that will drive new programs going forward.
  • Sustainability in the Supply Chain

    The consumer demand for environmentally responsible products is driving sustainability upstream, transforming how companies relate to their supply chain partners. The following report reveals how common formal supply chain sustainability programs are at this point, what the key components of these programs are and how they are implemented.
  • Leading GHG Management Strategies and Metrics

    This report provides a benchmark for the strategies companies are using to reduce their carbon emissions, the scope of their programs and provide a snapshot of leading practices.

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