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Software & Data Management

Leverage new tools to improve EHS&S performance and business value
New software and data technology is poised to help you improve the performance and the business value of your environment, health and safety, and sustainability programs.
  • The Benefits Of Implementing EHS Processes On An Existing Enterprise Platform With Serenity

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    As the importance of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) processes continues to grow in today's business world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have a reliable and efficient system for managing these processes.
  • Software Solutions for ESG Data Management and Reporting

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    Preparing voluntary and mandatory ESG reports and sustainability disclosures has become a top priority for many corporations in the last two years as a way to demonstrate accountability and transparency to stakeholders.
  • The Future of Machine Learning in EHS and ESG

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    “Machine learning” is a general name given to any technology-based approach that uses methods that “learn” or adapt, and in doing so, help the user solve problems using data.
  • 3 Ways to Ensure ESG Data Quality

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    ESG is transitioning from a reputational issue to a compliance one. This means you must make sure your ESG data is accurate. If your data is inaccurate, you could end up with a legal problem, in addition to a reputational one. Learn more about three ways to verify and ensure the quality of your ESG data.

Software Selection

  • First Comes a Management System, then Comes Software

    Software systems can be invaluable tools for managing regulatory requirements and facilitating reporting, but only insofar as your company understands how that system should be configured. Learn which questions you should address before you invest in technology to help you manage your programs.
  • Transforming EHS Information Management

    Legacy data management tools can make it difficult to leverage data for EHS&S program decision-making and reporting. This webinar will help you make the business case for a commercial software system and share strategies you can use to make the selection and implementation process go smoothly.
  • Software Tools for Management of Change

    This webinar explains how technology tools can mitigate risk, engage employees, ensure accountability and reduce administrative overhead.


  • How to Optimize Your Software Implementation

    Download this webinar with NAEM for a discussion of the key takeaways from the latest publication on how to optimize the software implementation process. You'll gain key insights from the research and hear from a peer expert who will share advice from experience.

EHS Performance

Emerging Technologies

  • The EHS&S Tech Transformation

    Emerging technologies are transforming how the EHS&S function identifies risks, sets goals and manages programs. NAEM developed this guide to familiarize you with these new tools as you begin to explore what this future means to you.


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