To Effect Change, Show the Value in Day-to-Day Operations

NAEM Staff
May 30, 2019
Budd Batchelder, 2018 NexGen Leaders Award winner
Budd Batchelder, Senior EHS Manager at Comcast Cable and 2018 NAEM Excellence Award winner, shares insights on effecting change within companies. Learn more about NAEM's EHS&S management Excellence Awards here.

EHS&S professionals are talented, passionate people who bring a lot of great ideas to the table. But as Comcast Cable's Budd Batchelder shares below, even the best and most-needed improvements are still a change.

"What you have to do is show the value in that change...for some people, that's improving EHS performance; for others, it's quality. So, what I try to do is get the right people involved and show them the value of what I'm proposing, so they can see how it helps them in their day."

Batchelder was recognized at NAEM's 2018 EHS&S Management Forum with a NexGen Leaders Award for his contributions to his company. Learn more about the NexGen Leaders Award and NAEM's other Excellence Awards here.


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NAEM Staff
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