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See how your EHS&S program stacks up against others, and find answers to your most pressing EHS&S challenges

What We Offer

NAEM's corporate benchmarks on environmental, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) management practices offer insights you won't find anywhere else. Within NAEM's trusted network, corporate members routinely benchmark different EHS&S challenges, topics and emerging trends.

Based on corporate member input, we develop customized, bi-annual surveys on core EHS&S issues. Members then participate in a facilitated discussion about the results, where new insights emerge.

Have a quick question about how other corporate members are managing EHS&S programs? Let us know and we'll conduct a Quick Poll of NAEM members, with results made available to all corporate members.

Benchmark with NAEM's 100+ Corporate Members

NAEM members are from across industry sectors and committed to advancing EHS&S management excellence and sharing best practices through our network.

To learn more about the unique benefits and value that corporate membership could add to your organization, please contact us at [sales at naem dot org].

"NAEM's Benchmark Reports and Quick Polls have provided me with tools to solve EHS&S challenges in my job and find the data I needed to encourage my company to take new initiatives."

— Caroline Smith, Director of EHS & Sustainability

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