How Data is Transforming Decision-Making Around EHS&S Management

David Williams
January 31, 2018
David Williams, Director of Environment and Sustainability with Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., describes how access to sophisticated data analytics tools are transforming the EHS&S management profession.

"Information is really becoming the heart of safety and sustainability...Right now, with the technology changing, with there being more of an emphasis on sustainability and social impact, I think people are seeing that larger picture of saying data and information can really be used to drive our decision-making and our analysis of how we're performing."


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About the Author

David Williams
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
David is an influential leader with significant global experience and a multi-disciplinary background integrating environment, health and safety, and sustainability (EHS&S), information technology and process excellence. He has a strong foundation of EHS&S technical and regulatory compliance knowledge combined with highly developed leadership and management skills. David uses a management approach that empowers people and creates an engaged ownership culture sustaining high-performing teams and producing outstanding results. He is a process excellence expert, applying structured problem-solving approaches and lean tools to advance process performance and drive continuous improvement.

Currently, David serves as the Director of Environment and Sustainability at Teva Pharmaceuticals. He is a member of Global EHS&S leadership team and Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Technical Advisory Committee. David is focused on reshaping environment and sustainability at Teva, finding innovative ways to work toward Teva's aspirations in the reality of business restructuring and significantly constrained resources.

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