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Reach the Biggest EHS & Sustainability Professional Network

Reach NAEM’s community of environment, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) decision-makers by sponsoring or advertising with NAEM. Sponsoring with NAEM helps you connect with EHS&S leaders at companies that do $1 billion or more in revenue a year and for many it is a great way to continue to get in front of your existing clients too. Our full professional network includes:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Below you will find all the different mediums NAEM offers to reach our audience of EHS&S decision-makers. We continue to update this list daily as new opportunities arise.

E-Mail Marketing
Send out an email promoting your company through NAEM to our email list of 20,000+ EHS&S professionals.

Host a webinar with NAEM on a topic of your choice. NAEM will market the webinar and share the attendee list with you afterwards.

Here is a list of upcoming NAEM conferences. Currently the 2022 Operational Excellence prospectus is available here. The 2022 Women's Leadership conference prospectus will be available in late May and the Forum prospectus will be available in June.

Write a sponsored EHS&S article for NAEM's blog. We will promote it in our e-news that goes out to 20,000+ EHS&S professionals.

Blog Ads
Promote your company on an ad that will run on NAEM's blog that gets 1000+ monthly impressions.

Sponsor and host with NAEM a group of 30 in-house EHS&S professionals working together to solve an EHS&S challenge on a specific topic. This is your chance to share your subject matter expertise and build lasting relationships with in-house EHS&S professionals.

Email [sales at naem dot org] for a detailed list of pricing and sponsorship opportunities.

Audience Profile

NAEM's conference attendees, webinar attendees and research audience are decision-makers. They are corporate vice presidents, directors, and managers responsible for leading EHS&S programs such as:
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
  • Water Management/Reduction
  • Climate Change Strategies
  • Energy Management
  • Sustainability Operations and Reporting
  • External Reporting
  • Materiality Assessments
2021 NAEM Audience Profile of Conference Attendees - Titles

View a Sampling of Who Attends NAEM's Conferences

Click on each of the links below to get a sampling of what kind of companies attend each NAEM conference:

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