NAEM 2021 Sponsorships Digital Prospectus Webinars


Share Your Subject Matter Expertise


Share your Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) subject matter expertise on a 60-minute webinar with NAEM’s audience of EHS&S professionals from the Fortune 500.

EHS&S professionals are on the front lines keeping their companies safe every day and in the middle of a pandemic. Share your subject matter expertise on ways you can help them during this challenging time with a unique service your company provides. Or help them stay on track to meet their non-covid EHS and sustainability management goals. Perhaps there’s a new, critical area of expertise in environment, health, safety or sustainability that your company has, and would like to share that with NAEM’s membership and customer base.

NAEM encourages inviting your clients to speak on the webinar or using a case study to showcase your talents. Click here for a full list of webinar best practices.

Topic Ideas

  • Virtual Auditing
  • Covid-19 Contact Tracing
  • How to Keep Your Sustainability Goals on Track in 2021
  • Sustainability Supply Chain Topics
  • 2021 Sustainability Reporting Trends
  • Using EHS Software to Manage COVID-19 Risk
  • How to Meet New Regulatory Requirements

Webinar Sponsorship Benefits

  • Opportunity to lead a one-hour webinar on an EHS&S topic
  • NAEM will manage registrations, webinar recording and live setup
  • NAEM will introduce the speakers to the audience
  • NAEM will market the webinar to 20,000+ EHS&S professionals and via paid advertising
  • Vendor will receive all leads from the webinar — names, titles and companies only (no emails)
*Please note NAEM owns all webinar recordings which are available on the NAEM website. Vendors can link to the webinar recordings.

**All sponsored webinars are free for anyone to attend.

***Sponsors are required to submit their webinar topic, speakers and preferred dates to NAEM in advance for pre-approval on the Webinar Abstract Form below.



Webinar Date
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