NAEM Launches Employee Engagement Tool

March 14, 2011  Today NAEM announced the launch of its Green Tips Guide, a tool for engaging employees around a company's sustainability efforts. Researched and designed by NAEM for use by EHS and sustainability leaders, the Guide outlines 10 areas where employees can take action to green their lives at home and at work.

"To pursue sustainability, companies need to get their employees involved,” said Carol Singer Neuvelt, Executive Director of NAEM. "From using less water and recycling to carpooling and composting, small steps can add up to a big difference. The Green Tips Guide is a useful resource for communicating the value of every employee's contribution to the overall business strategy.”

The Green Tips Guide is free to download as a PDF or may be customized with a company's message and information about its sustainability initiatives. For more information or to download NAEM's Green Tips Guide, visit


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