Why EHS&S Management is More Than Compliance Alone

NAEM Staff
January 29, 2019
Why EHS&S Management is More than Compliance Alone
Dennis Hu, Director of EHS and System Safety Engineering at Ball Aerospace, was the committee chair of the 2019 EHS Operational Excellence Conference. Below are excerpts from an interview conducted by NAEM staff.

“Excelling at EHS management is more complex than just being in compliance alone. Today's EHS leaders are expected to participate in strategic conversations about how to deliver business value to their companies, how to respond to stakeholder inquiries, how to integrate their programs into all aspects of a business's operations and how to achieve consistent performance with limited resources. This conference is designed to not only address the challenges of EHS compliance, but also the full scope of risk management and strategic EHS management topics and challenges corporate leaders must tackle.”

“This conference is for those who sit at the intersection of business leadership, risk management and regulatory compliance. For those who aspire to operational excellence, EHS management requires companies to establish strong standards, communicate expectations and measure results, while remaining adaptive to change. The landscape today is being shaped by rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks, stakeholder demands for transparency and the new opportunities presented by emerging technology.”

“NAEM is the gold standard for benchmarking on EHS management programs. As I like to say, if you can’t Google it, you need to come to NAEM. This is because the conversations we have here are for the deeper issues that are more difficult to solve, too emergent to have a lot of case studies about and too specific to the needs of EHS professionals to be of widespread interest. This is a place for the kinds of conversations that matter and I wanted to be a part of that.” 

NAEM is fortunate to have the support and commitment of our community of engaged members. The peer advisors who work with us on our conferences bring perspectives that relate directly to the real-world challenges you face.

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