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Explore these pages to hear from the talented EHS & Sustainability leaders who participate in NAEM's network.
  • 2019 EHS & Sustainability Management Forum Recap

    The Forum is one of our favorite times of year; it's when the largest group of EHS & Sustainability professionals come together to share best practices and new ideas. We hope that you learned some key takeaways at this year's Forum in Toronto to use throughout the year to propel your business forward.

Leadership & Careers

Use these resources to develop your leadership skills, advance your career and help you oversee your environment, health, safety and sustainability team. You'll hear from great leaders and advisers on how to be an effective leader.
  • David Newman: Why I Do What I Do

    What fuels the passion and purpose of NAEM Leadership In Action Award recipient David Newman? Find out as Newman, Comcast’s Executive Director of Health and Safety, discusses his early career inspirations, the impacts he’s made over the years, and why the Drive Safe project he’s working on right now is mission-critical to his organization.
  • Deborah Donovan: Why I Do What I Do

    Hear from 2019 Leadership in Action Recipient Deborah Donovan, Senior Vice President of Corporate EHS at Takeda Pharmaceutical.

    How did OSHA’s process safety regulations alter the trajectory of Deborah Donovan’s career? Donovan describes her shift from engineering to EHS, explains why EHS is such a compelling part of any organization, and discusses the impact of driving a culture around reporting and investigating potential events as if they actually happened.
  • Communicating Well to Build an Engaged Culture of EHS & Sustainability

    Drena Howard, Director of Global Retail EHS for The Estée Lauder Cos. explains how communication skills are a key component to effective EHS&S leadership.

Sustainability Management

Find new insights to help your company build a sustainability strategy and create value through sustainability initiatives.

EHS Compliance

Find tools to help you build a strong EHS management system that mitigates business risk.

Environmental Stewardship

From air quality to water management to zero waste, find tools to help you reduce your company's environmental footprint.

Health & Safety

Find tools to help you build an engaged culture of health and safety at your company.

Software & Data Management

New software and data technology is poised to help you improve the performance and the business value of your environment, health and safety, and sustainability programs.

EHS & Sustainability Strategy

Find peer advice, presentations and case studies to help you identify priorities, make the business case for your programs and chart a course for change.

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