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Top Quick Poll Topics

Retail Lone Worker Policies

May 2024
A corporate member company is interested in benchmarking about lone worker retail policies. Corporate members can download the results here.
NAEM Quick Poll: Waste Data Reporting Process

Waste Data Reporting Process

December 2023
Review this quick poll to better understand how other companies manage waste data reporting from their manufacturing, distribution, R&D, office and retail spaces. Corporate members can download the results here.
NAEM Quick Poll: PFAS Waste Streams

PFAS Waste Streams

November 2023
An NAEM member company is working on PFAS at their facilities and operations. There is high urgency around understanding PFAS in their waste streams due to regulatory requirements in place today. Corporate members can download the results here.
NAEM Quick Poll: EHS Employee Rewards Programs

EHS Employee Rewards Programs

July 2023
An NAEM Member Company is in the process of changing their legacy EHS employee rewards programs. Currently, rewards for performance are linked to lagging indicators and input from fellow members would help improve the program. Corporate members can download the results here.
NAEM Quick Poll: Corporate ESG Certifications

Corporate ESG Certifications

June 2023
An NAEM Member Company is looking into corporate ESG Certifications to understand what certifications are out there and who is using them. They are interested in knowing about any 3rd ESG Certifications that encompass all aspects of ESG and that go beyond one element of ESG (e.g. ISO 14001 for Environmental, 45001 for S&H, etc.) or are data entry frameworks (CDP) or ratings organizations (MSCI, Sustainalytics). Corporate members can download the results here.

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