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Share Your Subject Matter Expertise


Share your Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) subject matter expertise on a 60-minute webinar with NAEM’s audience of EHS&S professionals from the Fortune 500. Teach EHS&S professionals how to solve an EHS&S challenge or discuss an emerging EHS&S trend. NAEM encourages inviting your clients to speak on the webinar and presenting a case study so the audience can hear first-hand from their peers how they solved a problem. Plus, it’ll offer you a way to showcase your talents without directly talking about yourself.

Click here for a full list of webinar best practices.

Topic Ideas

  • ESG, compliance or environmental, health, safety or sustainability issues

Webinar Sponsorship Benefits

  • Opportunity to lead a one-hour webinar on an EHS&S topic
  • NAEM will manage registrations, webinar recording and live setup
  • NAEM will introduce the speakers to the audience
  • NAEM will market the webinar to 20,000+ EHS&S professionals and via paid advertising
  • Sponsor will receive all leads from the webinar — names, titles and companies only (no emails)
*Please note NAEM owns all webinar recordings which are available on the NAEM website. Vendors can link to the webinar recordings.

**All sponsored webinars are free to attend.

***Sponsors are required to submit their webinar topic, speakers and preferred dates to NAEM in advance for pre-approval on the Webinar Abstract Form below.



Webinar Date
Decided With Vendor***

*Indicates required field

1. What is your proposed webinar session topic? Please include a short description of the content and why you think it’ll help EHS&S professionals meet their EHS management challenges.*
2. What are the specific objectives, takeaways and learnings attendees should hope to gain from attending? (Should be a specific and more complete listing of items covered in the description):*
3. Proposed title and agenda for the one-hour webinar session (includes items like introductions, presentation of subtopics, Q&A etc.). Please allow 5 minutes at the beginning for NAEM to introduce the webinar and your speakers and 5 minutes at the end for NAEM to close out the session with upcoming NAEM updates:*
4. Please list your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice dates to present your webinar.* The webinar cannot conflict with another scheduled NAEM webinar and will run from 2-3 PM ET. Click here for a full list of upcoming and past NAEM webinars.
5. Presenter(s) names and bio(s):
For a webinar we recommend no more than three people on the call total and we recommend 1-2 of them be in-house EHS&S professionals. Please attach a presenter bio and headshot or include the link to their LinkedIn profile / bio — specific knowledge and experience with proposed topic is required.
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